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Posted July 23, 2021, 11:24 p.m. by Captain Remy Boudreaux (CO) (Terry Sullivan)

Posted by Commander Jason Reilly (XO) in EDDIE’s back online

Posted by Captain Remy Boudreaux (CO) in EDDIE’s back online
Remy was relieved when Adm. Frederic had shown up and released the Wolverine from her work with the Warehouse. The CO was all for covert ops and subterfuge, but the Warehouse department was too much like Section 31–too many secrets and not enough answers. It made it extremely difficult to trust the people you should be placing the trust in.

He was in his quarters at Black Rock, relaxing, when a communique popped up on his computer. It was from Dr. Ford Prefect, the scientist that had installed the experimental II Drive on the Wolverine. The II Drive had worked as it was supposed to, for the most part, except when it had fused the bodies and minds of Alita and Cel. He shuddered at the thought of having Alita in his bed when she still shared characteristics with the junior security officer.. Thankfully the II Drive had been able to seperate the two of them and return them to themselves.

He opened the message.

“Captain Boudreaux, you will be happy to learn that I have finally been able to successfully remove the II Drive from the Wolverine’s engine room. You may recall that I needed to take your ship’s AI offline while the drive was installed in order for its’ own AI to be operate at full capacity. Your AI, or EDDIE as he prefers to be called, is fully 100% functional.

I apologize for any problems the II Drive may have caused to you or the crew. Fusing to the ship was an unfortunate side effect of its use that was not foreseen. But, as of now, the problem has been rectified.

Sincerely, Dr. For Prefect”

He closed the message and pondered the situation a moment before pouring himself a glass of bourbon. He had almost forgotten about EDDIE and check to make sure for himself the AI was back to his old self.

Boudreaux (CO)

His comms chirped at an incoming message. It was text from the XO.

=/\= Hey Skipper, I assume you got the same message I did from the engine people. If you want, I can ask Petrov to go over the repairs with a his normal obsessive approach and see if everything checks out. I may even ‘suggest’ that if there was anything he was wanting to get replaced, now would be a good time as the parts would be easy to justify. ‘Those idiots damaged the secondary flux capacitor.’ or something along those lines. Let me know.

Reilly =/\=

Reilly, XO

Remy tapped the comm to give Reilly a verbal reply. =^=Oui, please see dat he does so. I don’ wan’ any remnants of de II drive still lurking around in de shadows. When you ‘ave done day, please stop by my quarters on Black Rock.=^=

The Wolverine’s CO got himself a glass of bourbon and sat back down at his desk. HE opened a channel to the Wolverine. =^=EDDIE, dis is Capt. Boudreaux. Please respond.=^=

The pleasant almost human-like voice the AI replied. =^=Capt. Boudreaux, may I say how pleasant it is to hear you voice again. I have missed interacting with you and the crew.=^=

=^=Merci, EDDIE, it is good to ‘ave you back wit’ us as well. ‘Ave you ‘ad a chance to run a complete diagnostic of you’ systems?=^=

=^=I am currently in the process of running a level three diagnostic, Captain. I will inform you and Lt. Petrov of any abnormalities I find. Sir, I have one request I would like to run by you and get your opinion on, if I may.=^=

=^=Of course, EDDIE, I’d be ‘appy to offer any assistance.=^=

=^=Well, sir, while I was offline, many of my sub-systems were still running. During this time period, I had much time to . . . .contemplate. . . . to think about how I appear to the crew. I decided I don’t want to appear as an ephemeral voice coming out of nowhere or just lines on a monitor screen. I would like to have a physical appearance of my visage, an avatar, if you will. Much like the EMH programs, only I would not be able to physically interact with the crew. I could still present myself as if I was a physical being. In the way, I feel the crew would be more comfortable when interacting with me.=^=

=^=Dat makes sense. Do you ‘ave sometine in mind?=^=

=^=As a matter of fact, Captain, I do. I did some research and found some interesting characters from Earth’s history named Eddie. If fact there were a number of Eddie’s from the late 20th century that I felt would be a good representation. I have narrowed my choices down to four, and would appreciate your opinion.=^=

=^=First, there is this one . . . . Eddie Haskell, a fictional character on the Leave It to Beaver television situation comedy, He was played by actor Ken Osmond.

More to come. . . . .

Boudreaux (CO)

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