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Posted by Lieutenant Mikel Petrov (Chief Engineer) in Wolverine, Engines room, ATTN GM

Posted by Lieutenant Mikel Petrov (Chief Engineer) in Wolverine, Engines room

Posted by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in Wolverine, Engines room
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Mikel continued to monitor his systems. All green so far.

Petrov CE

Just like the other locations a deep and ancient rumble began to stir as scouts flocked to the new stain on the surface above their home. Ever since the great gods unlocked them from the depths of the planet more and more the ancient species found signs of aliens inhabiting their lands, they believed it was these bipedals that had caused the gods to grow angry. Taking the first steps the scouts began to climb the outside of the ships Hull.

GM Narwhal

The sensors detected hull intruders and Mikel noticed on his own display.

“Ensign can we charge the hull. Electric charge?” Mikel knew the answer was yes already.

“Yes Sir. Quite easily.” He answered.

“Do it. Letha levels.” He ordered.

“Sir, should we tell the Bridge?” The ensign asked.

“No time.” Petrov cut him off.

=^=Wolverine crew. This is Lt. Petrov. Stand clear of the hull.=^=

Petrov send it to all com badges.

“Do it!” He ordered strongly.

The Ensign followed the order.

Petrov CE

OOC: Going to let the GM answer this one to see the end result.


The result was a chorus of blood curdling screams piercing the air around the ship, whatever they had done worked as dozens of creatures dropped from the hull having received a shock, some dying instantly while some were sent skittering away towards the mountains, and more worryingly the Observation Lab. Another effect from the electricity meant that along with the Volcanic Ash and the electricity being generated by the Hull caused several brightly coloured highly charged bolts of Volcanic Lightning to hit the hull rocking the ship, as if to make things worse the ships hull remained electrified causing several external relays to blow until finally after a few minutes of brightly charged bolts dissipated along with the ships lighting and most of its systems.

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