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Posted by Lieutenant Fihnrilkk’Hob”ledn-ardol (Fin) (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Office - CIO
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It was only yesterday that Admiral Frederik absolved the Wolverine from taking part in the collection of artifacts. She’d recalled Mado, but stated that Fin was still assigned to the ship…just in case they ran across something unusual. “The old bat. She never did like me.” The CIO sat at her desk, almost fully reclined in the chair, with her feet up on one corner and a glass of iced coffee in one hand.

She’d spent the morning investigating the Warehouse—assignments, inventory, staff, etc, looking for something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. “It can’t be as simple as Frederik let on, can it? There has to be something more…” Cognac eyes scanned the screens in front of her looking for patterns or odd alliances, anything that would help her come to terms with the feeling of having a fast one pulled over on her.

—Fin, CIO

The door chimed.

As the door slid open, Reilly came in. He looked at her and said “So… I have a thought. And I thought you might be interested in that thought.” He took a seat and grinned at her. “And no… I’m not talking about that thought.”

Reilly, XO

She watched him enter, appreciating the easy way his body moved, the smile and the private knowledge she retained about their naked times together. “Okay…what is it you think I might be interested in?”

—Fin, CIO

Jason fixed her with a look that spoke volumes about his not joking.

“I want to find the ones that tortured Petrov and break every bone in their collective bodies. You want to help?” he asked flatly.

He may not have liked Petrov. Or trusted him. Or wanted him on the ship or wanted him within ear shot or wanted to look at his weasel-face or listen to his slimy used car salesman voice… but he was still part of the crew. And part of Jason’s crew. And Reilly, for all his cockiness and swagger, was loyal to his crew.

Reilly, XO

Petrov…interesting. She raised a brow and but the corner of her lip. “Do we actually have anything to work with? Also, I didn’t think you cared for the man—why would you put yourself out for him?” With having been taken off the artifacts case, the Wolverine was between assignments. But that could change at any moment.

—Fin, CIO

“Oh, I think he’s five pounds of garbage in a two pound uniform. But he’s still our crew. And while he may be a pr$#k, he didn’t deserve that. Besides… it would also be good to find out how they knew to take him, right? Lotta loose ends coming outta that Warehouse group for such a ‘secret’ organization.”

Reilly, XO

Fin studied him. It didn’t seem like a necessary option now that Frederick had separated the Warehouse from the Wolverine. “Okay, say we look into it. What’s your first step seeing how we don’t really have any information?”

—Fin, CIO


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