Commanding Officer's Notes

Capt. Remy Boudreaux played by Captain Terry Sullivan

Captain's notes

Capt. Remy Boudreaux, the Ragin' Cajun, formerly an operative of Starfleet Intelligence and reluctant Section 31 operative is given command of the USS Wolverine to do the dirty jobs, so Starfleet can stay clean!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need some help or advice. You can contact me on my contact page, or you can find me on Discord (under the nickname "Capt. Boudreaux").

Last MOTD Update: June 20, 2020

Executive Officer's Notes

Cmdr. Jason Reilly played by Fleet Captain James Sinclair

XO's Comments

Please remember to post within the time frame, and don't turn red. :)

Sim Update

Captain Narwhal the nefarious

GM's Notes

The USS Wolverine has been dispatched to assist in the evacuation of Ithea a joint Federation Kazroite colony within the Kazor trinary star system on the fringe of Black Fleets operating space. Assisting the SS Malaga an Oberth civilian medical ship the Wolverine must be prepared to act as a peace keeping force during the swift and ongoing evacuation, scientists to analyse the Super Volcano, Engineering to help in the dismantlement of any pertinent federation technologies and command to co-ordinate it all. Not all however is what it seems as ancient murmurs begin to stir.

See this post:

Current Orders
Department Heads and their Orders
Medical Engineering Science

Lily Locksley

Mikel Petrov

Lt. Duncan Rhodes

Dr. Locksley will be providing physicals to new crew members

Enjoy shore leave while you can, and stop complaining about the captain's accent!

Find out what's so darn special about that toy car!!

Security Counseling Away Team

Alita Claire

Kadence Argona


Relax, as much as security personnel can relax, while on shore leave

Dig deep to get the demons out of the crews heads, 'cuz we all have them.

Away Team Members & Orders

Other Information
AWOL Policies

Command Staff (CO, XO, GM) - 3 days
Department Heads (COS, CSO, CMO, CNS, CE) - 5 days
Junior Officers - 7 days


Going on LOA? Mail the CO and XO So we can make note of it on your character.

Non Rostered Characters

Ship Class

The USS Wolverine, NCC-99199 is a Brazen Class Ship.

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Remy Boudreaux CO Human 30 6'3" 200 lbs. Terry Sullivan AWOL (4*)
Commander Jason Reilly XO Human 33 5'7" 164 lbs. James Sinclair OK (2)
Lieutenant Mikel Petrov Chief Engineer Human 35 5'09 175 Sidney Parker OK (1)
Lieutenant Duncan Rhodes Chief Science Officer Human 31 6' 2" 198 lbs David Shotton OK (1)
Lieutenant Alita Claire Chief Security Officer Human 25 5'5" 120 lbs Catt Bennett OK (1)
Lieutenant Counselor
Lieutenant Lily Locksley Chief Medical Officer Human 28 5'4" 125 lbs Kate O'Neill OK (3*)
Ensign Lenore Mantis Doctor Human/Betazoid 23 5'4" 125 Diana Sheldon OK (5)
Ensign Celador Theinna Security Officer Human 44 6'4 145 Christopher Bennett OK (1)
Ensign Security Officer
Gamemaster Venerable Wombat GMM Vombatus ursinus Geoff Joosten
Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious GMT Monodon monoceros (Posh word for Narwhal) J Ridgley OK (0)

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