OOC: ELE and the Arthropod Information, GM Notes and Locations.

Posted Sept. 8, 2021, 4:56 a.m. by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) (J Ridgley)

Hello all!

I was kindly asked to just do a summary of the locations and where departments may think about sending themselves. I won’t tell you where to go that’s down to your command staff and DHs however it is. As orders are given I can update this more frequently.

USS Wolverine

The Wolverine will/has landed between the Science Lab/Observatory (to is South east) and the Public House(To its West), each is roughly 20 minutes walk or roughly 1 mile, give the ash fall and terrain this may be more.

All crew will start here unless of course you beam down prior to landing.

Public House

The public house has been set up as an emergency triage location, it is 2 miles from the Observatory and other than the Wolverine is the closes safe location with known medical aid where civilians will head to, most people here are agricultural workers and have been on the planet for generations.

Security and Medical may be needed here to assist the injured and help calm the locals who are having to leave their homes.


The Observatory is the main location for the Wolverine in regards to their main mission, here there is still plenty of federation technologies some old but mostly current with additional prototypes in the fields of sensors.

I would probably send Science, Engineering and some command staff to this location.


The school is 5 Miles from the Wolverine to the North and sits at the top of the town. It is only recommended to be traversed wearing an EVA suit or by other transport. It is the main evacuation point and has the largest medical triage facility, most civilians will leave via this point.

Medical and a Command appointment may be a good idea.


Only speculation at this point but it is rumoured there are civilians and possibly the missing Malaga crew is holding up here for some unknown reason and are unable to leave. The Farmhouse is closest to the Public House and is about a mile and a half away to the North. (The post will be up when the decision to investigate is made).

This would be best perhaps for security and medical.

I have provided a visual aid, but this is by no means to scale and all distances are measures direct.. Here

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