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The message was sent over shipwide comms at 0900. =/\= Attention, all hands. This is the XO. Mandatory meeting for everyone in Cargo Bay Bravo at 1400. Mission Briefing. All hands to report per Captain Boudreaux. Department heads ensure comms are active in your section for assigned personnel. XO out. =/\=

At 1330, Reilly walked into the bay and looked around, making sure the space was clear for the majority of the ship’s contingent.

Reilly, XO

Mikel showed up as the head for his department and avoided the XO.

Petrov CE

Mado was present as well.


Fin was already leaning against a bulkhead, waiting for everyone to arrive.


Mikel took note of who was there. He did not know the CIO well. It was best to avoid those types. They had too much information at their disposal.

Petrov CE

Cel arrived and found himself a quiet corner to watch the briefing.


Alita slipped in and found some shadows to make friends with. She was satisfied that the bay was secure.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Lily strolled in with Duncan sipping on her cup of coffee and looking for a place to lean back and enjoy it. She never minded staff meetings and with the ship as small as it was, it reminded her of the town hall meetings back home albiet with less screaming or complaining.

Lily Locksley

Duncan lead Lily to an area that hadn’t yet been filled with random crew filing in to the CO’s Briefing, then took a sip of his own coffee and nearly choked. “Lily, do you remember if I switched on the Acoustic Inhibitor on the isolation tank for the green goo of death? I think I did.”

  • Duncan Rhodes, CSO

“You mean today or last night because we were a tad busy last night in the lab,” she winked at him before Lily choked on her coffee and looked at him wide-eyed. “Oh my god do you think that is why we are here?” Lily wasn’t sure if that was the reason but she suddenly felt on edge.

Lily Locksley CMO

“No no, it was definitely switched on last night,” leaning towards her he gave her a very subtle peck on the side of the forehead and smirked. “If it wasn’t, the entire ship would be floating debris by now in a sea of goo, it wasn’t exactly quiet in the lab last night right?” Taking another sip of coffee, he took a breath and let it out slowly. “I’m sure I did today. I cleaned the filters out, made sure the stabilization fluid was PH neutral and then sealed the tank again, then switched on the isolation field. I’m sure the Inhibitor went up as well. Ahh, if not, I guess we’ll just have another late night in the lab.”

  • Duncan Rhodes, CSO

Remy approached the railing on the second level of the bay. He looked down at the crew gathered. It looked as most of the crew was here, except those that were required to man their positions for the continued operation of the ship. He locked eyes with those that had been with him the longest: Bryson Erin-he and Remy had been friends from the Saracen; Mikel Petrov-former Chief Engineer of the Vanguard, whom the Captain has asked to come along, not because his personality, but he was one of the finest engineers Remy had ever seen; and, Alita Claire-the Chief of Security and his lover. . . .

“Loyalty,” he began. “Loyalty to you’ crewmates, de Federa-SHON, de Wolverine, to you’ CO . . .an’ to you’ selves . . .is as just as impo’tan’ to me as any value you may hold in high regard.”

” Some of you came ‘ere at my request, ‘cuz I wanted de best of de best. Many of you were assigned to de Wolverine because Command didno’ know what else to do wit’ you. Dey may ave been ‘oping some of you went AWOL, or were killed in de line of duty takine care of de dangerous miss-SHONS we ‘ave been assigned to. I’d like to believe dat you are being given a second chance. A chance to make good on some of you’ past sins, no matter ‘ow severe or insignificat dey may ‘ave been. I ‘ave been tryine to build us into a family dat is loyal to each oder, dat can trust each oder. Wit’ our current orders, dat trust an’ loyalty will be tested. Unfortunately, I ‘ave no’ trusted enough of you, an’ I ‘ave failed in building dat loyalty dat is so very impo’tan’ to me. . . “

He lowered his head to collect his thoughts before continuing. . . .
To be continued. . .

Boudreaux (CO)

Damn, Skipper… maybe start out with a joke or something before you bring the whole room down… Reilly thought to himself, keeping face expressionless.

Reilly, XO

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