Pre-sim: Ensign Kudas medical check in

Posted May 14, 2021, 7:37 p.m. by Ensign Ervim Kudas (Security Officer) (Rusty Boshankles)

Posted by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) in Pre-sim: Ensign Kudas medical check in

Posted by Ensign Ervim Kudas (Security Officer) in Pre-sim: Ensign Kudas medical check in

Posted by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) in Pre-sim: Ensign Kudas medical check in
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Ensign Kudas had settled into his quarters, so he decided it was time to get his check ins completed. He headed to sickbay, taking in the layout of the ship and trying to start to familiarize himself with where things are. He found the door to sickbay and walked inside. He stood at the entrance waiting for the medical personnel to assist him.
“This is going to be an interesting experience, that’s for sure.” the Joined Trill said to himself.
Ensign Kudas, security
She stopped the experiment she was working on as she noticed a new face standing in the sick bay “Welcome Ensign hop on up on the bio bed and we will get you all taken care of.”

Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

The Ensign hopped up on the bio bed and it started reading his vital signs. “Thank you.” he responded.

Ensign Kudas, security

“Welcome darlin,aftertall that’s what we do here.” She said while flashing him her most cheshirely Irish grin. “Is there anything that might not show on the scan that you think we might need to know about?” She had never met a Trill before and stared admireingly at his spots while awaiting an answere.

Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

“The Symbiote might jump out and attack the ship at any moment. No, in seriousness, the real reason I am assigned to this ship is I have visions/dreams of the previous host’s criminal activity.” He told the doctor.
Ensign Kudas, Security

The doctot raised a brow and then chuckled at his tease as she made a note.” oh, i see well yes, that could be good to know. How very interesting indeed.”

ensign Mantis [Doctor]

“I should note, I have never wanted to act upon said activities, but the fact that I see the visions, and the way the symbiote is connected to us all, in the visions/dreams, it’s like I’m the one doing the activities, so Starfleet thought it best if I be here, in case I do ever get the urge to be a criminal like that.” He told the doctor.
Ensign Kudas, Security

Her nose wrinkled at him as she made more notes in his file. She said “Well let me assure you that not everyone on this ship is or has been a criminal, I for one at least have a clean record and I intend to keep it that way.” She nervously cleared her throat before going on. ” Well anywho health wise everything looks good so I shall derclare you healthy and fit for duty.”

Ensign Lenorer Mantis [Doctor]

“Thank you Doctor. I intend to keep my record clean as well, I don’t want to be like him, I don’t want to do what he did.” Ensign Kudas responded, happy that he was cleared for duty.
Ensign Kudas, Security

At his next statement her head hung and she felt a littled ashamed,looking back to him she said, “Oh Mr. Kudas Iam so sorry please forgive me, I in no way intended to indicate that you may want to, or that your record would not remain clean”

Ensign Mantis [doctor]

“Oh, no need to apologize, I know that is not what you meant. I just wanted to clarify that.” Ensign Kudas responded.
Ensign Kudas, security

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