Lily in the Sky with Diamonds

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Posted by Lieutenant Duncan Rhodes (Chief Science Officer) in Lily in the Sky with Diamonds

Posted by Lieutenant Duncan Rhodes (Chief Science Officer) in Lily in the Sky with Diamonds
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Duncan stepped out of the shower and rubbed his hands over his face, brushing off the excess water. Not long later he had shaved, keeping his tidy stubble to the length it always was just barely darkening his face and wrapped a towel around his waist. He was up early, as was normal for him and he didn’t worry about the noise the shower might make. Lily slept deeply enough for both of them and as long as he kept the smell of coffee away from her, she would stay asleep until he woke her up.

Duncan ran his hands through his hair and looked at himself in the mirror. It had been a long year, no one could argue that. His family was fuming at the ears that the scion of their family had been tucked away on a ship with a less than stellar reputation, especially after the events that had taken place on Outpost 42 and among the remnants of the Romulan homeworld. Still, Duncan smiled. He got to wake up every morning next to Lily and his sister Bronwyn was turning all shaders of different colours as he avoided his familial duties and focused instead on his work and his fiancee.

Turning, he exited the bathroom and made his way to the replicator. Moments later and he was filling a tray with an assortment of dishes that would make any chef or critique cringe. English scones with jam, pancakes with syrup, toast with peanut butter, juice, coffee, yogurt and fresh fruit all laid out neatly on the tray. Heading through the door to their bedroom he paused inside and looked at his Fiancee. Lily lay sleeping on the bed looking peaceful and content, and so she should have. Lily was the kind of girl that moved at full speed and total energy until she didn’t, and at that point only coffee or scoobie snacks would rouse her from that sleep before she was ready.

Her hair was splayed over the pillow, evidence of her moving around in bed. She was mumbling like she often did in her sleep, but she was smiling. What she was saying, Duncan had no idea and sometimes, when he could understand the words he could only blink in wonder at the kind of things that ran through his future wife’s subconscious. Sometimes it was enough to make even him blush, or make notes to ask her later which invariably turned into a story about This one time, at the medieval faire or such. Duncan would listen and give the required hums and hahs when needed, if only because he found her chirpy storytelling and passion for life adorable.

Duncan put down the tray beside her on the table and watched her a moment, a slow smile spreading across his face as he watched his sleeping beauty. With one swift movement he swung one leg over her, straddling her and then kneeling on the bed so that her arms were under the covers, her long and delicate neck exposed to his judgement. Leaning down, he ran his lips over the soft skin and then gently blew on the spot they had just touched. “Wake up time, Miss Locksley,” Duncan said, using his best English butler voice but then, he took a deep breath and blew a loud raspberry on her neck, letting it ring out and linger until she started to squirm.

Lt Rhodes, CSO

“Good morning Mr. Rhooo…noooo,” she started giggling and moving back and forth as she laughed hard. “Why are you doing this to me,” Lily tucked her chin hard but let it happen. There was not much more she could do for the moment. She was pinned in bed at the mercy of her fiance; however as traumatic fates went, it wasn’t all that bad. Moving her legs about, Lily laughed and struggled until the hair fell over her face obscuring it from view.

Everyday with Duncan was exciting. While raspberry alarms were not seen by many as a romantic wake up calls, Lily loved seeing this side of Duncan. He was so much more spontaneous than anyone she had ever been with before. During the day, he tended to be serious and all about the job. After hours, however, everything he did kept her guessing. Romantic dinners by candlelight one night were followed by pizza on the floor of their quarters with an action movie playing on the holoset. Evenings, where Duncan shared stories of his past as they curled up on the couch, were paired with nights of laughing and fiesty conversations at the ships bad. Life with Duncan was unexpected which is what she adored about the man. he was the perfect blend of a man that took care of you and yet always kept her guessing.

“Trico,” she yelled out. “Get daddy,” she called out to the small bird like creature. “Help mommy,” she begged.

Lily soon to be Rhodes Locksley.

