Fin's Quarters - Apologies Given Where Apologies Are Due

Posted Feb. 28, 2021, 9:05 a.m. by Commander Jason Reilly (XO) (James Sinclair)

It had been two days since Jason had let his anger… and if he was being honest with himself (which he wasn’t) his hurt… with Fin spill out and lead to him smashing a bottle against her wall and her smacking him in the back with a glass of her own. The bruise was still there, and still hurt a bit, but Jason hadn’t gone to Medical. Sitting in his room, he felt he had it coming.

He hit random keys on the piano softly, lost in thought, and then finally made up his mind. DA-DA-DA-DUMMM went the piano as he played age old dirge refrain on the low notes, and then he closed the key cover and stood up and went into his bedroom.

It was late, really late actually, But he knew Fin tended to be a night owl like he was… at least she used to be. Maybe she’ll be in her office. he thought and asked the computer for her location. =/\= The CIO is in her quarters. =/\= came the response. Dammit. Reilly thought to himself. Well… in for a penny, in for a pound. and he started getting dressed. This was a personal matter, so he left the uniform and went with blue jeans and a loose fitting long-sleeved burgandy shirt. Slipping on some dark brown shoes, he went to the back of the closet and slid open the panel on the back side. Several rows of bottles of various sizes, shapes, and potentcies lined the five shelves. Running his eyes over each, they fell on a bottle of dark Orion rum. Reilly nodded and grabbed it and walked out of the room and his quarters.

It took less than two minutes to reach her door. Taking a breath, he pressed the chime.


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