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Posted Jan. 16, 2021, 10:26 p.m. by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) (Jason Lee)

Posted by Lieutenant Mikel Petrov (Chief Engineer) in Captured - (Tag: Petrov and GM)

Posted by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) in Captured - (Tag: Petrov and GM)
Petrov awoke blindfolded. He could feel that his hands and legs were tied. He could sense there was no one in the room he was in. Being an engineer, he could tell he was on a ship. And that the ship was currently at warp, likely traveling away from Risa.

“Finally awake, are ya?” said a female voice. The voice was unfamiliar to him.


Mikel’s fist impulse was to kick adn fight but as he quickly realized he was tied up. He could feel he was in a ship and most likely at warp.

“Kidnapping a Starfleet Officer is 20 years minimum. I suggest you take me right back to where you attacked me. I am very sure there is cctv and a whole host of surveillance footage that has recorded this deed. I am also sure it wont end well for you. So make it easy and I will forget this happened.” He said as cool as he could.

Petrov CE

“Your threats don’t work against me, Starfleet. I think you don’t quite understand the position you are in.”

A sound of a chain could be heard, but it was light… so perhaps a necklace? Petrov could feel the necklace being hung over him. “This necklace is from Bajor… it is said it was from a sect of monks who worshipped the Pah-wraiths in secret… but non-believers who tried to touch their items were said to go crazy, as if their minds were lit on fire.”

Petrov felt nothing at first. As the moments passed, he felt immense pain, as if his entire brain was on fire. For five minutes, the pain lasted, until he felt on the verge of passing out, and he felt the necklace removed.


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