Pulling back from the raspberry, Duncan looked down at Lily and smiled. “Oh good, you’re finally awake!” he exclaimed as if he had nothing to do with it, at about the same moment that a winged furball canon balled directly into his side at shoulder height. Duncan rolled with the impact, which really wasn’t that significant and ended up on his back beside Lily, with Trico sitting on his chest and proudly chirp-barking at him in a playful warning to leave Lily alone.

“Alright,” Duncan said, holding his hands up in mock surrender, “I cease and desist.” Scratching Trico behind the horns on the back of her head, he looked over at Lily. “I made you breakfast sunshine, todays is a special day, remember? Today’s the one year anniversary of Dante and Nat’s wedding that you officiated. I thought it would be nice to celebrate the occasion with my Fiance.”

Lt Rhodes, CSO

“Oh my god we should celebrate by us getting married,” she sat up in the bed looking at him with a huge smile. “I mean I could officiate us!” The one thing Lily had never done in her life was get married so she had few to any expectations of what it would be like. She wasn’t sure she wanted a traditional, formal affair. Mainly because she had read up on British royal weddings. They hadn’t talked much about the I Do event since they had transferred to the Wolverine. After her research, Lily decided that she could live with all the traditions except the wedding breakfast. It felt too stuffy no matter what she had read about it being a seated luncheon or a garden party. She was looking for something less formal…and so would her parents.

Speaking of her parents, that was another reason maybe this brilliant idea of marking her one year anniversary of Officiant by mail a real event. The last thing she needed was for Duncan to meet her parents before she was sporting his name.

Ensign Lily Locksley CMO

Trico chirp barked and moved over to Lily’s side, pushing her snout forward and looking to get a sneaky and sloppy lick in on Lilys nose while she lay in bed, she clearly thought that was a wonderful idea. “Well, that escalated quickly,” Duncan grinned, and rolled onto his side to face Lily. “I agree, we should finally get married but you can’t officiate your own wedding,” he pointed out to her.

“I don’t know,” she said stretching. “I think there is a loop hole in the rules. I can double check the Intergalactic Religons and Spiritual Harmony pamphlet but I think they pretty much said I can officiate anywhere I am needed.” Her tone was super confident as if this was just a mere crossing of the t’s and dotting of the i’s event. “Besides who looks at the wedding license after the day they get married. No one. The lucky ones stay married long enough it becomes common law so any illegal thing is over written by that and if you do want to get divorced, it makes is super easy to split because you weren’t married in the first place.” Looking at Duncan she realized exactly how bad that sounded. “I mean I plan to stay with you forever so even if there was a hitch we would be common law.” Nodding as she looked at him, Lily hoped Duncan would follow her gesture. This hope was not fulfilled as she saw the sexy and commanding way he was looking at her instead of agreeing with her. Something in the way he stared made Lily want to stay in bed all day instead of getting up.

“We should go home and meet your parents first though,” Duncan said, sitting up on the bed beside her now, “You’ve never told me much about them, we always get off topic,” he bit his lip and gave her a lecherous wink, “like you are trying to distract me from finding out too much and ruining a surprise.” He reached over her and let himself get close to her lips, but he picked up one of the syrup covered pancakes that were rolled up and brought it closer, holding it close to her lips. “It doesn’t feel right to give their daughter a new last name and not meet them first, it isn’t like we can’t visit them and introduce me.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Lily nodded weakly. Oh god he is going to want me to take his name.” She said to herself. Of course you are dumbo. You just need to tell him that you can’t tell your parents that or they will freak out. Anothe more rational voice replied in her head. Okay Duncan is not going to just nod and agree to pretending you are not going to be Mrs. Rhodes nor is he going to go along with whoever marries you announding you as Mr. Rhodes and Mrs. Locksley. Lily that will confuse people and just make you look dumb. The conversation between the two voices battled out in her mind. Better than your mother going bat poop crazy,* the voice reasoned back as Lily got a slightly far off look listening to the voices of chaos and reason silently battle it out in her mind.

