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Posted Jan. 11, 2021, 11:19 a.m. by Ensign Coryn Vinoda (Security) (Justin Wood)


Lenore Mantis [Doctor]

Alita had been focused on several people below but had sensed Remy’s approach. Even so, his words surprised her a bit causing her to flinch before half turning to look down at him.

“Well that’s nice to know. It does come with the rest of me. Now either you change out of that uniform or I’ll throw you into the damned surf.” she said teasingly.

Remy grinned. “I’ll go an’ get changed in a moment, No need to get aggressive,” he began and glanced around for anyone that might overhear, “. . . yet.”

Alita had never been one to blatantly flaunt her body. Her bikini top was probably not the most revealing that Remy would see all night but the lustrous purple and silver swirl pattern accented her coloring and breasts nicely. The bottoms offered ample coverage of her butt and the slight ruffle accentuated her hips and legs.

“So what can I do for you?”


“Ooooh, I can tink of plenty of tines, each as enjoyable as the previous. . . but for now, jus’ continue to be you’ dazzline self an’ make sure everyone enjoys demselves. Later, you an’ I can make our own waves?”

Boudreaux (CO)

Alita couldn’t help but smile at him in every way. He was her Captain, her lover, and a damned good drinking buddy.

“Back at’cha. I would be happy to do all of the above but I need to get down from my tower. The bar, the kitchen, you know. I need to be everywhere at once. So, are you gonna move or do I have to move you?” she asked teasingly.

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Continuing to grin, Remy replied, “You ‘ave already moved me in numerous ways, cher, and each has left me blissfully spent.”

He began to back down the ladder and continued. “But alas, the morale officers job is never done. I ‘ave to change, anyway. Be back soon.” He began to lean in to give Alita a kiss when he remembered where they were. “There will be plenty of dose later, no?”

Boudreaux (CO)

Alita was glad Remy had caught himself. She had no doubt that half the ship already knew that they were spending many a night together. By the end of the party the other half would probably figure it out even if they managed to be on very good behavior. Riley’s words still hung in her mind as well as Remy’s. There was not going back now but, people might be uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Damn it. This is going to get complicated. she thought.

Smiling down, she waved at him.

Fin never wanted to be the first to arrive—anywhere. So, she took her time getting ready. Finally, she stood before the mirror in her quarters and gave herself the once over. She’d pulled her fiery hair up into a top knot and the suit she wore resembled short sleeved scuba diving attire. That’s where the resemblance ended though. It was a black, one piece, with a fitted collar and short sleeves, but everything above the mound of her breasts was sheer, like chiffon. It mixed business with pleasure. Nothing was truly revealed.

She’d walked through the ship with a large, fringed scarf tied around her hips and a pair of sandals on her feet. As she entered the holodeck, Fin was pleased with the setting—although it didn’t strike her as the usual Terran celebration of Christmas. Dropping the scarf just inside the door, she put her thoughts in order.

Coryn continued leaning on the bar nursing his drink as he watched the various NPC party-goers arrive. The attire would be typical of any Terran beach party he’d seen in the holos. Then a familiar face walked through the door and captured all of his attention. Fiery red hair tied atop her head, the CIO was clad in a faux modest one piece suit. The black sheer fabric revealing the perfect skin beneath, when she dropped the scarf… his eyes traveled up her toned legs to her hips.

Right. First, a drink and a place to study the crew that looked innocuous. Light, brown eyes spotted a bar with stools and that was where she headed. The bartender was right there when she sat on a stool. “Hello, I’d like rum, please. If you have flavored options…as close as you can get to torched cherries.” He smiled at Fin and headed down the bar to retrieve a bottle.

“Ice or straight?” He asked when he returned and set a glass on the bar.

“Ice, please.” She watched as he poured a generous portion and added three ice cubes. She let their fingers touch as he pushed the drink toward her while she was reaching for it. One swallow had Fin squinting her eyes as she tried to place the flavor. “Mmm, delicious. Is that a fruit flavor?”

The barman leaned an elbow on the bar and leaned towards her. “We don’t have torched cherry rum, but I thought this might do. It’s smoked apricot.”

—Fin, CIO

Coryn watched Fin approach the way a hungry man might look at a buffet. She hadn’t appeared to notice him there by the bar as she placed her order. A rum drinker huh? He was liking her more by the minute. He half turned to speak to her but became distracted as he watched the glass move to her lips as she tasted her drink… finally he forced himself to focus, pushing his lust to the side for the moment. “You have fine taste it seems…” He said raising his own glass in a form of toast. “And I must say that you look beautiful this evening.”

