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Hey y’all,

Jake Ridgely will be joining us very soon with his GMT sim. Geoff Joosten will be serving as his GMM.

Jake comes with high recommendations as a writer in the club, and see no reason why that won’t carry over into his GM duties. I look forward to see what he has in store for us.

Welcome aboard, Jake & Geoff!!!


Thankyou Terry!

I’m super hyped to immerse you all into what I consider a pretty normal mind but others call it chaotic, mind bending and crazy. So we’ll see how that turns out!

For those who don’t know me I’ve been around since May last year and I’ve done a few things to impact the club to earn me a fee titles (flexes) mainly by bringing the Leviathan from Xfleet to the main fleet as XO. It sparked my creativity allowing me to become a CO and now GMT, I have an exciting and hopefully slightly innovative idea for a simm which I’m speaking to my lovely GMM for approval so stay tuned.

In terms of my GMing style I will be going off how a DM runs a game of D&D and will even throw some dice to predict some outcomes but don’t fear they’ll be no natural ones where your character orders a ractajino from the replicator which instead consumes half your body and serving it in a nice salad. Though that does sound fun....

I’ll also between simms ask what you as the writers and organ grinders want to do, after all I’m here to facilitate your* story and your** character devlopment! So any burning ideas big or small let me know and hopefully together we can write some magic!

  • Jake aka Narwhal the nefarious.

Welcome to the Wolverine Jake


Welcome aboard Jake and Geoff! I am really excited for this!


Welcome aboard!. I am looking forward to your sim.


Welcome Aboard Jake and Geoff.

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