Duncan waved the pancake in front of her teasingly, he had told her about his family, and stated clearly that it didn’t matter what those stuffy upper class aristocrats thought or said, Duncan was going to grow old with Lily whether they liked it or not. He didn’t need their approval, he only needed Lily. Grinning, he imagined making his relatives make do with a relaxed and informal beach barbeque in bare feet instead of a traditional luncheon, his bride fluttering about with her easy manner and smile while the storm clouds hovered over Lord Wumplebutts head and he held a sausage in bread with mustard in one hand, and struggled to balance as the sand burnt his toes.

Lt Rhodes, CSO

“Duncan,” Lily moved so that she was looking at him with as close to a serious expression on her face as possible. “I am not sure we should meet my parents until after the wedding.” Her eyes darted back and forth between his searching for the spark that agreed with her statement.

“Say what now?” Duncan paused and pulled his head back, looking at her in surprise. At the same moment the pancake in his hand seemed to droop, dropping half of it’s contents onto the pillow beside Lily. Duncan hardly even noticed as he looked at her. “You’re kidding, right?”

“See…well…my parents are so…liberal,” she drew out the word as if it were negative or accusatory. To anyone in the world, referring to someone as liberal could at times be associated with a relaxed demeanor who focuses on people, family and community first. For Lily to accuse her parents of being liberal based on her views on life would be like the pot calling the kettle black. The problem was Lily did not seem to be joking. “I am sorta the black sheep of the family with my highly conservative views. See it is not that they won’t love you. They will. I am sure of that but its the technicalities that might make them a bit more troubling to deal with. Frankly Mr. Rhodes, I am not sure you can handle my parents,” she admitted biting her lip.

Lily Locksley CMO

“What in the Devil’s dodgy dreams are you talking about? What do you mean I couldn’t handle your parents? You know where I come from, right? English lordly bollocks and stuck up ego’s bigger than the purses they keep them in, with money to boot.” Duncan sat back and dropped the pancake back onto the plate, and left the remains of the dropped top where it lay.

“Yes and they are conservative types like us. My parents are,” Lily picked up a piece of pancake as she tucked the sheets around her body chewing slowly. “Well they…like free spirits.”

“Liberal?” Duncan said the word like it sounded weird, and he narrowed his eyes at her. “Compared to you, who made me give you a foot massage while I was ordering food from you and you were my waitress? What are they space hippies or something? You’ve never told me anything much about them.”

“Well there is not much to tell,” she dipped her bit of pancake into a pool of syrup. “They are like everyone else’s parents they just prefer to live off the land. We don’t have replicators but a home farm. My parent’s tend to shun most things like money, technology, electricity,” her voice trailed off. “They are great except for their views on politics. Don’t get them started on that or Starfleet.” Dropping the last bit of pancake, Lily wrapped her arms around Duncan’s neck giving him a kiss. “Before you I brought one guy home. I wasn’t serious about him. I am serious about you,” she kissed him softly. “That is why I need to be Mrs. Rhodes before you meet Mrs. Locksley.”

“Miss Locksley,” Duncan said, and his voice had changed to a gentle but pronounced English charm. “I would brave treacherous seas, walk on hot coals and run the gauntlet of a thousand domineering mother-in-laws to be your husband. You’re parents are not going to scare me away, they can take me for who I am, the man that loves you and asked you to be his wife. The man that follows you into deadly jungles on Risa and gets eaten by native plants just so you can go visit some guy and his wife in a shack on a deserted beach. We can take Junior with us, let them keep him.” Duncan smiled and his eyes moved to the small, potted plant with spiky vines on a table in the corner of the room.

“We are going to visit your parents,” Duncans eyes turned serious now. “I’m not marrying their daughter like some thief in the night who is scared of their disapproval. They deserve to know their daughter is getting married, and meet the man who has your heart. They deserve to be at the wedding as well, trust me on this because if we don’t visit them first, they aren’t going to trust me afterwards.”

Lt Rhodes, CSO

“I love you,” Lily looked at Duncan smiling. How could she not. He was everything Lily had been searching for forever. “Pinky promise you won’t chicken out?” Holding up her finger for him Lily waited. Marriage was a big deal. It was a lifetime and there was no way she could spend a lifetime away from her family even if Duncan would come to regret hearing the words my parents are coming to visit.

