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Posted Jan. 13, 2021, 8:44 p.m. by Captain Remy Boudreaux (CO) (Terry Sullivan)

Posted by Commander Jason Reilly (XO) in XO’s Quarters - History Lessons and Personality Conflicts - TAG Remy

Remy stopped chewing and stared at the pyramid as the lights changed color. “Dat’s no’ going to blow up, mon ami? I’d really ‘ate it if it turns out you are de one tryine to kill me.”

Boudreaux (CO)

Reilly smiled and shook his head. “Nope. Static noise generator. Scrambles listening devices. And if I was trying to kill you, Skipper, you’d already be dead. I mean, its not like I haven’t had the opportunities.” and he laughed slightly.

“No, this is absolutely about Finn. I’m worried that… well… she’s…” and he sat the fork down and looked at Remy directly and said “She’s an uptight pain in the ass who cares more for how she is viewed by Intel higher-ups than she is about anything or anyone else. And I wouldn’t trust her to put the needs of the crew or of the Wolverine before her or her next promotion.” he said flatly. “And yeah, I am speaking from experience.”

Reilly, XO

“Along wit’ Lt. Mado, she is one of Adm. Frederic’s operatives. As long as we are dealine wit’ de admiral, Fin is goine to be ‘round. I found no men-SHON of you’ name in ‘er files, so why don’t you enlighten me ‘bout you’ experiences wit’ de Lt., no?”

Boudreaux (CO)

Reilly leaned back and said “It was an extended Intel op. We were partnered up for… oh… musta been something like three or four months. First half reconnaissance and cover building, then infiltration and mission execution. And before you ask… yes. We did end up ‘passing the time’ in naked gymnastics more than once. Still… for me, the mission execution had meant making friends and working my way into the mark’s good graces. Get him talking, incriminating evidence, so on and so forth… which I had done and was ready to make my move. Fin was supposed to wait till I was done… she didn’t. She took him out while I was on my way to meet him. He was gonna give me the full tour of his drug manufacturing operation… instead he was eliminated and it took another year and half to dismantle the organization.” He picked up his drink and slammed it back.

“She said she did it because ‘the timing was right and she didn’t know if she would get another clean opportunity. Which was absolute bulls#&t because she knew exactly what was happening. Instead, she took him out, played her success up to the brass, and got pulled out for another op while I was left trying to do damage control and keep Intel’s name out of the whispers. F$@&ing nightmare is what she left in her wake… and it wasn’t the only time she pulled crap like that.”

Reilly, XO

Remy sat quietly and let his XO explain the situation. He finished his glass and indicated for Jason to refill it. “Are you saying she takes credit when it is no’ deserved? She ‘as to be good at ‘er job, ‘cuz dere is no way she could ‘ave gotten dis far in ‘er career wit’out ‘er own merits. Someone up the food chain ‘as ‘ad to see a pattern to ‘er success. Or she ‘as stepped on a lot of toes to get ‘ere. Dat’s a good way to make enemies.”

Boudreaux (CO)

Reilly filled the glass to just below the brim and shook his head. “No no… she most definitely is good at her job. And she isn’t one to intentionally take credit for other’s work. Its just that she doesn’t really give a s^$!t about those ‘others’. In her mind, the mission is the mission and orders are orders. She doesn’t see the middle ground at all. Or if she does, she ignores it. Her main drive is to please her superiors… and who cares she has to step on or screw over to make that happen.” He took a drink and then shook his head.

“For an Intel spook… she sure has no concept of ‘gray’ areas. For her its all black and white. And with what this ship and crew is about… well… that could be a recipe for some much unneeded awkwardness and conflict. Hell, Skip… she didn’t even believe me when I told she should watch herself around some of the crew. She already decided that they are all cut and pressed Fleet folks.” and he took another drink. “You and I both know we have more than a few that would cut you just as well as look at you. But she didn’t seem like she could get her head around that at all.”

Reilly, XO

Remy offered a “harumph” to his XO, then added, “She may be in for a rude awakenine very soon. De gray areas are what we are all about, mon ami. People are sent to us ‘cuz dey canno’ make it as reg’lar Starfleet.”

After taking another drink, the CO continued. “You’ve worked wit’ ‘er. You seem to know ‘er tendencies. I’m makine you ‘er personal mentor. Make sure she learns dere is no black an’ white–only shades of gray. T’ink you can ‘andle dat, my loyal an’ fait’ful XO?”

Boudreaux (CO)

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