Qu: Fihnrilkk'Hob"ledn-ardol

Posted Feb. 26, 2021, 4:09 p.m. by Lieutenant Fihnrilkk'Hob"ledn-ardol (Fin) (Chief Intelligence Officer) (D Grisham)

Posted by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) in Qu: Fihnrilkk’Hob”ledn-ardol
OOC: Assuming Fin is in the quarters here, asleep, maybe?

A buzzing noise came from the Warehouse issued garment bag.

OOC: See:

The noise repeated itself on a loop, pausing for the same amount of period each time before repeating.


The sound incorporated itself into her dream, so it took a few repeats to actually wake her up. “What, by all that is holy is that noise?” Sitting up in bed, Fin ran a hand back through her hair and sighed unhappily. There was nothing for it except to get up and hunt down the sound. Sliding her feet over the edge of the bed, she scooted to the edge and stood. The delicate gossamer of her short nightgown almost hid the lines of a well toned body…but not quite. The material was diaphanous at best and sheer at worst. Slowly, Fin prowled through her quarters, looking for the offending alert.


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