Paperwork, chow hall all welcome

Posted Oct. 11, 2020, 12:26 p.m. by Ensign “Morning Bright” (Scientist) (Charles Stevens)

It had become habit, he did his work in the labs, but when ever possible he wrote and read reports here. The The counselor was instrumental in providing him with a comfortable space that the small science department just could not accommodate. More importantly it wasn’t his quarters.
Having been read in on the current mission, “Morning Bright” was going over the scans and known history of the objects. If there was a common denominator, other than their metaphysic properties he hoped to find it. It was his sure and certain hope that it wasn’t another alien similar to the Q that had created them for its own amusement. The objects were enough of a danger without an unknown intelligence behind them.

Ensin “Morning Bright”

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