Away team 2: Bourdreaux, Argona, LeBlanc , Mado/GM

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Fin looked down at the satchel at her waist. “I still have several grenades. We could throw them away from the building we need to enter, between us and the targeting systems, and they might focus on the blasts instead of us?”

OOC: Ok, so the four of us are in the warehouse corridors, and Fin is coming in now… got it!

OOC: More like an outdoor storage area, is what I’m thinking.

OOC: Correcting the statement here.


Kadence frowned and shook her head before looking at Mado. “We should see if we can get an emergency beam out soon as we lay hands on the artifact. Captain and I will see if we can grab the damned thing before the systems reboot.” She knew they only had a moment before things came back online. They had to hurry.


Acadia nodded. “Let’s go, Mado.” She glanced back at Kadence. “Use the bag. It’s tempting not to. Trust me. But make sure you use the glove and bag!” There was fear on the edge of her voiced warning and she hoped they understood how vital that was.


“Captain,” said Mado, as he tossed a small item to him, “A tracker, if your unable to retrieve the artifact.”



OOC: Thanks Jason. Seeing that visual helped significantly. I will post Remy’s response on Monday. –Terry

Remy caught the tracker and looked at it a moment. “I ‘ate to leave an artifact be’ind, but I agree. It might be better to come back anodder day. Risa seems to be a ‘ot spot fo’ dese tings.

“I am gettine into dat office an’ place de tracker. We now have 4 people to cover de approach, instead of jus’ one. If I weave my way trough de stacks, de defense systems should no’ be able to get a clear shot, no’ wit’out destroying dere own products. De four of you keep up fire and destroy de turrets each time one pops in. Once de tracker is placed, I’ll exit the building and call for transport.”

Hitting his comm badge, the CO called the ship. =^=Boudreaux to Wolverine. Five to beam up on my command. Stand by.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)

=/\= Wolverine here. I am sorry sir, we still can’t get a lock on your location. There is something jamming us. =/\=


Kadence frowned. “Well then, you guys distract, we get the artifact. Let’s go, Captain.” She grinned and turned to the direction they had originally been heading. “No time to argue.” She fiddled with the bracelet on her wrist. There was no need to use it, but it was a comfort that it was here. She absently wondered how she and Reilly would have handled this. She’d have to remember the moment and see about the two of them running thru a holo program of it another time. She was imagining him having different ideas than her. And she had the feeling she would have different ideas next time as well.


Fin readjusted her position. “If the ship can’t lock onto us and beam us out of here, it might be better to stick together.” She looked at the turrets and then back at the group. “Surely they won’t blow up their own warehouse and all that’s in it, would they? Don’t you think its more likely they’ll send in a team to take us out individually?”

—Fin, CIO

Acadia frowned. “We are guests here. I’m thinking blowing up all the turrets probably isn’t a good idea. My suggestion is a couple of us stay here and distract the turrets to think we are the intruders. Argona and the Captain can try and sneak thru the shadows and get the artifact. We can all meet back here and make a break for it together. Thoughts?” She didn’t like the idea of splitting up any more than the others did. But they didn’t stand a chance against the defenses if they stayed together.


“Assuming if anyone is around, that is. I’m reading a dampening field around the area, it’s also interfering with tricorder readings in respect to lifesigns,” said Mado, “Probably the same field that’s preventing us from transporting. Odd that is only happening now… I had clear readings before, and I didn’t read any lifesigns other than the Captain’s and Argona’s.”


“Must be the security system. Captain, we need to go. Now!” Kadence tapped his arm to get his attention once more, all but pulling him away from the group. “You guys need to make as big a distraction as you can. Make them think you are the only intruders. With luck, we won’t be five minutes.” She knew it had to be quick. The dampening field would only be up so long. Then humans would join the hunt with the turrets. And Kadence knew, if that happened, this was going to get more than ugly.


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