Away team 2: Bourdreaux, Argona, LeBlanc , Mado/GM

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Fin readjusted her position. “If the ship can’t lock onto us and beam us out of here, it might be better to stick together.” She looked at the turrets and then back at the group. “Surely they won’t blow up their own warehouse and all that’s in it, would they? Don’t you think its more likely they’ll send in a team to take us out individually?”

—Fin, CIO

Acadia frowned. “We are guests here. I’m thinking blowing up all the turrets probably isn’t a good idea. My suggestion is a couple of us stay here and distract the turrets to think we are the intruders. Argona and the Captain can try and sneak thru the shadows and get the artifact. We can all meet back here and make a break for it together. Thoughts?” She didn’t like the idea of splitting up any more than the others did. But they didn’t stand a chance against the defenses if they stayed together.


“Thoughts are—that those of us left out here are sitting ducks.” Said Fin to Mado, not one to pull any punches in a life and death situation like what they found themselves in.

“Dat is de plan, Lt.,” Remy replied. “We ‘ave already taken out two of de guns. Someone is sure to know we are ‘ere by now.”

“Assuming if anyone is around, that is. I’m reading a dampening field around the area, it’s also interfering with tricorder readings in respect to lifesigns,” said Mado, “Probably the same field that’s preventing us from transporting. Odd that is only happening now… I had clear readings before, and I didn’t read any lifesigns other than the Captain’s and Argona’s.”


“Must be the security system. Captain, we need to go. Now!” Kadence tapped his arm to get his attention once more, all but pulling him away from the group. “You guys need to make as big a distraction as you can. Make them think you are the only intruders. With luck, we won’t be five minutes.” She knew it had to be quick. The dampening field would only be up so long. Then humans would join the hunt with the turrets. And Kadence knew, if that happened, this was going to get more than ugly.


“Use de crates fo’ as much cover as possible. Move fast and weave between de crates. Get as close to de office wit’ cover. Fin, I need one grenade to blow de door. We beat feet as soon as Lt. Argona and I get back. Mado, keep scanning. I wan’ to know de second we are out of de dampening field.”

The CIO passed a grenade to the Captain.

“Aye sir.”

Turning back to the counselor, the CO said, “On my mark, we go. 3 . . . 2. . . 1-Go!” And Remy took of like a bolt, headed for the cover of the stacks of crates. . . .

Boudreaux (CO)

The rest of the phaser turrets activated but managed to not hit Boudreaux. There were a couple of close shots. For an automated system, it was rather deadly accurate, but Boudreaux managed to confuse the system and made it to the cover of the stack of crates. The two made it to the office door, and using the grenade, was able to force the door open. Using the special tricorder that Mado had provided… the artifact signal was gone. There was evidence someone was in the office and left in a hurry.


“Fils de pute !!!” Remy said in disgust when no readings showed up. He gave the office a quick scan for any clues on what the artifact might have been or who may have taken it.

Looking at Kadence, he made his way back to the door. “Time to cut our losses an’ get back to de ship, Counselor?”

Boudreaux (CO)

Fin hit the timer on her chrono and watched as the first few seconds passed. “They’ve got five minutes. After that, we start looking for a way to return to the ship. There’s no sense in all of us dying down here.” Self preservation was a natural instinct of Fin’s people. Even though they could essentially, leave their body and inhabit another one, it wasn’t something they took lightly.

—Fin, CIO

Mado nodded in agreement. “Though I hate to use our artifact equipment… we may have to, if we are left with no choice. The side effect consequences could leave one of us incapacitated for awhile,” replied Mado.


=^=Wolverine to Captain Bourdreaux, we’ve managed to stop the flooding in Sickbay. I know Petrov is missing, but our first plan of action is to get your team out of there as soon as possible, sir.=^= Commander Erin called out. =^= I might be able to break into the system that houses the control for the dampening field, and if not.... I might be able to at least reset it long enough to get a lock on you all for a beam out. =^=

Bryson wasn’t sure if the field was also cutting out comms in their area, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve if that was the case.


Kadence cursed. “NO!!! Damn it!!” She glanced around, scanning the room once more. “Someone else is looking for them. Captain, we need to get out of here. We’ll figure this out on the ship.” She grabbed his arm and tugged him towards the door. “Let’s get out of here.” She wasn’t crazy about leaving empty handed and shook her head glancing around the room once more.


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