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Reilly looked around and got his bearings. “This way. Ms. Locksley, I know just the place. Follow me.” and he led the way off the main drag and into a mercantile are crowded with storefronts and small, intimate restaurants. After a quick walk, hw stopped in front of a brightly lit shop in front of which stood several models in various states of dress… and almost undress. Reilly smiled at Locksley and said “Ten minutes. Ask for Goldanna. She can get more appropriately attired.” and he winked and then held open the old fashioned manual door.

Reilly, XO

Lily looked at Reilly and let out a laugh. This store did hold everything one could ever want to wear. From slinky evening wear to baggy casual pants, the store appeared to have whatever the occasion called for. As Lily entered the store, a soft chime rang which announced to Goldanna there was a patron seeking assistance. The woman moved with a fluid grace making her steps appear to float over the ground instead of walking. After exchanging pleasantries and a lot of scrutiny as to what would work and what needed to be avoided, Lily was dressed, pressed, and ready.

Exiting the store, Lily walked up to the XO with a smile. “Better,” she held out her hands for him to inspect her. It was a joke. Anything was better than the thing she threw on before beaming down to the surface of Risa. The dress was form fitting in a deep ocean blue color. It was versatile enough for a board room meeting or a day out shopping.

Ensign Lily Locksley

The Gnal, who had been serendipitously watching the crowds and rooftops tilted his head. “Why Miss Locksley you do, I believe the saying goes ‘clean up rather nice’. Wouldn’t you agree Mr. Reilly? “

“Morning Bright”

“Thank you. It is amazing what you can do and buy when it is not your credit line. Cochrane won’t mind that I charged it to the Federation account,” Lily winked at Reilly.

Reilly smiled and said “Absolutely. Now then…” and he looked around to get his bearings.

Alita nodded and smiled in polite agreement wi8shing they could just get on with it.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Reilly finally nodded and said “This way. I know a place where they may have what we are looking for. And if they don’t, they can point us in the right direction.” and he began walking.

A few kinutes of walking and weaving in and out of the crowded streets of the mercantile area they moved through found them in front of another store front. This one had antique furniture and items from all over Federstion space and more. Reilly comfortably walked through the open door way and into the quiet and oddly calming interior.

Looking around, he spied an older Orion male behind the counter and Reilly smiled. “Mazt. How are you, my friend? It’s been some time…” and he extended his hand to shake.

Reilly, XO

Keeping an eye on their surroundings, “Morning Bright” waited for at least on other member of the team to enter the shop before he made his entrance. The human term” Bull in a China shop” crossing his mind.

Ensin” Morning Bright”

Alita entered the shop after Riley, ready to assist her ‘boss’ in making his entrance. What else was she supposedly there for anyway? As long as that’s what everybody outside their little party thought, she was doing her job nicely.

  • Alita, MO/COS

“Morning Bright” gives it a moment after Alita entered, so she can clear the door way befor he himself ducks threw the door way and carful raises to his normal height. Tilting his head to take in the eclectic collection of nicknacks, his trained eye sought the real treasures amid the trinkets, forgeries. After a moment to slow the Orion to take him in he advances on the XO and the proprietor. Tho he was concerned with upsetting something with his bulk he did his best to proceed with confidence, but slowing himself to stop and admire an occasinal bobble.

Ensin “Morning Bright”

“You like this or are we pretending to like this,” Lily leaned in next to Morning Bright not sure what to do since no one was bleeding out or needing medical attention.

Lily Locksley

“Friends don’t let friends rot in Federation jail cells,” came the grumpy reply from the older Orion male, “But I suppose I didn’t get killed by the Syndicate, so I guess that’s something. And here I was hoping to have a nice relaxing Risian day. What do you want, Reilly?”


Reilly laughed and said “You said you wanted protection and I got it for you. And since you only gave me half of the info we agreed on, well… you get what you pay for, am I right?” and he reached into the shoulder bag and produced a bottle of Andalusian brandy. “Here. Maybe this will take the sting out of seeing me a bit.” he said, the smile never leaving his face. “Now then… we need information on some items you may have heard about. Objects with… unusual pedigrees, perhaps. Older than fifty years, but not isolated to any one culture or planet.”

