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A few moments later Remy slipped into the conference room and took his place at the head of the table.

Boudreaux (CO)

Fin entered with a mug of coffee in her hand, nodded at those already there, and found an empty seat. She made sure there was an empty one beside her in the hopes that Mado would join her. It always helped to present a united front.

Mado did, and sat down next to Fin.

Reilly walked in immediately behind him and said “Welcome back.” and he expertly rolled an optical disk down the table to Remy and then took his seat at the opposite end. Most XO’s sat directly next to their Commanding Officers, but not Reilly. He liked to be able to see everyone and also be able to get the CO’s attention easily. That, and the addition of small text displays installed on each allowing for private comments, made it a more efficient positioning of the two.

“That’s Petrov getting taken. So before anyone else arrives, I have to ask… do we have to go get him?” and he winked at Remy.

Reilly, XO

Alita stepped in right behind Riley and glanced at the two gentlemen.

“So I’m going to assume we have to get Mr. Petrov right? Okay okay. Back to professional COS.” she said with a sigh.

Walking to the replicator she found the largest, strongest, cup of coffee it could produce and took a seat at the conference table.

A part of her was frustrated that that damned engineer could steal the show in this fashion.

  • Alita, MO/COS

“I ‘ave no problem admittine it, but I was askine myself de same tine. One of de ‘azards of beine on dis ship. On de oder ‘and, IF we rescue ‘im an’ save ‘is life, he may feel ‘e owes us. . . . . no, no ‘e won’,” Remy replied.

Reilly just nodded in agreement.

Mado was shocked. He looked at Lt. Finn. “That looks like an artifact was in use at the time that Mr. Petrov was taken,” remarked Mado, “The way the hands appear doesn’t seem like a glitch in technology.”


She leaned forward to get a better look at the images. It was possible they kidnapper used another artifact—but which one?

Clearly the artifact being used was one that did not need to be directly held, which meant that it only had to be on someone, otherwise they would not be able to stay invisible. Many such artifacts exist, and not every one of them was accounted for in the Warehouse. It would not be the Honjo Masamune sword, which had the ability to bend light, but it would require to be held – something that was not applicable in this case. The tarnkappe or known as the cloak of concealment was also stored safely at the Warehouse, supposedly. It was possible that it was unknown ring or fashion accessory that granted the wearer the ability of invisibility or it could be technological… however, given the heat signature, technological seemed unlikely.

“Any idea what de artifact might be, Lt.? Per’aps sometine used by an illusionist to perform sleight of ‘and tricks, or maybe a master tief?” As he made that comment, he thought *Sometine like dat would ‘ave come in very useful in my younger days. . . *

Boudreaux (CO)

“Difficult to say at first glance,” replied Mado.

“The shop had passive scan data, its attached to the vid file. I’d suggest science go over it and see what they can come up with. Any thread we can follow now is better than where we are at currently.” He looked at Remy and said “And how did your team fare, Skipper? Come up with any leads?”

Reilly, XO

“If the passive scan data has thermal data, that might reveal the shape of person who kidnapped.”

Bryson walked into the room slightly late, and it was at this time that he noticed he hadn’t changed out of his uniform and it was still damp. “Sickbay has finally been cleaned up, but I don’t think I’ll be going for a swim anytime soon.”



Reilly pulled up the scan data and put it on the room’s view screen, and then looked for anything like Mado suggested.

Reilly, XO

The data showed a humanoid, bigger than Petrov. But the thermal data was insufficient to give an exact detailed shape. With the thermal overlay in place, the computer replayed the video showing Petrov kidnapped, with something cold held over his mouth and nose.


Reilly looked at Alita and said “Connect with Risa law enforcement and see if they have any cameras in the vicinity, if you would please. If so, let’s see if we can find a vehicle or something that sticks out. I’m pretty sure they didnt carry him off down the road on their shoulder.”

Reilly, XO

Remy was beginning to feel exasperated and have second thoughts about this mission and working for Adm. Frederic.

“Jus’ so we are all on de same page, lemme sum up. . . . .Dere was a flood in Sickbay caused by an artifact, my team was unable to get our ‘ands on de artifact we were searchine for. Someone else got to it first. Cmdr Reilly’s team was unable to get de artifact dey were lookine for, Lt. Petrov ‘as been abducted, an’ we are no closer to knowine de identity of who tried to kill me? Anytine else?”

He looked to Alita with an almost pleading look that seemed to say, ‘Please, nothing else.’

Alita looked straight at Remy and shook her head. That was really all he needed.

-Alita, MO/COS

“Lt. LeBlanc, until Mr. Petrov is returned us, I am assignine you as actine Chief Engineer.” He chose Acadia to act as the temporary CE for two reasons. First, she was a competent engineer. She had to be or else she wouldn’t have been sent to the Wolverine. Secondly, he wanted to see if she had the chops to be the chief, if, God forbid, they were unable to get Petrov back.”

Boudreaux (CO)

“Captain, we still need to get the supplies for artifact containment that the Admiral provided us,” said Lt. Mado, “If we are dealing with an enemy who is aware of the artifacts existence, then there is a serious problem we have on our hands,” said Mado.


