Posted Oct. 18, 2020, 1 p.m. by Lieutenant Fihnrilkk'Hob"ledn-ardol (Fin) (Chief Intelligence Officer) (D Grisham)

It didn’t take much time at all for Fin to pack the duffle that sat on the bed. She’d arrived on Risa three days ago to meet the Wolverine and now it was time to report. Many thoughts ran through her mind at the thought of joining a new ship. How well did the crew work together? What was the commanding officer like? Did anyone own a cat on board? She hated cats. In her opinion they were sneaky and not to be trusted, at any cost.

The assignment came with one surprise–Jason Reilly. They’d worked together before, but both found it distasteful. They disagreed on tactics to get the job done. Jason reminded her of a slimy used car salesman, saying anything to seal the deal, and he found her too ruthless for his liking. She did exactly what she had to do to get a job done, no matter what it was. Fin smiled. “I guess he’s right. I am ruthless when I need to be.”

Giving the room one last look over to make sure she had everything, the Lt slung the duffle over one shoulder and exited. “On to bigger and better things if I’m lucky.” She said as she moved down the hallway of the hotel. Next stop, the Wolverine.

—Fin, CIO

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