Reilly, XO

Mikel lagged behind everyone and was not pretending his half interest in the whole charade.

Petrov CE

OOC: Hmm… I just want to note that objects having metaphysical properties is suppose to be top-secret, like Omega-level clearance stuff. So why would the XO mention that they exist?


OOC: Wasn’t aware of the classification. Edited the post to correct. Sorry about that!

Mikel just waiting for someone to trigger his fake expertise. He was not going to role play like the rest of them until he absolutely had to do it.

Petrov CE

“There are two weirdos on Risa who deal with antiques. They apparently enjoy buying and selling them, and as far as I am aware, are legit businesses. Apparently, they enjoy Risa and their hobby for antiquing, and so that’s why they are on Risa. As for anything illegitimate, I’m afraid I’m no longer connected. The moment I do, I’ll find a Syndicate agent at my door,” replied the man, “Followed by Starfleet Intelligence and Federation Security, so I’ve been keeping a clean, low comfortable profile.”


Mikel almost suggested to ask any pleasure worker on the darn planet. They could probably every illicit business on Risa. However he said nothing.

Petrov CE

Reilly smiled and handed the merchant a PaDD. “Names and locations, and we will be out of your hair, my friend. I know you will miss me, but alas duty calls.”

Reilly, XO

“Sir Arthur G. Morgan of Wonderous Antiques… (Insert Risa address here for other side of the planet, far away from the beach resorts) and Claire Abraham of 3Rs: Relics, Relaxation, Risa (address not too far from the beach resorts).”

“Why do you call them weirdos,” Lily asked sincerely. If they were going to go have to meet them, Lily wondered why the man described them as such. Her parents were not run of the mill people either so maybe the two vendors that were seeing would be like that.

Ensign Lily Locksley CMO

“This planet is a tourist destination where the people of Risa welcome their guests with more than open arms, partying, resort lounges, night clubs, and all sorts of relaxing activities… and these two are buying and trading antiques. Why settle on Risa? You could do better on Earth,” replied the Orion, “Or some other planet in the Federation. They are weird because they stand out differently from everyone else on Risa.”


“MorningBright” had found a rather valuable bobble, nothing of intrinsic cultural or historic value with the intention of using it as leverage, but as the proprietor seemed to cooperate he saw no reason to play up the big dumb lizard.

“Morning Bright”

To play out the personal assistant angle Alita had stayed fairly close to Morning Bright. She could hear everything going on in the shop so didn’t feel the need to be close to Riley unless he asked for her. This would also give her a chance to make certain her “boss” didn’t damage any of the merchandise. She smiled at Morning Bright when she saw what he was eyeing.

  • Alita

With the brightening of his face color and a twitch of his crest, “Morning Bright” returner the Gnalish equivalent If a wink. “Perhaps on our next excursion you might consider an ear piece Miss Alita.” Tho with its subsonic components and multiple dialects Gnal could give the universal translator fits, he was confident he could teach it a few of the pack hunting dialects giving them a discreet and secure method of communication.

“Morning Bright”

Alita smiled and gave a thumbs up.

“Yes, I like that idea.”

  • Alita, MO/COS

Mikel just stood back. Close enough to be “with” the group but not so close as to actually be friendly. His continued goal was to do as little as possible on this ridiculous excursion they were calling and Away Mission.

Mikel Petrov CE

Reilly took the information and clapped the man on the shoulder. “Good seeing you again, my friend. Thank you. Expect a bottle of something nice for your troubles. Two bottles, if the 8nformation proves good.” and he turned and looked at the rest of the team. “Off we go, kids. 3R’s first.” and he made his way to the door and gestured for the rest of them.

Reilly, XO

“Morning Bright” carefully put the pretty bobble back, and gave the proprietor a nod and slowly made his way out of the shop.

“Morning Bright”

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