Fin looked over at Mado. “How could they have found out? You’re familiar with these things—where should we start looking for a leak?” The artifacts existence were not well known and for someone to snatch it up a few seconds before the Wolverine’s team did, well that was very suspicious.

“Two unidentified artifacts appeared on this ship. One was used to try to kill the Captain, the other was sent directly to this ship to the good doctor,” replied Lt. Mado, “That seems oddly coincidental, does it not?”

Reilly glared at Mado and said “Yeah… and the whole kidnapping of a Star Fleet officer thing kind of adds a whole layer of complexity, doesn’t it Lieutenant?” and he then looked at Remy. “Captain, Mr. Petrov needs to be the priority here. He may be a real sonofa&^%$h, but he is our sonofa&^%$h. Respectfully, we need to focus on finding him. I’m sure the good Lieutenant here can handle the logistics of the material request.” and he jerked his head towards Mado.

Reilly, Irritated XO

“Commander, I am merely pointing out that we have artifacts ourselves that are beyond the scope of our current ability to contain them. If we were to acquire more or attempt to neutral more, we would be lacking the equipment to handle the situation and that could be potentially hazardous to the ship,” remarked Lt. Mado, “While I understand Mr. Petrov’s kidnapping does take priority, being unprepared seems a little foolish.”

“This is too big of a ruckus, for someone from the Risa government to not know anything....” Commander Erin said after listening to everyone’s input. “Either the Risans are too incompetent to adequately monitor their own planet, or someone is looking the other way on these shenanigans.” Bryson was hoping the Risans weren’t in on this, or else the issue would be more dire.


“Commander, you are under the assumption that the Risan authorities did manage to detect something, which is highly likely, they did not simply by the nature of the enemy we are dealing with,” replied Lt. Mado.


Alita had remained silent. She had nothing diplomatic to add to the situation so remained respectful. If she had her way, she would send Mado, and someone she trusted, to find more containment for artifacts while everybody else went chasing after ham sandwiches. Funny how her view of Petrov changed to fit the moment.

  • Alita, MO/COS

“Also, Risa is part of the Federation. Something like this would be normally unthinkable especially for a vacation pleasure seeking planet as this one,” remarked Mado, “And thus, security overall would be lax in this particular area.”


Reilly snorted softly. “Lieutenant, one of the reasons Risa is such a popular place is for the exact opposite reason you just stated. Risian security, government and private, is some of the best in the Federation. It has to be, so the more… illustrious… guests that come actually relax and not worry about issues such as that. Which makes Mr. Petrov’s abduction all the more problematic, and your little trinkets that much more dangerous.” and he turned to Remy. “Sir, once the Risian authorities get word of an abduction, they will do everything they can to make sure it stays quiet. We should be mindful of that going forward. Not that I think they would hide anything… but protecting their reputation will be their motivating factor for certain.”

Reilly, XO

“I would rather be wrong,” Bryson said shaking his head. “If they’ll cover something like this up, there’s no telling what they’d do if we snoop even further.” Commander Erin couldn’t help but to think how many shady things actually go down on the planet, or if this abduction is a one time deal.


Reilly looked at the Operations Chief and smiled. “Agreed. You keep up with thoughts like that and you may be recruited by Intel if you aren’t too careful.”

Reilly, XO

Remy had been listening quietly to the input from his officers. He ran a hand through his hair and stood up. “Cmdr. Reilly is correct, Petrov is our main concern, but, we still need containmen’ fo’ any more artifacts we come across. Chances are, when we fin’ Petrov, dere will be anodder artifact around. Mr. Mado, can de containment vessls be deliverd to de Wolverine trough Admiral Frederic’s department, or do we need to pick dem up ourselves?”

“Out of all of Starfleet, the USS Wolverine is the only ship being evaluated for Admiral Frederic’s department division status. There are no other vessels within Admiral Frederic’s purview. There are many civilian ships in use to ferry agents on their individual missions… but since the Wolverine is still under evaluation, I’m afraid, Captain, we’re alone on this one,” said Mado, “We can inquire support from the division HQ if we really need it…”

Mado let his voice trail off. He seemed to imply that to gain trust with Admiral Frederic, the Wolverine had to prove themselves.

Since Mado had more information about this particular situation than Fin, she didn’t feel the need to try and one up him with the officers in the room. There was a life at stake, one that not many present were fond of, but a life all the same. So, she remained silent, but was hoping she’d have the chance to meet this Petrov person in the future.

—Fin, CIO

“Cmdr. Erin is correct, as well. Abduc-SHON of a Starfleet officer is too big for no one to know anytine.”

“Commander,” he said to Reilly, get a team an’ go back to de planet an’ put some pressure on de Risan authorities. Tell dem dat wit’out dere coopera-SHON, you may ‘ave to go public wit’ de abduc-SHON of a visitine Starfleet officer, or some such story. i’m sure dey will no’ wan’ de bad publicity, no?”

Boudreaux (CO)


Alita had nothing to say outwardly because everything that had just been said made her groan inwardly and that would be very unprofessional to share.

  • Alita, MO/COS

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A sudden thought occurred to Reilly and he looked at Remy. “Hey Skipper, before we send people down to pick a fight with the Risians… can I have an hour? I may have a way to help us not get into a diplomatic tussle.” and he looked at Remy for approval before standing up and walking out.

Reilly, XO

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