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Posted Oct. 19, 2020, 3:49 p.m. by Lieutenant Fihnrilkk'Hob"ledn-ardol (Fin) (Chief Intelligence Officer) (D Grisham)

Posted by Commander Jason Reilly (XO) in XO’s Office - Reporting In

Posted by Lieutenant Fihnrilkk’Hob”ledn-ardol (Fin) (Chief Intelligence Officer) in XO’s Office - Reporting In
As she raised her hand to ring the chime, Fin looked upward as if to ask the Fates, ‘how did this happen’? She’d thought taking a position away from Intel headquarters would keep any chance of running into someone from her past from happening. Apparently, not. She shook her head at how the universe had once again put her in her place.

“Just get it over with, Fin. One face to face and then you can avoid each other as much as possible.” She allowed her hand to activate the door and waited to be allowed entrance to the inner office.

—Fin, CIO

The door slid open and a familiar voice said “Well… this is something, now isn’t it?”

The Executive Officer of the Wolverine stood up behind his desk and gestured to one of the two chairs in front of it. He looked almost the same as when they last knew each other, and his trademark smile and bright green eyes fixed on Fin. “And here I thought you… how did you put it? Oh, right… ‘I can go straight to hell because there is no way in this or any other reality did you ever want to lay eyes on me again.’ … or something to that effect.” and he chuckled. “So what happened? You lose a bet or something?” and he sat down and leaned back in his chair.

Reilly, XO

She crossed the room, her lips pursed. “Actually, the Wolverine wasn’t my personal choice.” As she sat in the chair he’d offered, she cast a curious glance around the office. It was ordinary, standard and boring, but if memory served, Jason wasn’t one to give away information about himself to just anyone. “I have to go where I’m assigned, just like everyone else. Its just bad luck that it made us cross paths again.”

She gave him an insincere smile and then began examining the sleeve of her uniform for lint.

—Fin, CIO

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