Vinoda Sec

She’d known he was there, but it wasn’t always wise to let people know how much you noticed your surroundings. “Hey you, thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself— even your face looks more relaxed than the last time I saw you.

With his glass he gestured out over the scene. “Hard not to be relaxed in a place like this.”

She turned on her stool and looked out on the other party goers. A good percentage of the people had to be holograms. “It’s weird isn’t it? This is the smallest ship I’ve ever been assigned to. There’s no anonymity here and eventually, everyone will know your business.” She didn’t like that thought.

—Fin, CIO

“I don’t know that working in a larger setting provides any more anonymity… I think being in such a small setting just removes the illusion of it.” He said with a shrug. He didn’t intend to come across as cynical, but he’d worked security long enough that it was hard for that impression not to creep in at times. “But it’s always been my experience that people grasp for the lowest hanging fruit they can reach, so if you’re worried about your business being known… sometimes it works better to give them some simple business to talk about.” He said with a wry grin.

Vinoda Sec

That was a smart piece of advice. At least that way she could give them something that was neutral and keep them from discussing the specifics of her career. Every INTEL officer had secrets and Fin preferred hers weren’t brought up—even thought some of them were already in her file. “You’re absolutely right. I’ll have to think on something I don’t mind them speculating about. Got any ideas?”


Coryn casually leaned in and lowered his voice as he spoke softly into her ear. “You, my dear, inspire innumerable ideas…” He lingered taking in her scent before casually returning to a more natural posture, allowing the implications to hang in the air. If she wanted to provide cheap gossip… there was the old Terran adage that “sex sells”, and at the very least he thought he should see if the interest was mutual. Serving in the depths of space on a small ship ensured that certain needs were harder to meet than others and could prove very lonely…


Fin laughed with a throaty chuckle. Here, apparently, was a man who said what was on his mind. Straightforward was refreshing, as most people talked ‘around’ the subject they had on their mind.

She swallowed another mouthful of rum and looked at Vinoda openly. “What sort of innumerable ideas?” She’d made the logical jump and believed he was insinuating sexual possibilities between the two of them, but a part of her wanted to hear him say it.

—Fin, CIO

“You’d previously mentioned that you liked to work your stress out physically… you also appear in need of something gossip worthy to keep people from talking about the business you’d prefer to keep to yourself. I propose that we kill those two birds with one stone, while enjoying the company that two very good looking, consenting adults, can explore when bored and lonely way out in the darkness of space.” He said casually nursing his drink as he allowed his mind briefly to wander to some of the more explicit ideas in his head.”


Her laugh was genuine. “I admire a man who speaks his mind. People waste so much time dropping ‘hints’ about what they’d like without ever coming out and saying anything definite. Expecting others to guess what you want to happen is…frustrating, and seldom ends with both parties happy about the endgame.” Fin took another sip from her glass and looked around at the other crew members engaged in the party atmosphere.

A wry grin spread across his face. Coryn found the CIO to be more blunt that he would’ve expected from someone in her position. That was a refreshing revelation.

Eventually, her gaze returned to Vinoda. “Alright, I’m game as long as we both enjoy it.” Now she reached out and lay her hand on one of his so he would clue in that the next thing she said was worth taking note of. “You need to know up front that I’m not looking for fidelity or promises of a future together. I’m a woman who tends to live in the moment’ and when that moment becomes boring—I move on. Life is too short to waste on the mundane.”

—Fin, CIO

“I can see how that arrangement could have its benefits.” He said lightly. “So then the real question becomes… your place or mine?” He threw her a wink before finishing what remained of his drink.

Vinoda Sec

Alita came striding down the beach to the bar after making a circuit of the kitchen areas, fire pits, etc. She recognized Vinoda and knew the red head he was talking to as Fin although she hadn’t made the rounds yet. She decided to sit at the other end of the bar and leave them to their conversation at the moment.

Diaz came out from behind the bar with the usual bottle and Alita waved it away.

“No no. Maybe later. Right now I need some white wine and where the bloody hell is the piano?”

Diaz looked around like he didn’t know what she was talking about.

Momentarily the holodeck doors opened and several of her department carried in quite a lovely piano.

“You know you could have just beamed it in?” Alita laughed.

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