Lily Locksley

Hooking his pinky around hers, he smiled softly. “Pinky promise. I’m not chickening out, there is nothing, nothing, that would make me have second thoughts about marrying you, Mrs Rhodes.”

“Never say never but,” she pulled up close to him using their pinky grip for leverage, “yes you will marry me come what may.”

------------- One Week Laterrrr---------------------

Blinking at the light out the shuttle transports window, Duncan watched the ground pass them by as the shuttle flew low to the ground heading for the drop off where Duncan and Lily would begin their journey to Lily’s parent’s house. “So, you never told me they lived in an electromagnetic dead spot where all electronics fail to operate,” Duncan said to her, “meaning that we have to trek in with pack animals carrying our luggage, and the latest supplies for your parents ourselves.” He sat back against the seat and looked at Lily again, his ankle resting over his knee.

“I said they liked it rustic and tend to shun tech,” she adjusted the woven floppy hat on her head.

“When you said they tend to shun things like technology and electricity, you might have elaborated more,” he grinned and then leaned forward towards her. “I’m still not chickening out, So it’s a three day trek with camels. It’s lucky I bought this then, right?”

Digging into his bag, he pulled out the British Explorers hat that Lily had provided him when they had taken the children on Outpost 42 on an outing to Gamma Tiltium for a Frontier Folk badge. Putting it on his head, he pointed to three more badges that had been secretly added to the ones on it already. “I even did some more ‘expeditions’ and earned my badges, now tell me I’m not prepared, huh?” Winking at her, he grinned and took her hand in his.

Lt Rhodes, CSO

Lily busted out laughing. “My god you are a Frontier Folk,” she tugged at the brim of the hat pulling his face down to hers. “I hate to disappoint you but you might not get the bedouin nomadic experience you are so aptly dressed for,” she settled back into her seat propping up her manicured toes on the windows as if it was an open vehicle.
Small toe prints would be left on the window when she left to indicate where she was seated. “They gave up the beast of burden method of transport for supplies and such about fifty years ago. It was deemed cruel to the animals. Now we use biofuel made from cooking grease and solar to travel back and forth to town. It’s so much faster. The only drawback is we can’t really travel at night so you are literally stuck there until sun up. Don’t worry though,” she put a hand on his shoulder, “life is our adventure. Solar, biofuel or animal…as long as we get there it will be fun right?” Wiggling back in her sideways, Lily laid her head on his shoulder with her feet still propped up on the window.

“You mean no smelly camels to ride and have ignore you when you want to go somewhere? I’m in.” Duncan grinned in response. “Besides, it sounds like they could use a Science Officer to refine whatever process they are using to make the biofuel. See, I’m going to fit right in.” He leaned his head over and kissed her forehead as she lay her head on his shoulder.

An hour later, the vehicle came to a slow stop. The area had a natural park feel with rolling green hills, a crystal clear blue lake, and a beige-tan path heading off into a group of trees. Lily stretched her muscles and headed to the back of the vehicle where the driver was unloading their bags. “I’d take you further but any closer and my vehicle shuts off,” he looked sheepishly at the only two travelers departing.

“It’s okay. A brisk walk is good for us and if no one shows up it is only ten miles,” Lily said brightly.

Nodding the driver moved back to the vehicle and pulled away leaving Lily, Duncan, and all their bags by the side of the road. Bending down Lily rifled through several of the suitcases pulling out a backpack where she stuffed several items into it. Shouldering the bag she looked at Duncan. “Ready?” Lily no longer looked like a tourist but a a hiker. “Pull out a few things and stuff them in my bag. Someone from the commune can retrieve them tomorrow or the next day. We just need to hurry because we need to get to my parents before dark. Trust me you don’t want to take this stroll in the pitch dark.”

Lily Locksley

“Why not?” Duncan asked as Lilly stepped passed him towards the trail they were to walk on, and he leaned down to collect a number of items he would need in the short term. His bags were already suitable for walking, thanks to his military schooling which taught him to travel light and be prepared. Shouldering his own bag and picking up another that was light enough to carry, he looked up and made his way towards Lilly. “Why not?” He asked again, realising that she hadn’t answered and was looking over the terrain ahead of them.

