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From across the bridge the on duty communications officer was brought to the attention of an incoming transmission, it originated from Sol but was being redirected via Black Rock. “Sir we have an an incoming communication from Starfleet command, priority one message for the Captain of the USS Wolverine.” NE D’Aramitz said relaying the onscreen alert to the watch officer.

Elsewhere sitting himself down in the chair that was opposite his computer screen Rear Admiral Forestier readied himself for the orders he was about to give to Captain Boudreaux and his crew. Next to him was a glass of water with a wedge of lemon and the PaDD that his personal aid had prepared to him which had the bulleted points he was to relay. Behind him the backdrop was of San Francisco, though a fake holographic representation. Poking up his glasses which had slipped partly down his beaked nose he waited.

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It was near the end of Alita’s watch when the message came through.

=^=Captain Boudreaux tot he bridge immediately.=^= She had a sense that this was going to be an interesting one.

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Remy had been waiting for Alita to get off duty so that she could join him for some relaxation before he had to go on duty when the call came in.

=^=On my way,=^= he sighed and made his way to the bridge. A few moments later he arrived. “Bad timine, cher,” he whispered to Alita before addressing the viewscreen.

“Adm. Forestier, what can I do for you,” he inquired with his thick Cajun accent.

Boudreaux (CO)

The grey haired slightly plump Admiral let out a beaming Cheshire grin, “Captain Boudreaux!” His voice was loud and booming. “Sorry to contact you in such short notice but I have new orders for you and your crew. It should be a simple aid and assist mission so nothing to worry about.” The Admiral leaned in closer, “The only thing is there’s a bit of a rapidly moving timeline with a catastrophic deadline, you’re the closest ship, which is why were dragging you away from what you’re doing.”

The Admiral tapped his console, “I’ve sent over the coordinates to a sector of space typically outside of Black fleets operating area but like I said, this one is going to end with a bang.” The Admiral chuckled at his own joke, “I’ve also sent the communication frequency for the SS Malaga, an old civilian Oberth class evacuation vessel. The evacuation co-ordinator or Captain I suppose is a Rachael Townsend she’ll brief you fully once you make contact and answer any questions you might have. Rember there’s a fast approaching deadline so make haste.” The Admiral nodded once, “God’s speed Captain”.

With another nod and smile the plump Admiral dissolved from the screen, there really wasn’t anytime for small talk especially when the Admiral had a security briefing in ten minutes.

The information briefly given to them in the data pack would contain the co-ordinates too the Kazar Trinary star system and more precisely to a planet dubbed Kazar Minor, the settlement there was named Ithea and the catastrophic deadline the Admiral mentioned. A super volcano soon to erupt. At the end of the pack was the communications frequency for the SS Malaga.

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