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“Sir Arthur G. Morgan of Wonderous Antiques… (Insert Risa address here for other side of the planet, far away from the beach resorts) and Claire Abraham of 3Rs: Relics, Relaxation, Risa (address not too far from the beach resorts).”

“Why do you call them weirdos,” Lily asked sincerely. If they were going to go have to meet them, Lily wondered why the man described them as such. Her parents were not run of the mill people either so maybe the two vendors that were seeing would be like that.

Ensign Lily Locksley CMO

“This planet is a tourist destination where the people of Risa welcome their guests with more than open arms, partying, resort lounges, night clubs, and all sorts of relaxing activities… and these two are buying and trading antiques. Why settle on Risa? You could do better on Earth,” replied the Orion, “Or some other planet in the Federation. They are weird because they stand out differently from everyone else on Risa.”


“My parents live in a technological dead zone and drive bio fuel vehicles that were ancient one hundred years ago,” Lily laughed. “Weird is just a point of view.”

“MorningBright” had found a rather valuable bobble, nothing of intrinsic cultural or historic value with the intention of using it as leverage, but as the proprietor seemed to cooperate he saw no reason to play up the big dumb lizard.

“Morning Bright”

To play out the personal assistant angle Alita had stayed fairly close to Morning Bright. She could hear everything going on in the shop so didn’t feel the need to be close to Riley unless he asked for her. This would also give her a chance to make certain her “boss” didn’t damage any of the merchandise. She smiled at Morning Bright when she saw what he was eyeing.

  • Alita

With the brightening of his face color and a twitch of his crest, “Morning Bright” returner the Gnalish equivalent If a wink. “Perhaps on our next excursion you might consider an ear piece Miss Alita.” Tho with its subsonic components and multiple dialects Gnal could give the universal translator fits, he was confident he could teach it a few of the pack hunting dialects giving them a discreet and secure method of communication.

“Morning Bright”

Alita smiled and gave a thumbs up.

“Yes, I like that idea.”

  • Alita, MO/COS

Mikel just stood back. Close enough to be “with” the group but not so close as to actually be friendly. His continued goal was to do as little as possible on this ridiculous excursion they were calling and Away Mission.

Mikel Petrov CE

Reilly took the information and clapped the man on the shoulder. “Good seeing you again, my friend. Thank you. Expect a bottle of something nice for your troubles. Two bottles, if the 8nformation proves good.” and he turned and looked at the rest of the team. “Off we go, kids. 3R’s first.” and he made his way to the door and gestured for the rest of them.

Reilly, XO

“Morning Bright” carefully put the pretty bobble back, and gave the proprietor a nod and slowly made his way out of the shop.

“Morning Bright”

Lily debated on sending a message to the priopiertor to purchase this for Morning Bright and send it to the ship but they were officially on a mission. He seemed to like it enough that it would be nice to just get a gift; however, she would have to return to the surface if possible later and get it. Heading to the door, Lily stepped outside and waited enjoying the fresh air and sun.

The away team came upon the store the Orion mentioned, “3Rs: Relics, Relaxation, Risa” – a middle-age woman sat in front, enjoying the sun and a drink in her hand. Seeing the group approach her shop, she looked at them questioningly, whether they were customers or someone that might cause trouble. The woman is probably Claire Abraham, most likely anyway. But the officers’ stiff approach seemed a little out of place.


Mikel observed the slight stiffening of the woman as they approached. He thought to himself that this new XO was an amateur in all things. Everyone on the plane saw them for who they were from a Russian league.

Petrov CE

“Hello,” Lily said to the woman as the group approached. While they were in a shopping district on Risa, few tourists traveled in such a pack as they seemed to. In fact, Lily hadn’t been shopping with this many people in one group since she went to the megaplex shopping centers in her teens.

Lily Locksley CMO

“Can I help you?” asked the lady cautiously. Her hand seemed to hold steady on her legs, as if she was going to reach for a weapon, if she needed to.


Mikel was sure to place himself to the back of the new XO. If there were fireworks he was happy to let him take the blast for him and go down the hero. For that matter they all could take a hit as long as he did not.

Petrov CE

“You won’t be needing that, Dear lady.” Morning Bright spoke as he stepped in front of his companions. A type one phaser would certainly send him to sickbay, but even set to maximum his bulk gave him some resistance. “ We are here on business, and that business doesn’t involve harming you.” The Gnal stood to his tallest. This pose tho impressive, he found was generally less threatening. If it held her attention all the better.

“Morning Bright”

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