“Well, it’s lucky I brought my hat then, isn’t it.” Duncan said, and walked in the direction that Lilly indicated, picking up a large stick to use as a walking stick / staff on the way. “Tell me that there are no giant man eating vines trying to eat me out here honey, please? I didn’t bring the ultra strength plant repellant with me this trip.”

Lt Rhodes, CSO

“No baby,” Lily laughed. “It just gets dark fast. People always want to talk about moonlight strolls but it is in someplace tame a block from their home. Being a scientist you know what it is like in the dark. The difference is your dark always has a camp with it. Here is it like the dawn of time dark. The commune uses solar power but even that doesn’t last all night and it’s dim compared to regular lights.” Moving along the path, Lily was not making it a leisurely stroll. Her pace was steady and fast as if she needed to be on time for something. Over the next mile, Lily talked about living in the commune as a kid and teen. The stories were mainly about camping, exploring, and a laid back lifestyle few could find even on the most remote colony world. It wasn’t that her stories were bad memories as she shared them; however, Duncan would have few ways to relate to family sing along, livestock raising, and farming.

Approaching a bend in the road Lily paused and looked up at Duncan smiling. “What time is it,” she asked biting her lip.

Making a show of looking at the stars and pursing his lips in thought, Duncan finally looked at his watch and raised his eyebrow to her. “It’s nearly 1830 hours, why?”

“Good we didn’t miss it. So I haven’t told you this because I wanted you to be surprised.” Enclosing her fingers around his, she pulled him along excitedly like a small child. Just before rounding the corner of the bend, Lily stopped standing in front of Duncan. “Now close your eyes and don’t peek until I tell you,” she took his other hand in hers ready to lead him.

“Surprised huh? Wasn’t the last time we did this with those words, I got eaten by a plant?” Duncan quipped, but he did exactly as he was told. He trusted her, completely, even though he knew that occasionally it would not be to his benefit. Rico had called him a sucker for punishment, then smacked him on the back and told him he was lucky that Lily was cute as hell.

Walking backward, Lily moved slowly checking over her shoulder as she moved Duncan into position. Letting go of hs hands she snuggled up to his body wrapping his arms around her waist. “Okay on the count of three, two, open your eyes.” Leaning back against his body, Lily relaxed into the hug staring at the rocky face of a cliff. The light dancing over it produced a shimmering effect like a million opals floating under a crystal clear layer of water. Blues, pink, and yellow pastel tones flickered in the setting sun. “We call this pépinière des étoiles because of the way the colors play off the granite during the day and the way it lights up at sunset. Watch.”

“Nursery of the Stars, eh?” Duncan replied softly as he watched the lights with her. “It fits, just a wee bit,” he smirked and squeezed her gently tighter into him. His eyes moved over the surface watching the colours shift and dance. His mind wanting to analyse it, but he shut that out. Sometimes overthinking would ruin something, and just enjoying the moment was far better.

Lily held her breath knowing what was coming at the light of sunset refracted off the rock at the right angle replacing the pastel hues with fiery tones of red, orange, yellow, and gold. The effect made the rock seem molten and dripping down the side of the peak slowly extinguishing the colors. “I never get tired of watching this. When we get to my parent’s home tonight, I will show you the last display on the rock face. My bedroom window faces it. As the sun completely dips the rock takes on a deep indigo navy with white pinpricks of light. See why we call it the nursery of the stars. It goes from the pastels of a nebula to the star being born, to finally the end stars we see at night.”


“It sounds amazing, I can’t wait to see it.” Duncan told her, and kissed her on the cheek as his eyes barely left the sight of the lights on the cliffs. What he also couldn’t wait to see, was something that kept Lily’s attention long enough for her to stay still and watch it for any real length of time. Giving her a final squeeze and taking her hand, Duncan turned in the direction they had been walking. “Come on Sunshine, lets go get to your parents so we can watch that sunset before it disappears on us.

Lt Rhodes, CSO


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