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Posted by Lieutenant Mikel Petrov (Chief Engineer) in Wolverine, Engines room, ATTN GM

Posted by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in Wolverine, Engines room, ATTN GM
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Mikel continued to monitor his systems. All green so far.

Petrov CE

Just like the other locations a deep and ancient rumble began to stir as scouts flocked to the new stain on the surface above their home. Ever since the great gods unlocked them from the depths of the planet more and more the ancient species found signs of aliens inhabiting their lands, they believed it was these bipedals that had caused the gods to grow angry. Taking the first steps the scouts began to climb the outside of the ships Hull.

GM Narwhal

The sensors detected hull intruders and Mikel noticed on his own display.

“Ensign can we charge the hull. Electric charge?” Mikel knew the answer was yes already.

“Yes Sir. Quite easily.” He answered.

“Do it. Letha levels.” He ordered.

“Sir, should we tell the Bridge?” The ensign asked.

“No time.” Petrov cut him off.

=^=Wolverine crew. This is Lt. Petrov. Stand clear of the hull.=^=

Petrov send it to all com badges.

“Do it!” He ordered strongly.

The Ensign followed the order.

Petrov CE

OOC: Going to let the GM answer this one to see the end result.


The result was a chorus of blood curdling screams piercing the air around the ship, whatever they had done worked as dozens of creatures dropped from the hull having received a shock, some dying instantly while some were sent skittering away towards the mountains, and more worryingly the Observation Lab. Another effect from the electricity meant that along with the Volcanic Ash and the electricity being generated by the Hull caused several brightly coloured highly charged bolts of Volcanic Lightning to hit the hull rocking the ship, as if to make things worse the ships hull remained electrified causing several external relays to blow until finally after a few minutes of brightly charged bolts dissipated along with the ships lighting and most of its systems.

  • GM Narwhal

Petrov took the power outage with calm. He had anticipated some feedback but not this much. Still it was more a reset of the systems.

=^=Bridge this is Engineering. We had a power failure related to those creatures that attacked the hull. We will be reestablishing power immediately.=^=

“Get to it. Reset the relays and replace any that are completely blown.” He ordered loudly.

He had been purposely vague on the why for the power outage.

Petrov CE

Engineering teams moved throughout the ship going to one relay station to the other. Many were burned out but relays were something they had on hand. In thirty minutes the had enough installed to restart main power. They would not be 100% until the industrial replicator was back on but this was the goal of Petrov. From there they could replicate the rest of the relays.

“Restart main power.” He ordered. The Lt. at the station made some quick inputs and then hit the console button for the restart.

Petrov CE

A moment later, Petrov’s comm badge chirped. =^=Boudreaux to Lt. Petrov. Are you able to lock onto de life signs around me and begin beaming dem aboard de ship? Or are we gon’ to need de transport buffers? I wan’ to get dese people out of ‘ere as soon as possible.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)

When checked the computer would notify them that luckily the life signs being so close to the ship it would be possible using a wide beam transporter however this would likely bring out the life signs immediate surroundings with it, though any attempt would only have some degree of success.

  • GM Narwhal

Mikel checked. Systems were coming back on line with main power as the relays were repaired and replaced. However the computer would only show that a wide beam transport was possible and that was always risky.

=^=Computer if we reroute internal replicators to the transport system would that allow us to beam individuals or several at a time?=^=

After all replicator tech was very much the same as transporter tech. The power boost would not be much and the internal buffer would have to be modified quickly. They would lose more than half the replicators power but he was trying to improve the signal apprehension and this may work. Simply boosting power system to the transporters would not do it.

=^=Standby Captain.=^=

Petrov CE

Mikel waited to see if the changes were going to work.

Petrov CE



The computer worked put the equation, ran simulations quicker than any human could until finally the engineer had their response. =^=Affirmitive, there is a 90% chance rerouting power will increase the effectiveness of the transporter system. Between transports power will need to be recharged, taking 5 minutes between multiple transportations. Effectiveness will be decreased by larger groups.=^=

  • GM Narwhal

Petrov opened the com to the Captain and basically repeated the computers response.

=^=Captain. there is a 90% chance rerouting power solution I designed will increase the effectiveness of the transporter system. Between transports power we will need to be recharged, taking 5 minutes between multiple transportations. Effectiveness will be decreased by larger groups but we can do it.=^=

Petrov CE

Mikel had done his part. They could transport. It was up to the Bridge to do the rest.

OOC: Does Petrov need to be on the Bridge or who is in charge up there?

Petrov CE

OOC; he can choose to go there, or conduct any other activities (From a GM Viewpoint. I want to involve you as much as I can, especially now there is more volcanic activity.)

IC: A beeping from the engineering’s external temperature console would catch anyone watchful eye, examining the data being displayed lower portions of the ship, specifically the landing struts which held the ship in place were beginning to show signs of rapid heating. With no explanation from the computer and the information simply data it would take some investigating to ascertain why this was happeninng.


Mikel saw the data on the external heating and the ships indications of the landing struts heating up.

=^=Computer analyze heating data on the struts and extrapolate what is the cause?=^=

“Extremely heated mineral crystals, solid rock and dissolved gasses penetrating the surface and interacting with the un-protected landing struts of the ship, landing gear is reaching temperatures not advised within starfleet regulations”

hot liquid base, called the melt; minerals crystallized by the melt; solid rocks incorporated into the melt from the surrounding confines; and dissolved gases.

Mikel asked the computer as his first step. It did not take a genius to guess that if it continued they would need to lift off.

=^=Petrov to CO. We are showing heating of the area we are at and it may endanger our ability to remain here.=^=

Petrov CE

  • GM Narwhal

Mikel knew time was short.

=^= Bridge this is Lt. Petrov. Prepare to lift off=^= He was pretty sure he was the senior officer on board and was in effect the Acting Captain.

Petrov CE

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