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Posted by Gamemaster Alfredo Linguini (GameMaster) in Main Sim- Bridge

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Bryson’s original thought was to conjure this mysterious Admiral but decided against adding another factor to the equation. “I’m assuming we don’t have an update?” Commander Erin asked as he stepped up to his station on the Bridge. The Ops officer didn’t expect much of an update, after all, the odds weren’t in their favor at the moment.


“Yes, we received a report from Vulcan, Commander… It seems Lt. Petrov is on Vulcan,” said the NE.


Acadia, sitting silently at the engineering station, bit her lip and frowned. How did he get to Vulcan? And why? The questions were probably already on everyone else’s mind so she remained silent. But part of her wanted to rush to Vulcan and retrieve her supervisor. Probably just proof she wasn’t ready for the Captain’s chair, yet. Her frown lightened to a small, subtle smile at the idea of her in the CO’s chair and ordering an immediate about face to charge off to retrieve Petrov.

Lt JG Acadia LeBlanc
(seemed a good place to jump in)

“Also Lieutenant Ford Prefect reports he is still unable to dislodge his invention from the fused bulkheads of the ship… he did say that he had a theory that using the experimental drive has an improbable chance of getting the bulkheads un-fused,” replied the NE.


“So so perfect after all?” Bryson asked rhetorically, laughing at his own pun. “I’m not sure the Captain will allow us to use the drive until we retrieve Petrov.” The Ops Chief added. “But, maybe he’d use the drive to retrieve the Chief Engineer and kill two birds with one stone.” Commander Erin didn’t say much more, since it was up to the Captain to give the order.


“I just hope we don’t turn into yarn again,” remarked the NE.


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