Lily in the Sky with Diamonds

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“At least we won’t have to deal with the corporation for the event,” Lily’s dad stabbed another potato almost angrily before shoving it in his mouth. “I’m telling you Lils there is nothing you will need for this that we don’t have. For the wedding too,” he added as an afterthought. The more he thought about the corporation that supplied the few things they needed and exported the goods from the village the gruffer he became. His wife seeing him ready to go off on a tear, instantly jumped in.

“Eat this and drink your coffee,” she handed him a cookie and a mug, “while I get these two into Lily’s room for some private time.” Looking at Duncan she gave him a knowing smile. “I remember being young. Lily’s dad and I could not keep our hands off each other. I mean it was,” she began to drift off into memory. The smile and blush on her mother’s cheeks made Lily raise a finger to the bridge of her pinching it equally embarrassed.

“You’re right mom,” Lily stood up taking Duncan’s hand. “I’m tired. So are you..right,” she said glaring at Rhodes. “Get up,” she mouthed to Duncan.


“Yeah, you have no idea how tired I am,” Duncan nodded, following Lily to his feet and pushing in the chair after him. “We had a long trip, it took a while to get her and this has been a lot to take in,” he smiled, he always smiled wen something was on his mind. “I say we call it a night and pick up where we left off tomorrow, right Lily?”


“Or we can sneak out the back door, stumble our way in the dark to the main road and pretend this was all a dream,” she said happily.

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that beam,” her father said not listening to what Lily had just said. “I fixed that beam and put a solar light in. You don’t have to stumble around. You’ll be fine,” he leaned back slowly eating his cookie obviously more relaxed.

Pausing a moment, Duncan looked at Lily’s father and was about to say something, his mind slowly working and trying to put pieces together when Lily took his hand and abruptly began to walk with deliberate purpose. Shaking his head, he put the odd past conversations out of his mind, for the moment.

Taking Duncan’s hand in hers Lily walked him up to the top of the stairs and to her room. Opening the door was like walking through a portal in time. The room was a bright pink with a soft white comforter with pale pink flowers. Several stuffed animals decorated the corners of the room along with images of bands that were popular fifteen years ago. Pictures in frames of Lily growing up were all over the room along with several trophies with medals draped over them. On closer inspection of the trophies and medals Duncan would not see things like first place or runner up but flowery things like Best Team Ever or We Did This on the plaques. Most of the images of Lily were of her in natural settings where she was playing in a lake, digging in the garden, or sitting in the grass. Off in the corner was a doll house all with hand made furniture. As the light switch flipped on the room’s ceiling filled with soft twinkling fairy lights that gently flicked on and off giving the room a soft glow as if it were a pulse. The main feature of the room was a large Bay window with a seat overlooking the huge Volcano on the edge of the enormous lake the little town was situated on.

“Fairy lights? Really?” Duncan asked with a laugh as he moved to the middle of the room and looked around. “That, is an awesome sight,” he said, pointing out the window but then he turned to face her with a grin, “Is this your room? Did they keep it the same as when you ran away at fifteen or something? It’s so cute, it suits you, like, a dozen years ago.”

“Or maybe this is just my way of showing you how I think we should decorate,” she laughed leaning against the desk. “Galactic Home and Gardens says Primitive Bohemian Chic is in and luxurious and rich trappings are out. I mean who really needs ten thousand count sheets when you can have burlap and wool. I hear it softens considerably after about a lifetime of washing,” she joked. The house looked like it had been built with wood and nails because it had been built with wood and nails. There were no alloy walls behind the hewn boards but the outside world. It had a cozy feel but also felt like some rustic adventure people paid thousands of dollars for to experience life in the past.

Leaning forwards slightly he read one of the medals. “We did this? Did we really Lilly, did we really?”

Lily let out a whole-body laugh at Duncan’s tone and expression. The Rhodes Foundation was full of people that had probably never gotten a participation trophy in their entire life. They were brilliant and geniuses in their respective fields. In fact, they were most likely helping those with participation awards instead of employing them. “Oh yes we did,” she joked and if you look right here in the corner,” she pointed to several hash marks in the plating, “we did it several times. Why be grandious and have ten medals when you can just scratch in another line and use the same one over and over,” she let out a laugh. “Not that your walls of diplomas and certificates are bad,” Lily teased him. Like any other officer’s office, the awards and certificates of accomplishment hung on his walls for decoration. They were impressive and earned from a third of a lifetime of service to the Federation. It was also pretty much the only thing a department head could hang on his walls because essentially an office was still a representation of Starfleet. It was not like the 2398 Babes of the Galaxy calendar would be appropriate to have hanging there instead.

Standing up again, he looked at her with a little bit of surprise. “What the hell, is this a participation medal? What did we do that did this?”

“Playing non-competitive soccer,” she said trying not to laugh. When she was five this seemed normal. Now that she had left her quiet little corner of the world it sounded like lunacy.

“Okay so,” Lily closed the door and looked at Duncan. “First things first.” Instead of talking, she kissed him long and slow.

Duncan returned the kiss, letting his hands slide around her waist and letting his tongue explore hers. Kissing her, he felt the tension of the past hour or so leave him as he began to relax. “Oh, did we do this, did we?”

“There had to be some way to blow off some steam that you could not express during the game,” she replied kissing him again.

