Side Sim: Cel checks back in with the COS

Posted June 18, 2021, 12:02 p.m. by Ensign Celador Theinna (Security Officer) (Christopher Bennett)

Posted by Lieutenant Alita Claire (Chief Security Officer) in Side Sim: Cel checks back in with the COS

Posted by Ensign Celador Theinna (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Cel checks back in with the COS

Posted by Lieutenant Alita Claire (Chief Security Officer) in Side Sim: Cel checks back in with the COS
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Cel stepped off the transporter padd on the Wolverine and looked around at the familiar surroundings. He took a deep breath, he wasn’t sure why he had been sent back here after he was suddenly removed from the ship over a year ago.

“Welcome aboard.” The Transporter chief greeted Celador as he stepped off. “Do you know where you are going sir?” He asked kindly.

“Yes I do, I was stationed here not to long ago. Thank you.” Celador replied with a nod.

‘Do we say it is good to be back?’ Squared spoke suddenly to Celador as he headed towards the door.

‘Quiet.’ Celador replied to Squared, his mind taking a quick look at the transporter chief. ‘We don’t know who is a telepath yet.’

Squared didn’t reply as they walked down the corridor towards the COS office.

‘I should have checked to see if she is in.’ Celador thought as he pressed the chime. A sudden nervousness came upon him as he waited for a response.


Alita had been pouring a hot cup of coffee when she stopped in mid pour causing the hot liquid to spatter over her hand and the counter. She couldn’t explain why. As she glanced towards the door it chimed, as she knew it would.

“Yes?” she called out beginning to clean up the mess she had just made.

  • Alita, MO/COS

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IC: Celador stepped in an immediately saw the mess that Alita was trying to clean up. He looked a little more weary than the last time they saw each other. A couple of the lines on his face looked a little deeper, and if Alita looked closly, there was a burn scar near his right ear.

He looked intently at Alita, arms folded across his chest as he leaned on the door frame.


Alita didn’t have to look up to kow whom she would see. Something in her mind knew it would be him but, she looked up anyway.

Her green eyes still sparkled though, perhaps, it was a bit different than the last time they had seen each other. There was the beginning of fine lines at the corners of her eyes and there was a look about her that one only gets from having lived. She was the same yet different.

She noticed the changes in him as well.

“Well Cel, long time no see. You know where the food is, come in and sit down. Tell me all about it.”

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  • Alita, MO/COS

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IC: Cel smirked and walked into the office. He grabbed himself some tea and sat down. He leaned back in his chair and took a sip of tea thinking.

‘How much are you going to tell her?’ Squared asked curiously.

‘Just enough for right now.’ Cel replied to him.

“Well, It was an interesting adventure, part of my parole I guess. Although I am not sure my debt will ever be repaid.” He said simply, taking another sip.


Alita had finished cleaning up and she had decided this required sweets as well as coffee.

Sitting down across from him she studied Cel for a few seconds.

“So they took you away from us for a year just because they could? Yeah, I really don’t like big shadowy things pulling crap like that on my ship but I’ll file that complaint another time.”

She paused so Cel could see that she was joking for the most part.

“I’m just glad you’re back. Was that your decision or Star Fleet’s?”

  • Alita, MO/COS

Cel smiled at her. “Originally it was Star Fleets, I can’t get into to many details at this point, but I am glad they did. It was an interesting and informative adventure.” He said, suggesting that he wished to say more but wasn’t able to at this time.

“What have I missed here?” He asked, sipping his tea.


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