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“Lt’s Petrov and Rhodes ‘ave examined de car in every way possible an ‘ave come up wit’ no answers or clues. . . . .i’m fine wit’ lettine Warehouse agents take it away,” remy replied.

A chill went down Kady’s spine at the thought of someone doing something untowards on purpose in regards to the items. The sooner they were off the ship, the better. And she doubted anyone on the ship would think differently. Even Mado didn’t seem that keen to be around them for long. And that should have been key to anyone else that this wasn’t an ideal situation.

Glancing at the CIO, Kadence smiled and nodded. The woman was certainly paying attention, and not just to what Mado was saying and doing. Like any good intel officer, Kady could tell she was reading those in the room as well. She knew Reilly was doing the same, because she was as well. Who seemed more interested, who was paying more attention and who was seeming to take in the surroundings around the artifacts? These were the things they needed to watch out for. This was probably some of the most volatile cargo the Wolverine had ever had. And she wished, for just a moment, that she had Betazoid gifts and could read if anything ill was being planned. Instead, like the others trained around her, they would have to rely on their wits, and knowledge of people and behavior, and hope it was enough.


Fin really didn’t like the artifacts. She hadn’t liked them the first time she’d worked with/around them and never once since. “Captain, can’t we contact the Admiral and have her look for another ship to involve in this…this…pseudo mission? This isn’t exactly what we’ve been trained for, and I say that as one of the two people on this ship who have actually worked with artifacts before.”

Dark eyes looked around at those gathered—especially at Mado. “I can’t help but feel there is a lot more to this situation than you’re letting on. What made the Wolverine the only ship considered for this work…or was she the only one considered?”


Remy looked from Fin to Mado for an answer. “Did Adm. Frederic ‘ave a ‘and in gettine de Wolverine commis-SHONED for dis job? Or was it just coincidence?”

Boudreaux (CO)

“From what Admiral Frederic told me, The Warehouse picked you, Captain,” said Mado, “You are apparent key to some unknown focal point in history which requires your involvement, whether you are in command of the Wolverine or not,” replied Mado.


Kadence frowned. “So the ship is the pivot in all this. Not the crew?” She glanced from O’Reilly to the others and back to Mado. “Then let’s get this over with as quickly as possible. No point in holding up … well.. whatever it is we are supposed to be part of.” She looked to Mado and then to Fin and the Captain. “If we have these articles under control, let’s grab another set of coordinates and get this finished. I know none of us want this to carry on forever.”

She wasn’t usually one to put her foot down and say let’s go but it seemed necessary. “So what’s the next step. Let’s get going and get them off the ship.”


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