Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Search and Rescue

Posted Sept. 16, 2021, 2:34 p.m. by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Commander Jason Reilly (XO) in Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Search and Rescue

Posted by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Search and Rescue
Outside of the Public house, west of the Wolverine the scene was something from a disaster movie in all essence apart from absence of holo-novel crews shooting the latest blockbuster it was just that. A lone silhouette was stumbling through the ash cloud moving from dwelling to dwelling their arm covering the face as they tried to stop their lungs slowly turn to concrete from the inhalation of the volcanic substance. Coughing and spluttering they fell to the floor inside a doorway, in a last ditch attempt they shouted. “HEEEELP!” This mission to get help for those in the farmhouse seemingly a failure.

  • GM Narwhal

The XO of the Wolverine yelled out inside the Public House “SAR team on me!” and he moved quickly to the door and opened it, looking out into the ash filled street to find the source of the cry. Peering through the falling ash, he saw the figure fall and grabbed an O2 mask and ran towards them after affixing one to himself. As he got near he yelled out “I’ve got you! Hang on!” and approached the figure and put the mask on their face.

Reilly, XO

The figure didn’t respond audibly but their chest lowered and raised as slowing breaths past his lips. As the mask was placed over the person lips long ashen hair pooled around their shoulder, from the figure and facial features now visible through the mask it was clear to see she was a woman. Her voice rattled as she spoke, “Th.. The Fa.. Farmhouse.” He eyes closed but she continued to breath.

  • GM Narwhal

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