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“Aye sir,” said transporter chief.

The crew disappeared and arrived in the bright sun of Risa, the sunny resort light breeze and the artificial weather made it a perfect vacation.

“Morning Bright” slowly unfolded, straitening his neck and lifting his head wile slowly straitening his tail. His tung flicking out to taste the warm salt air. A deep trill of excitement escaped the large Gnal as he stretched out and looked around.

Ensin “Morning Bright”

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Mikel just comfortably took a step and waited for the hospitality person. In Risa there was always one of those around.

Petrov CE

A familiar friendly face returned to greet Petrov, “Ah, you have returned. Would you like to return to your massage?” asked the Risian female.

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Reilly looked at Petrov and smiled slightly. He then looked at the hospitality agent and said “Perhaps we could all schedule one for later? Right now we’d like directions to the nearest curio or antique shop, please.”

Reilly, XO

Petrov quickly jumped in.

“Of course I want to. Shall we.” He said to the female and offered his arm.

If they wanted to blend in then what better way.

Petrov CE

“All that is ours, is yours,” smiled the woman, “If you walk away from the beach and past the food vendors, you’ll find some gift shops.”

Alita smiled and blinked slightly. She was glad for the dark cat eye sunglasses. It allowed her to look at Petrov without actually looking at him. It didn’t really matter though. She had set all that coldness aside for the moment.

Nodding, she took her place to the right of Morning Bright’s shoulder as any good personal assistant would, in her opinion.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Scanning the crowds of revilers, in the nonchalant manner only a creature with 320 degree peripheral vision can, “Morning Bright” reached out and placed a large clawed hand on Alita’s shoulder. “Shall we go forth find adventure Miss Clair?”

Ensin”Morning Bright”

Petrov smiled a devious smile directed straight at the XO. He was daring the man to make a scene and ruin their cover. Anyway this girl knew him. Better to satiate her desire, or his, than to make her suspicious. Finish the message and then be back with this group…maybe.

Petrov CE

Petrov and the woman walked away from the group.

Alita glanced to her left and nodded.

“Absolutely boss.”

  • Alita, MO/COS


Reilly looked at Petrov and said “Oh, Mr. Petrov! Don’t forget to inform them of those little bumps you discovered, and that the good doctor here said they weren’t passable by physical contact… probably.” Reilly had spent more time on Risa than most people, and he was acutely aware of their public health standards. Especially when it came to the massage and spa facilities. No one with any kind of undiagnosed illness could utilize their services without clearance from their doctor. In this case, that would be the doctor standing with them. He put his back to Petrov and his companion and grinned at Locksley. “He stays with us.” he whispered.

A group of Risians approached at that moment, one of each opposite gender of the away team. “Welcome to Risa,” said one of them.

“If I am not getting my aches and knots rubbed on a white sand beach by a well-toned Risan by the name of Fabuloso then no one is getting medical clearance,” she adjusted her sunglasses on the top of her head as she winked at Petrov.

Ensign Lily Locksley Medical

“Did I hear massage, Miss?” asked a handsome male Risian, wearing the Risian attire, “I’d be happy to give you one.”

“And I would be happy to receive one,” Lily smiled. It was hard not to like the Risan people. While most of their offers tended to sound flirtatious, it was just a hospitality industry worker trying to ensure that whoever left Risa always told others it was the perfect place to vacation.

“All that is ours is yours,” replied the male Risian happily, offering an arm for the good doctor.

Reilly then looked at Morning Bright. “Sir, you said that the summer house was in need of something special for the upcoming festivities. Perhaps this would be the opportune time to go and find that special piece? As we are all here and able to offer our perspectives.”

Reilly, XO

“That would be most wonderful!” His crest rising and rubbing his hands to gather like a Farringie smelling profit. “ perhaps something human? I don’t believe I have anything from your world Mr. Reilly.

Ensin”Morning Bright”


Observing the Risan delegation in his size long manner, “ I am afraid shopping is on our agenda for to day,”Morning Bright” paused” at least first. Tho we might indulge more”another pause” entertainments later”

“ I do believe Ms. Lilly was interested in a coverup before we start our excursion.” The bright green coloring betraying the fact that the Gnal was enjoying himself.

Ensin”Morning Bright”

“And get weird tan lines, not in your life,” Lily pushed the sunglasses back on her head pulling her hair back from her face. “I am taking every advantage of this unexpected heliotherapy.”

Lily Locksley CMO

When Riley had explained what Alita’s assignment was going to be, she had replicated odds and ends that a personal assistant might carry in an over sized shoulder bag. Digging around, she took out what appeared to be a pad of paper with an ancient ornate fountain pen and began scribbling notes, Remind boss of massage later, etc, etc. before slipping into back into the bag, never saying a word.

  • Alita, MO/COS

OOC: BTW if your counting Score is Petrov 1- XO at 0. Just saying.

Petrov er I mean Sidney

“I am confused,” replied the male massage therapist to the Doctor, “Shall I reschedule your massage later?”


Reilly smiled and said “Exactly right. Shopping first, then we shall see.” and he gestured to the store and said “Lets get this show on the road, shall we?”

Reilly, XO

One of the Risian woman closest to the XO asked, “Is shopping that much more fun for you? If so, let us be your guides then.”


Tho the ruse was an enjoyable fiction, from the engineers actions and the artisans themselves “Morning Bright” began to feel that it had failed. Being an Ensin he chose to remain silent and talks his executive officers lead.
The open disdain the Chief engineer showed was disturbing to the Gnal and with out relishing it his coloring began to muddy in concern.

Ensin ” Morning Bright”

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