Away Team 2, Transporter Room 1

Posted Oct. 18, 2020, 2:10 a.m. by Lieutenant Kadence Argona (Counselor) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) in Away Team 2, Transporter Room 1

Posted by Lieutenant Kadence Argona (Counselor) in Away Team 2, Transporter Room 1

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The away team found themselves in what appeared to be an industrial area, surrounded by several buildings and distant familiar sounds of industrial replicators working to make items, presumably to be used at the resorts on Risa.

Mado whipped out small object, which enlarged into a large carpet bag. He began to pull out 5 specialized tricorders. They looked between a cross of a Steampunk and 24th century design. “These tricorders are unusual but are specially modified. They have been registered to you all, so if they are lost, they can’t be used other than the 8 people here. Unfortunately, these are all the tricorders I have left, you are all going have to share. I expect them returned to me after the away team mission, please do your best not loose them, they are incredibly difficult to make. They work like a standard tricorder, but they have unusual functionalities which allow them to detect the unusual signals we need to discover. Remember, these objects are highly classified, and highly prized after. Please do your best to handle them carefully, and contact me if you have found anything unusual.”

Mado also handed out a pair of purple gloves to each away team member, and a silver bag. “An object will react to the neutralizing silver bag once placed in. It will discharge some electricity when it reacts, and discharge nothing when it does not react.”


Acadia took one of the tricorders and fiddled with it a moment to get used to what she was reading. It still amazed her that this technology was only a few more years into her future. She wondered if Mado would help her understand it before he left. Now that she knew it wasn’t something amiss. “I understand.”


Kadence took the one she was handed and pressed a few buttons to catch the drift of what he was saying. As she took the bag and gloves as well, she wondered just what they were looking for. “Is there any chance you can tell us what they look like? Is this a stone, or an abject of some kind that you can describe? Or re we just following the energy lines to whatever it connects to?” Her final question was more sarcastic than anything. She didn’t expect it to be the answer.


“As strange as it sounds, Counselor… you’ll know it by instinct. It will feel out of place, or will seem ordinary but extremely old. It is wise to handle the artifact with caution, using the purple gloves. The tricorders can generally pinpoint the artifact to a specific location… but some artifacts do interfere with the readings, so there is a chance you won’t be able to locate it immediately,” replied Mado, “Some artifacts lay dormant without any active signature until a specific object or person happens to come into contact.”


“Great…” Kadence laughed. Just what she wanted. An artifact that she had no idea what it looked like, didn’t know if it had readings, and it reacted to certain people or things. Something told her she was getting her leg pulled, but she was going along like a good crewman. She turned on her reader to see if she had a signal she could follow.

((Will we have different threads for the different signals, or ‘split up’ but stay in this thread?))

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