Risa take II - Main Sim - Away Team ( Tag Petrov, Claire, Locksley, Morning Bright)

Posted Jan. 12, 2021, 1:36 a.m. by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) (Jason Lee)

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Posted by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) in Risa take II - Main Sim - Away Team ( Tag Petrov, Claire, Locksley, Morning Bright)

sigh I am a Federation citizen, and gold pressed latinum is not a necessary, only just to deal with my hobby of antiquing. With amateurish bartering techniques like those, you must obviously be Starfleet, because a Ferengi would have already swindled you out your latinum,” said the old lady, “But I’ll be a nice old lady, and not try to deceive you young man. Take your money and leave.”

By this time Mikel had actually stepped out of the building and began to meander around.

Petrov CE

With the sudden switching of XO’s and his continued disconnect with the ship he was starting to wonder if this might be the right time to get off the ship. However his new JO did offer a glimpse of daylight that things could get better on the ship. Not that he would ever be happy unless he was a CE on a flagship or research station. He felt his day was coming.

Petrov CE

Petrov was then grabbed by a pair of strong arms. A cloth was covered over his nose which knocked him out cold. He was immediately transported out of sight.


Reilly nodded to the proprietor and turned to leave. Looking around, a scowl crossed his face. The jovial and friendly tone vanished and he swept the room with his eyes and then said in his XO’s voice “Where is Petrov? Everyone fan out and find him. Now.” He looked at the woman once more, memorizing her features, and then stepped outside to look around.

“If you are looking for that other young man who seemed very disinterested, he left the shop a few minutes ago. If you wish access to my security cameras, I’d be happy to provide them to you for the last hour you were here.”

Not seeing his problematic Chief Engineer, he tapped the breast pocket of his shirt where his communicator was. =/\= Reilly to Wolverine. Do you have a location on Mr. Petrov? If he is in a massage parlor, beam him directly to my office. =/\=

Reilly, XO

=/\= Wolverine here, sir. Checking… =/\=

A few minutes passed.

=/\= I am not reading his commbadge anywhere on the planet. And I have already contacted Risan authorities as well… the local planetary sensor grid is not registering Lieutenant Petrov’s commbadge anywhere on the planet. Checking within the surrounding system and within short sensor range… =/\=

Another few minutes passed.

=/\= He’s not within the system either, sir. =/\=


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