Away team 2 Bourdreaux & Argona

Posted Nov. 22, 2020, 7:22 a.m. by Lieutenant Kadence Argona (Counselor) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) in Away team 2 Bourdreaux & Argona

Posted by Lieutenant Kadence Argona (Counselor) in Away team 2 Bourdreaux & Argona

Posted by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) in Away team 2 Bourdreaux & Argona


“I ‘ope you are light on you’ feet, Counselor. We ‘ave de cover ID’s, but’ I would prefer to do dis wit’out ‘avine to use dem. Become one wit’ de environment, Kadence. Use what resources we ‘ave to our advantage.”

With one final look around for observers, Remy moved into what shadows there were, heading in the direction of the warehouse. . . .

Boudreaux (CO)

A nearly well aimed phaser shot missed the Captain by a centimeter. Clearly, they were not wanted in the specific area they were in.


A soft laugh tickled up her throat at the Captain asking if she was light on her feet. How quickly he forgot her skills with Spec Ops. It was almost funny to have him warn her. But it was charming as well. “I’ll be careful, sir. You do the same.”

Kady growled under her breath as the shot was fired, and pulled her phaser. Pushing the Captain up against the wall to get further out of whoever’s line of sight he had been in, she whispered. “I’m thinking we may have to use those IDs, Captain.” She glanced around to see if she could find the shooter. She knew the direction it had come from, but wanted to be sure they hadn’t moved.

Without looking back at him, she kept her voice to a whisper. “Your choice… play the tough card and demand they come out? Or play the damsel and whimper we were only doing an inspection? Your call.” She was capable of either. But having never partnered with him, she couldn’t just arbitrarily pick one and hope he’d catch her lead. Her eyes darted down to her wrist where her bracelet was. A surge of confidence at what that meant, calmed her nerves once more and she focused. “Lemme know, Cap, and we’ll do it. But choose fast.”


As she ended her last word, a phaser shot came between them, only strengthening her case that a choice needed to be made fast.


“Bot’ cards,” Remy said quietly. He raised his hand and flashed the the badge in his wallet. “Federation Safety Inspector!!,” he called out. His normally recognizable Cajun accent was gone and replaced with Federation standard.

He called out again, “Taking a couple of potshots at us will NOT look good on my report for this place. Come out and identify yourself or I’ll have no recourse but to shut this facility down immediately!!!”

Insp. Ward

A phaser shot took out the badge and nearly hit his hand. Apparently, whomever was firing on them, didn’t care or it was an automated defense system.


Kadence pulled him back swiftly and growled. “Guess that isn’t gonna work, either.” She shook her head.

Without stepping out. She called out, “We want to speak to the Supervisor of this area! We’re with the Federation!” At the same time, she tapped her comm badge and tried to reach the Wolverine. =^=Away Team 2 to Wolverine… come in!=^=

((Didn’t want to assume we could reach them… need to see if this is automated system or others are on this floor nearby…Will cross post to bridge if it goes thru))

Interference caused by some kind of dampening field prevented the two from contacting the Wolverine.

The phaser fire was still consistent, and fairly regular, suggesting that the thing fired on them could be an automated defense system.


Kadence growled under her breath. Glancing around, she looked for the nearest cover away from the Captain. “Ok, so here is the plan. You need to be on your game, Sir,” she winked teasing him because she could. “I’m gonna head for that doorway. Once I draw its fire, I’m gonna be counting on you to take out whatever it is. Got it?” She frowned realizing he was going to argue like most men do. “And no arguing, I can move faster than you.”

Just before she turned to run, she glanced back. “Do me a favor and don’t tell Reilly I did this, please.” She laughed knowing it was probably going to be all over the ship by the time they got back. The universe had an ugly sense of humor when it came to rumors. “On the count of three… one… two… THREE!” She made a mad dash for the nearest cover across from their current location.

((not sure if doorway, crates or desk, but it would be something she could hide behind… if she makes it))

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