Away team 2 Bourdreaux & Argona

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As LeBlanc and Mado headed out, Remy nodded and said, Good ‘untine, Lt.’s. Being me back sometine oder dan a t-shirt, no?”

Before moving out, Remy made a quick call to the ship. A few moments later, two leather wallets appeared. Inside each was a Starfleet Safety Inspector badge. He inspected both and handed one to Kadence. “Ere is you’ badge, ‘Inspector Shannon’. From dis point on, refer to me as ‘Inspector Ward’.

Placing the badge in his pocket, he asked Kadence, “Which way, Inspector?”

Boudreaux (CO)

Kady smiled. “I guess since they went that way, we should go this way.” She nodded the opposite direction the others had taken. Her PaDD told her it was more of the warehouse. But in here, who knew. “ ‘Inspector Shannon’, huh? Did you come up with the name or the computers?” She smiled sideways at him and laughed, “Inspector Ward…” She took a deep breath and started to lead them in their given direction. Her eyes danced back and forth between the PaDD with the schematics for the building and the odd tricorder to see if it was reading anything.

As they moved along, she sighed. “I’d prefer a straight mission to this cat and mouse hunt. Honestly, we can’t, with all our technology, find these things from the ship? Or with better accuracy than us moping all over Risa hoping we find them?” The place was getting on her nerve already and they hadn’t been there half an hour yet. She rolled her shoulders and took a deep breath. That was what she needed to do. She had an alias, and an agenda. It was just another mission. That’s all she had to tell herself. Sadly, all it did was make her hate Risa even more.


The tricorder registered one anomaly signature in the direction of the warehouse. The schematics indicated there was an office on the upper floor, but the odd tricorder wasn’t able to isolate the specific location of the object.


“I guess we’re going this way. Supposedly some offices. But can’t get a more direct lock from here. Maybe once we are closer.” She shook her head and started in the direction the PaDD was giving her.


“I ‘ope you are light on you’ feet, Counselor. We ‘ave de cover ID’s, but’ I would prefer to do dis wit’out ‘avine to use dem. Become one wit’ de environment, Kadence. Use what resources we ‘ave to our advantage.”

With one final look around for observers, Remy moved into what shadows there were, heading in the direction of the warehouse. . . .

Boudreaux (CO)

A nearly well aimed phaser shot missed the Captain by a centimeter. Clearly, they were not wanted in the specific area they were in.


A soft laugh tickled up her throat at the Captain asking if she was light on her feet. How quickly he forgot her skills with Spec Ops. It was almost funny to have him warn her. But it was charming as well. “I’ll be careful, sir. You do the same.”

Kady growled under her breath as the shot was fired, and pulled her phaser. Pushing the Captain up against the wall to get further out of whoever’s line of sight he had been in, she whispered. “I’m thinking we may have to use those IDs, Captain.” She glanced around to see if she could find the shooter. She knew the direction it had come from, but wanted to be sure they hadn’t moved.

Without looking back at him, she kept her voice to a whisper. “Your choice… play the tough card and demand they come out? Or play the damsel and whimper we were only doing an inspection? Your call.” She was capable of either. But having never partnered with him, she couldn’t just arbitrarily pick one and hope he’d catch her lead. Her eyes darted down to her wrist where her bracelet was. A surge of confidence at what that meant, calmed her nerves once more and she focused. “Lemme know, Cap, and we’ll do it. But choose fast.”


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