Conference Room 1 (All senior staff)

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Posted by Commander Bryson Erin (Operations Manager) in Conference Room 1 (All senior staff)

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After Reilly left the room, the CO looked at Bryson and could almost read his thoughts. The two had been good friends for a number of years now, and he was one of only a handful of people on his ship that he trusted completely. “Sometine else on you’ mind, Cmdr. Erin?”

Boudreaux (CO)

“I’m just a bit curious on who would want to capture a Starfleet Engineer…” Bryson replied. “The Chief isn’t senior enough to have classified information, and he wouldn’t know anything about these trinkets we’re after.”


It didn’t surprise Kadence in the least to hear Reilly had something up his sleeve. As he left the room she let out a sigh of relief. He had been so absorbed in the latest trouble to notice the energy mark on her arm where she had been hit. There was something to be said about her ability to look unhurt while crossing her arms to hide the mark and the tear in her uniform sleeve.

Glancing at the CO and OPs officer, it dawned on her she needed to retreat as well. She glanced at the CIO and smiled. “Care to join me for a drink before it all goes downhill once more?” She nodded towards the door and glanced at poor Acadia. The engineer looked seriously overwhelmed and lost. Taking on energy turrets and warp cores on the verge of rupturing was one thing. Listening to the Command Staff plan a rescue of a kidnapped crew member was something completely different. It was more than obvious the young woman was a bit out of her element. “Acadia, if the Captain doesn’t have a need of you, my suggestion would be to go back to engineering. With Petrov gone, I’m sure they will need guidance in some form or fashion. Just try and keep things running. You have other Lieutenants on the roster. Use their expertise.” She smiled in reassurance. “And come see me if anyone starts any trouble. All right?”

The woman was stunning. Fin wondered what it would be like to be that beautiful every day of your life. “Oh, I’m always up for a drink, Counselor.”

She quickly glanced at the Captain and, seeing no motion to remain seated, headed for the door with one more glance at Fin to see if she would join her. “Mado, you’re welcome as well. Maybe we can come up with a way to bolster your bag or create something similar to store our charming artifacts.” The sarcasm at the word charming was more than evident and a small smile played across her lips.


The CIO was out of her chair and heading for the door to catch up with Kadence. “Yes, Mado, why don’t you join us?” She didn’t know if or what he would reveal in front of the counselor, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have him there with his knowledge of the devices.

—Fin, CIO

“Hmm… what? Oh, yes,” said Lt. Mado, apparently waking up from being lost in deep thought.

Acadia had remained as inconspicuous in the back of the room as she could make herself. She was grateful no one had called on her. The news of Petrov being kidnapped was a hard blow to her gut.

When Kadence had dismissed her, she all but bolted from the room with a murmured thanks. This wasn’t her cup of tea, so to speak, and she wanted to get back to the familiarity of the engineering bay. She’d have to contact the aCE to let him know what was going on in case he wasn’t aware. And she’d make sure she did her best to assist him with keeping order in the department till the Chief reappeared. Things were going to be a bit hectic for a bit longer. Her anxiety was more than evident in her gait as she headed straight for engineering.


Alita noticed Cadence’s tear in her uniform and wondered what that was all about. She also made a mental note to check in with Vinoda as soon as this meeting was over.

  • Alita, MO/COS


OOC: So, did you mean for us to really go get a drink, or was it just filler?


After a few moments of silence, Commander Erin stood up. “If something happens to Petrov, the blood will be on this Admiral’s hands,” Bryson stated as he headed to the door.

“She’s got all of these fancy gadgets, and yet we’re the ones stuck trying to piece everything together.” The Ops Officer added. “Maybe it’s time we get this Federics out of hiding?”


((If there wasn’t anything else happening, we could break to a drink and see what convo came up on the trinkets we are seeking… just a thought. Or skip the drinks and go on with the sim lol))

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