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Posted Jan. 13, 2021, 4:43 a.m. by Lieutenant Fihnrilkk'Hob"ledn-ardol (Fin) (Chief Intelligence Officer) (D Grisham)

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This time when the bag swung, he adjusted its path slightly so that it would be off of her midline towards her left shoulder. Part of the dance was moving in order to keep your opponent from flanking you, especially away from your dominant hand. “Not bad…” he said as he watched her body react to the changing stimulus, his eyes naturally falling to track the movement of her hips. He’d let her go a few more minutes as he analyzed her movements before offering any additional feedback.

Vinoda Sec

Fin finally stepped back away from the bag. “I can see how punching a bag like this is a whole body workout.” She was still wet from the rain but if she worked out any longer, there would be sweat mixed in with it.

She’d had obvious training which was good. She wasn’t relying solely on her arms for power. “Indeed. That’s one of the first things boxers must learn, and I’ve found that it holds true for most combat situations… stability, power, and strength come from the ground and our base. And I must say, that your base is very impressive.” He allowed the implication to hang in the air.

She grabbed the towel and scrunched water out of her hair once more. “I like to switch up my exercise regime every so often, would you mind if I used this program?”

Her eyes lingered on the man. Aside from being attractive, he might make a good work out partner. Let’s see how this conversation goes… she told herself.

—Fin, CIO

“By all means, if you find this program to your liking then use it as you wish. Though, I feel like you’re getting a small glimpse into my mind and that puts you at a bit of an unfair advantage in our dealings… perhaps you can give me a glimpse into yours?”

Vinoda Sec

Fin scrunched her eyes a bit, weighing the decision. They finally relaxed and the smallest smile replaced the thoughtful look. “A glimpse into your mind, huh? Okay, what would you like to know about me?” If he asked a penetrating question, he would be overstepping the parameters he’d set by using the word ‘glimpse’. She waited to see if he was after a tidbit of information, or her life story.

—Fin, CIO

He watched as her face contorted slightly, she obviously wasn’t keen on handing out information about herself. In his mind he thought, relax lady… I’m not going to tie you up and torture the information out of you… unless your into that sort of thing. A wry grin spread across his face at the thought. “Oh nothing too invasive. What do you do for fun or how do you blow off steam?” He asked sincerely interested.


The CIO chuckled, “Oh, that’s an easy one. I drink, have sex, or work out—or some combination of the three. If I don’t have access to do any of them, well, let’s just say its a good idea to stay out of my way.” She thought Vinoda and her might have the opportunity to experience her need to wind down at some point, so it was best to give him some guidelines.

—Fin, CIO

The answer was much more straightforward than he’d expected… “That sounds like one heck of a night right there.” He responded teasingly. Around them, the rain had begun to lighten though it appeared as if at least for now their holographic counterparts were respecting the relative privacy of the boxing gazebo. “What do you think about the ship so far? It’s my first time, so I’m just trying to gauge how the Wolverine stacks up.” He asked giving her an opportunity to divert the conversation from more personal topics if she chose to for now.


Auburn brows raised as she considered how to answer his question. “I’ve never served on a ship this small before, but that’s not to say I don’t have experience on them.” She walked over to the edge of the gazebo and sat down on the wooden floor, her shoes on the ground below, the tapering rain misting over her.

“I know the XO, Jason Reilly, from my time with Intel. We worked a case together for three or four months, but I don’t know anyone else.” Fin turned to look up at Vinoda. “He informed me that we have some very dangerous folk on this little tin can. The crew are not the Academy graduates you might be used to, so while you gather your own ‘take’ on them, it might be wise to err on the side of caution.”

—Fin, CIO


He let out a fake sigh, “But caution is so boring.” He joked. He was intrigued by her mention of having previously worked with the ship’s XO. Coryn had yet to meet the man so he didn’t have an opinion on him one way or the other. “Dangerous folks you say? Sounds like my kind of crowd… after all, you can’t enjoy a bar brawl with a bunch of choir boys right?” He watched Fin’s face trying to gauge her reaction. Would she take his comments lightly, or would she analyze him in a similar fashion to the one he’d been using to survey her.

She was nodding while looking out at the night. “I agree about caution being boring—sometimes. In my line of work, its necessary though and just so you know, Jason isn’t one to lie outright. I think he was trying to give me his take on the crew.” She turned and looked at him again. “His insights won’t necessarily match mine, but I think there are a few on the Wolverine that might need a wide berth.”

Getting into a scuffle wasn’t something she shied away from, but she also didn’t have a death wish. Until she’d had more time to study every individual on the ship, she would err on the side of discretion.

“So, Coryn Vinoda, how do ‘you’ blow off steam? I showed you mine, now its time to show me yours.” Even in the dim light, he could see a twinkle in her eyes.

—Fin, CIO

Coryn shrugged. “I’m a man of simple tastes really… I enjoy good rum… to be honest I enjoy bad rum as well… I take out frustrations by punching or getting punched by things… or if the timing is right, I find myself a lady who needs to blow off steam and we take out our frustrations on one another.” He held back a self-deprecating laugh. “Good thing I’m not speaking to the CNS right now… they might want to analyze how unhealthy my coping skills are.”


Fin chuckled. “Unhealthy is a relative term. And since we seem to share the same patterns for winding down, far be it from me to say they aren’t good choices.” Had he known she was a rum drinker before he made his comment? If so…how had he known? “When you are a private person, counselors get frustrated and will say a lot of things about you anyway, so why worry about them?”

The rain had stopped and Fin was feeling the need of a shower—mostly, she wanted to get the wet clothes off. “Well, thanks for letting me crash your workout. I’ll probably see you around. It’s a small ship, after all.” She smiled and rose to her feet.

—Fin, CIO

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