Arrival onto the USS Wolvarine, Ensign Lenore Mantis, Doctor

Posted Sept. 29, 2018, 10:41 p.m. by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) (Diana Sheldon)

Posted by Ensign Auzria Voq (Scientist) in Arrival onto the USS Wolvarine, Ensign Lenore Mantis, Doctor

Posted by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) in Arrival onto the USS Wolvarine, Ensign Lenore Mantis, Doctor

Posted by Ensign Auzria Voq (Scientist) in Arrival onto the USS Wolvarine, Ensign Lenore Mantis, Doctor
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Managing some how to secure a transport shuttle from the Academy to her new assignment, the USS Wolverine, the nervous doctor strapped herself into her seat and settled back for the voyage. She had heard a little about the ship and wasn’t sure how she would fit in with it’s motley crew, she was never much of a renegade.

She drifted off in body and mind during her journey thinking about the time she had spent in the academy. Feeling as though she had been rushed through some how. As if Starfleet was in a hurry to get her out of the Academy. Or perhaps they were in a hurry to get her onto the Wolverine. Though she couldn’t imagine why…

Startled out of deep sleep during touching down in the shuttle bay, as she felt a fellow passenger shake her shoulder. “Hey, you better wake up we are here!” Stated the fellow passenger. Groggily Ensign Mantis said, “Oh yes, thank you” as she wiped a bit of drool from her face extending that same hand for a friendly shake and noticing the look on the face of the other person with an odd expression developing on her own face….she quickly withdrew the hand and practically fled from the shuttle.

Ensign Lenore Mantis, Doctor

Meandering about, was a woman who looked rather similar to a person Lenore may have met at the Academy. No, had certainly met. In her mid forties, by appearance, the woman seemed to be a Trill Officer, sporting a unique set of spots, as they were painted in the hue of cream rather than black against her ebony skin. About the area, she hard heard of the news regarding a new arrival, but she was not certain from where they had come, who they were and what they were going to do for the Wolverine.

Were they a new scientist? Oh how brilliant that would have been. However, she determined the likelihood of this to be rather low, which elicited what seemed to be a frown against her lips, lips that sported faint wrinkles from her many years of hard work. Some, debatably, that paid of. Others, not so much. Curiously, she hung about, wondering if she would be able to see much of the incoming officer. Plus, if they needed help, she could offer that. Well, she could try. After all, Auzria was not exactly known for being all too helpful, when it came to something she didn’t quite get. That was anything that wasn’t science, really. And common sense, but even there, she was flawed.

Ens. Voq

Escaping the shuttle, exiting into the bay, not able at the moment to pay much attention to her surroundings suddenly finding herself stopped dead in her tracks as she and her belongings crashed into something or some one sending her sprawling onto the floor. As she gathered herself and looked up she realized she had ran into, quite literally, what appeared to be a most curious looking Trill. Apologizing profusely making her way to her feet and extending a hand, “Please excuse me I’m so sorry, I should really watch where I am going, the Ensign stated nervously. “I’m a bit at my wits end having just arrived. Extending a hand in greeting and introduction, “I’m a new doctor here, “Ensign Lenore Mantis, just transferred from the Academy.”

Ensign Mantis, Doctor

“Azuria Voq,” She shook the hand that was offered to her, shaking her head in response to her fumbling. “It is all right, we all make mistakes.” She shugged, though worries if such clumsiness would also be used in the Sickbay, where she hoped she had further grace. After all, of something detrimental were to happen, they would need the doctor on full attention and able to keep a steady hand. However, she assumed it had something to do with the nervousness of coming aboard, or something like that. “It is great to meet you. What ship did you come from?” She asked, curiously trying to make conversation.

Ens. Voq

The Doctor looked puzzled, gathering herself and straitening her uniform. Then she realized Azuria was referring to the transport shuttle. “I didn’t get the name, but it must have been the correct one because it got me here to where I am supposed to be.” She nervously laughed a bit as she spoke, breaking eye contact and gazing around the shuttle bay arms spread out and spinning around slowly.

Ensign Mantis,

Auzrua merely chuckled, actually having meant the Academy ship, but she shrugged it off, watching the young woman from a slight distance, so she was not hit by those flailing arms. “I take it you are one of the spiffier Doctors, eh? Not the one who is gonna be bothered because everyone dislikes their bedside manner?” She harmlessly teased, a trait she had always possessed. After all, Obiah had to get it from someone. And it certainly wasn’t her idiot of a father.


The ‘spiffie’ doctor stopped her spinning and looked wide eyed at the Trill. “I have very good bedside manner, most of the time. Anyway I must be off and about reporting here and there and checking in and things, it’s nice to meet you.” She said with sincere meaning as she started to hold out her hand for another shake and then thought better of it as she wiped her hand on her uniform.

Ensign Mantis,

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