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A couple of kilometers away and into the more rural area of the colony lay the second evacuation site, smaller but more accessible to those working on the outskirts of the colony was the Public House. The mood was different here, most of the occupants had arrived early or had spent the last few days here drinking the remainder of alcohol. A group of men were gambling in one corner whilst another playing a variation to snooker. There was no specific medical tent but medics walked through the bustling crowd handing out water and tending to injuries. There was also no queue to leave, the transporter pattern enhances capable of doing groups of four was dormant on the stage. The people seemed intent on staying and pretending as if nothing was happening outside.

  • GM Narwhal

OOC: This location is closest to the ship aside from the suspected farmhouse hold up and the science labs. (About a 20 minutes walk through the ash in all locations.)

The Wolverine landed at the coordinates provided by Townsend. Remy went over the orders a final time. The science department was to take a shuttle to the research station and load up what they could and bring it back to the Wolverine in the time they had. For bigger items they should use cargo transporters. From this distance there should be no problems with the transport system.

Medical was to help out at the makeshift hospital and prepare the refugees for transport, whether by shuttle of transporter was to be determined by the ease of accessibility.

Engineering’s job was to make sure the transporters and sensors remained in top working condistion. That, along with maintaining the ships ability to get off the ground and back into space when the time came.

And lastly, Fin and Reilly were to coordinate the security and Intel department into teams to go door-to-door in search of stragglers or those unable to get to evacuation sites.

Reports had come in as to the situation in the public house. It seemed some of those people decided they were staying on the planet for better or worse. It was going to be up to Remy to convince them of the real danger they were in . Alita and a security detail would join him. . . .

Boudreaux (CO)

Alita had chosen a few of her best for the security detail that was set to Join Remy in the public house.

She had commed Kudas to join them and looked forward to watching him in action.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Reilly looked at Alita and said “Fin and I will begin the door-to-door search. We’ll need four Security for the search.” He then looked at the CMO. “And two medics.” Finally looking at Fin, he said “Okay, see if you can find us either a map or someone who can show us where to go. We don’t want to miss anywhere.”

Reilly, XO

Alita nodded and made a few notes then passed the PaDD to Riley with the names she had chosen. Collins, Diaz, Edwards, and Fletcher.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Reilly nodded as he scanned the names and then began packing the necessary equipment.

OOC: I’m putting this here for now because I don’t see a Bridge Thread or a current timeline thread where the CO is located. As a hint the CO and GM should better read the Engineering thread too but only for OOC reference.

=^=Petrov to the Captain. My simulations show that even with buffer enhancements we could still have transporter interference at the most distant locations. I suggest we run the buffers through the reflector dish. It will reduce some scanning efficiency from the bandwidth usage of the transporter system but it should clear up any long range transport issues.=^=

Petrov CE

Reilly looked at Remy to make sure he caught the message and then nodded as the Security detail arrived. “Ok, all. Search and rescue. House to house and we don’t skip anywhere. One minute per structure for a sweep, then move on. If we find stragglers, they leave with us… no exceptions. This is a mandatory evacuation, so we don’t take no for an answer. But let’s not be jerks about it, alright?” and he smiled at the team. “When the CIO gets here, we are off.”

Reilly, XO

Remy nodded at Reilly and said “Good luck an’ stay safe, Mr. Reilly. I’d ‘ate to ‘ave to fin’ anoder XO.”

Reilly smiled a trademark Reilly smile and said “Like you could find anyone to fill my shoes, Skipper.” and he gave Remy a wink.

Replying to the CE, he added, =^=Merci, Mr. Petrov. Do whatever you need to to get maximum efficiency out of de transporters. We can always take up a new posit-SHON if we ‘ave to.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)

=^= Affirmative.=^= came the CE’s reply.

OOC: Jake, can you start a new thread for the search and rescue team? Remy and Alita will keep this thread alive by entering the public house to convince the people they need to leave –Terry

Alita glanced at each of the officers she had selected to go with the rescue teams. There was no need for a speech, they all knew how to behave in the situation. If word came back to her that they didn’t then she would seriously consider assigning them somewhere else.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Petrov CE

Despite the hustle and bustle in the Public House there was no doubt than anyone near the exterior of the building would hear a short sharp cry for help.

  • GM Narwhal

Reilly’s head whipped around to the door and he said “SAR team on me!” and he moved quickly to the door and opened it, looking out into the ash filled street to find the source of the cry.

Reilly, XO

OOC: For those leaving the Public House.

IC: Inside the public house those who cared went to the windows, some using the hem of thier shirt to wipe at the dirty windows but with the ash falling as thick as it was people visibility was low and soon they lost interest and started to turn back to thier drinking and gambling.

  • GM Narwhal

Remy watched Reilly and his team rush out into the ash-filled street, knowing they would do what was needed. After watching them leave, he turned his attention back to the public house.

