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Posted by Ensign Celador Theinna (Security Officer) in Main Sim: Planet Side ELE

Posted by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in Main Sim: Planet Side ELE

Posted by Ensign Celador Theinna (Security Officer) in Main Sim: Planet Side ELE
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At his works the creature shrieked loudly and closed the gap between them put his face close enough to Cels that he would feel the hot breath against his skin. There were no words exchanged but the creatures eyes looked as if to be speaking. It wasn’t a threatening look, more like one of confusion and fear. The creature edged closer as if it was going to but heads with Cel, if he allowed it.

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Cel didn’t move, figuring it was wiser to hold his ground.

‘He isn’t threatening us,’ Celador thought to Squared. ‘More like his is confused by something, or scared. Are you getting any insight?’

‘No’ Squared replied back. ‘Maybe try letting him touch our head. Maybe that will allow us to communicate’

‘Ok?’ Celador mentally said unsure of the idea but not knowing anything else to try. He waited to see if the creature would touch his head.


The moment the creature’s exoskeleton touched Cel’s exposed skin Cel would notice the world around him disappear. His body was no longer there but he was watching events not experienced by him but by the creature who’s name he would now know as Sel’och and was the leader of his civilisation the Phylum Throret who up until recently lived underground in peace not knowing who lived on the surface.

A scene of a mining drill penetrating their cities edge as Sel’och through the eyes of a different view and his guard approached the device unsure what it was or where it came from a large rumbling began to cause stalactite’s to fall from the caverns ceiling. The rumbling ceased and the frantic clicking stopped also, the mining drill seemed to begin glowing causing near by Phylum Throret to take several alarming steps back. One of his guard moved forward just as the drill shot out of the hole it had created followed by a large stream of Lava. Instantly it began to fill the area and which ever Phylum Throret that was close enough began to shriek in pain as they were englufed.

The scene shifted to a view of only but a few hundred Phylum Throret looking down at their once sprawling underground city covered in Lava. There with not much else the defeated leader could do. From behind them another mining Drill lay, destroyed by his personal guard but it also offered their salvation and a way to the surface, away from this danger.

Again the scene shifted and the bright light burned Sel’och eyes as he held out a claw to shield them from the sun as he and his people first discovered the surface after weeks of walking. It seemed at last they were free, the families that survived in tact wandered the plain which had soft odd coloured Stalagmites which moved due to an unknown force, the same force he could feel hitting him. As if the unhappy gods sensed his relief in the distance a loud boom shocked the surface, a cloud so dark and terrible it was as if they were once again underground.

Once more the scene shifted to Sel’och and his people hiding in the mountains not far from the town Cel would recognise, several flashes of images showed his people watching the colonist, fighting them in some cases or rather the colonist choosing to shoot first, Cel would recognise the uniform from the civilian evacuation ship, the death of Townsend’s crewman was in self defence. Another image showed his people on the outside of the Wolverine clinging to the ship in hopes it would take them away too and some unknown force striking them down, killing and wounded many of what was left of his civilisation. Another with the XO, the Phylum Throret choosing to flee than fight.

And finally now.

“Noooow. Youuuuu. KNooooow’h ourrrrr’h passssst, will. Yoooooou’h help. Ouuuuur’h ‘uturrrrrre.” Sel’och spoke inside Cels mind in long drawn out words as if the sylybals were difficult for him to use. One thing for certain was that the Phylum Throret could read each others mind, feel each others emotions and in some way were capable of telepathy they were also very ancient and intelligent.

  • Sel’och Leader of the Phylum Throret.

“The colonist invaded your homes with their drilling equipment, inadvertently causing lava to fill in and destroy your cities.” Celador said, more in processing the information than anything else.

“I will call my commander here, he will make the final decision on how to help all of us. Is that acceptable to you?” He asked.


Sel’och turned away from the humanoid and communicated to his people, it seemed though they could understand what was happening only their leader had developed the ability to communicate to Cel. After a series of clicks and growls, Sel’och nodded. The gathered Phylum Throret dissolved into the thickening ashe leaving just Sel’Och and two of his guard, as he turned he said “Weeee Wiiiil bEE Watchhhhing.” And they too disappeared.

  • Sel’och Leader of the Phylum Throret.

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