She needed to make his mind fuzzy and hopefully give him slight amnesia to block out the disaster that was the last two hours. While it was only 8 pm, Lily knew they could fill the hours between now and when they actually went to bed doing more productive things than talking. Her fingers slowly trailed down his sides finding the edge of his shirt. “The walls are really thin but my dad is eating his nightly cookies so we should be fine,” she whispered in his ear as she tugged at the edge pulling it from being securely tucked in at the waistband.

Lily Locksley

“Why are those cookies so important?” Duncan asked, then promptly forgot he asked as he helped get his shirt loose and began to unbutton it enough so that it could be pulled over his head.

“Not interested in talking about desserts,” she responded kissing the bare skin of his stomach that the slowly rising shirt exposed. She ran her nails down the sides of his back knowing it would tickle some which made her laugh as he squirmed slightly caught up in taking his shirt off and unable to stop her. Just as his hands got free of the fabric, Lily moved her lips just slightly over his belly button. It would be enough to have him completely loose focus on the topic of cookies and concentrate on more biological subjects.

“What about your mother if the walls are that thin?” Without letting her answer, and not really caring about it, Duncan put his hand behind her head and pulled Lily in closer to him again to continue the kiss.

“She can put on earphones,” Lily mused whispering in his ear. While the talk made it sound like Lily was far more adventurous it was really just using breathy whispers to give him insights to the mundane, evening life of the Locksleys. He would see soon enough and her comment would not feel so aluring or spicy.

“Practical, I like it,” Duncan smiled, but his attention was taken by the woman in front of him too much to continue discussing her mother. Taking hold of his collar he pulled the shirt over his head impatiently, letting it drop over the back of a chair next to them as he stepped forward closer to Lily and ran his own fingers around the edge of her shorts, letting her know it was now her turn to get rid of the days dirty old clothes and join him. “Okay, first thing done, how about the second, Miss Locksley?”

Duncan Rhodes

Lily put her hands on his chest and pushed him back slightly to sit on the bed. Taking several steps backward she began to slowly unfasten the clasp on her shorts. She loved to tease him this way.

Leaning back and propping himself up on his elbows, he tilted his head and chewed on his lip slightly as he watched her begin her little performance. He felt the blood rush as his eyes followed her movements, the heat in his cheeks matched by the quickening of his heart beat. The way he was lying also made it easier for him to match her movements and he began to loosen the belt around his shorts as well, his eyes never leaving Lily’s curves as they were slowly revealed.

While Duncan was always the man with his life together, there were moments when he did not act with careful precision or plan every second. “God I love you Duncan,” she said seductively as everything dropped away. Moving to the bed, Lily put one knee on the mattress and then the other as Duncan moved down and back with her forward progression.

“Do you really?” His lips curled in a slight smirk as he breathed out slowly, her hair falling over her face as she leaned into him. “You’re lucky I love you more, maybe you should show me how much you love me and I’ll show you how much more I love you.” His hand reached out and made a fist of her hair.

What’s up with what’s going down
In every city, in every town
Cramping styles is the plan
They’ve got us in the palm of every hand

Lily stopped moving and dropped on Duncan’s chest like a weight as the acapella version of her mother singing echoed in the room as if she were in there with them. Duncan was right. The walls were very thin and Lily’s mom downstairs singing to the music coming out of her device were making it hard to stay in the moment with Duncan. “She likes alternative grunge,” Lily said looking up at him. “Plays it every night as she is making bread for the morning. This is her political statement song.
She likes the idea of being the underground minority of a cause. Could be worse,” she shrugged looking at him. “She used to sing at five am?.”

Lily Locksley

“I plan to be well asleep by five AM and not waking up to anything except a tight rear end poking me where it gets my attention,” Duncan laughed, letting his head fall back onto the bed. He moved his foot in time to the tune and looked at Lily again.

“At least it’s catchy, they do know how to get some attention grabbing tunes but,” He reached out and grabbed the pillow from the head of her bed, “I have a tried and true fix for that if the singing bothers you, I mean I can switch on the selective hearing, only thing I’m about to hear is ‘Oh yes, yes, faster, don’t stop’. I can always use the handy dandy scream muffler here,” he fluffed the pillow suggestively and grinned. “Or I can enforce the No Speaking rule,” his grin got wider, “I like that idea.”

Duncan sat up, forcing Lily to sit up facing him in return. Moving his hands to her hips, letting them caress her smooth curves for a moment, he simply lifted her in to a better position over his lap as he kissed her deeply and for a long moment, his tongue searching out hers and his hips playfully wiggling in time to the song coming from downstairs. Opening his eyes slightly the doll house in the background blurrily caught his attention. A dozen oddly shaped and seemingly carved dolls sat watching him, various expressions on their face, many with lopsided grins or looks of pure shock as all of their unnaturally misshapen eyes watched the pair on the bed.

Duncan’s other eye opened more to give him a clearer look at them and then his eyebrow frowned as he saw them all clearer. Kissing Lily deeper and pushing his body forward into her, forcing her to lean back slightly to try and distract her, he took one hand off her hips and reached for his shirt hanging over the back of the chair. Maybe if he had one good throw, he could cover the leering dolls and get back to business.

Duncan Rhodes, CSO


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