Stepping into the main room with Alita and the security team behind him, Remy reached out to grab the attention of the person closest to him. “Pardon moi, I am Capt. Boudreaux of de USS Wolverine. Can you take me to de person in charge o’ dis evacua-SHON site?”

Boudreaux (CO)

Alita turned to her security team giving them quiet orders to station themselves around the public house and get a feel for the place and people, but to leave the bruiser attitude at the door for now, before turning back to Remy.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Celador nodded at the orders and he moved out towards the edge of the public house. He was looking for a group of people he could talk to, while keeping his eyes open.


Remy shook his head and sighed as his request seemed to have been ignored.

From deeper inside the pub a group of men who had been playing some sort of card game started to shout at one another, soon the situation escalated as one man lifted of his chair pushing it back behind him and knocking over the person behind him. Quickly shouts arose before five to six men began pushing and shoving one another.

  • GM Narwhal

The CO looked at Alita and said, “Contain dat, ‘fore it gets out of ‘and.”

Alita had never been one to shy away from a bar room brawl but this was neither the time nor the place for one. She made her way quickly to the scuffle and made her presence known.

“Gentlemen! That will be quite enough!” she said with a voice of authority that she had honed over the years.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Remy grabbed an empty bottle and jumped on top of the bar.. He looked around the room t the raucous crown and attempted to get their attention by smashing the bottle on the ground behind the bar.

Raising his voice, he shouted, “Iam Capt. Boudreaux od de Federa-SHON starship USS Wolverine. You’ lives are in danger an’ we are ‘ere to ‘elp, so I ask again who is in charge of did evacua-SHON site? “

He looked around, waiting for someone to step forward.

Boudreaux (CO)

The efforts from the chief of Security and the Captain seemed to slowly have an effect on the crowd, seeing the Federation officer holding a half smashed glass stunned those closest. “Would you abandon your ship if it were in danger? Having lived and worked their for generations?” A short stubby man shouted back.

  • GM Narwhal

As the captain and the COS dealt with the crowd, Cel continued to scan the room and the area. He was looking for body language or odd characters that might indicate concealed trouble.


Remy turned to the man that spoken and stared at him. That question hit close to home as he had to do exactly that during his first command. He jumped off the bar and approached the man.

“Yes, I would,” Remy began. “For the safety and lives of my crew, yes, I WOULD abandon ship. In fact, I had to shortly after I was given command of de USS Vanguard. She was damaged in battle, an’ I gave de command. Dat command saved a lot of lives, an’ I would do it again.”

He turned frm the man and addressed the crowd. “I understand you’r feelings of no’ wantine to leave, I do. Dis is you’ home an’ some of you–you’ families ‘ave been ‘ere for genera-SHONS. De destruc-SHON dat is coming will mos’ likely destroy de homes . . .and farms you have built, BU’ dose tines can be re-built. You’ lives canno’ be replaced.”

He scanned the crowd letting the words sink in. “You ‘ave my promise, dat de Federa-SHON will allow you to return ‘ere if at all possible, bu’ you ‘ave to realize as well, dere may no’ be much to return to. . . . .”

Boudreaux (CO)

Alita glanced around and saw that Cel had everything in hand where he was at. For some reason she had known that without actually needing to see him. That feeling was comforting yet disquieting. Turning back, she listened as Remy spoke. She had read reports about the Vanguard and they had even discussed it once or twice. Listening to him now though, Alita got a much different sense of the whole situation.

  • Alita, MO/COS

At the Captain’s words the mood relaxed, soft murmurs started and as if nothing had happened people went back to whatever it was thier small groups were doing before. For now atleast it seemed everything was under control, however from outside the Public House if anyone cares to check a new danger was begging to surface.

  • GM Narwhal

Where can Petrov come into it.


Alita didn’t want to leave the public house yet. As far as she knew, this was where she was supposed to be at the moment but, something had caught her attention. Now that things had calmed momentarily, she walked the perimeter of the building looking out the windows as she came to them.

  • Alita, MO/COS

Cel frowned at the seemly sudden change in mood. He knew the captain was a persuasive speaker but the lack of any reaction puzzled him. He turned to look at Alita and noticed that she started looking outside. He decided to take a walk out the back door and take a look around.


The change in mood part drunken, part tired or inspired from the Captain’s words continued to remain mellow. Eyes watched carefully from outside the pub unknown to the occupants. Watching from a distance they saw the back door open, a series of clicks came from the animals mouth signalling the chance to investigate who these bipedal were, if Cel was perceptive enough he’d see the stick like footprints at his own feet and the smell of acrid burning moving closer.

From the windows Alita would see large shapes moving clockwise around the building, orange eyes blinking through the ash and looking towards the rear of thier current safe house. The ash clearly didn’t effect their eyesight as much as the away teams.

GM Narwhal

Alita had seen Cel slip out the door and it was a good thing that he had.

=^=Cel, I have eyes on some strangeness out there. I don’t know whether it’s colonist or wildlife. Seems to be moving clockwise around the building. Investigate and report back.=^=

  • Alita, MO/COS

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