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Posted by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Observatory/Labs (Planet Side)

Posted by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Observatory/Labs (Planet Side)

Posted by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Observatory/Labs (Planet Side)
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“How long did Townsend say we had until the ship arrives? We’re going to be cutting it close” Shouted Longman, he was the lead researcher at the station ad was starting to get twitchy. They had begun dismantling the non-critical equipment but required the specialist equipment only a federation ship would carry or could fabricate using their replicators. The lab was mostly one large building, a control room of sorts and on the view screen the bubbling Volcano. They of course were in the thick of it, at the very bottom of the main Volcano, well technically they were on top of it, once the Volcano erupted it would throw a quarter of the continent up into the upper atmosphere plunging the whole planet into the dark ages resetting the clock.

From the main room were five doors doors. the first in the eastern wall led to the barrack room housing beds for all the scientists and the recreational facilities such as a gym and a thermal hot tub (Why not harness the Killer Volcanoes power). The southern wall had two doors one leading to the only exit and the other mess hall, the western wall led into a corridor and into two labs and finally the northern corridor led into the Volcano itself.

“Soon I hope” Replied Hutchinson, his brown hair grey form the ash. “We’ve finished setting up the landing pad with the beacons they gave us, have we managed to regain communication with the two sites?” He asked. Their communications tower had recently been struck by lightening the tower had then crashed into the hanger housing their spare equipment.

“No, McGere is trying to put together an improvised antenna with whatever we have laying around.” He replied before turning back to the live image of the Volcano his arms on his hips. “I hope time is on our side.”

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OOC: This location is about 20 minutes from any landing point the ship will used, most of the science and engineering teams should be here.


OOC: Forgive me, I haven’t had time tonight to go back and read the briefing (That’s a tomorrow job now) but I want to get something up, so I’m going to go with my gut here. Feel free to adjust or correct anything if I fubar, I am assuming from what I read that we are arriving via shuttle? :D

IC: Adjusting the angle of approach of the shuttle to better fit the co-ordinates provided, Duncan took a rare moment to glance up ahead instead of at the screens. It wasn’t as helpful as he hoped, so his eyes returned to the scanner and watched for the signal from the beacons. Thumbing the comm-system on, he sent out the request for landing clearance. By now, they should be well within range.

=/\= Observatory this is Lieutenant Rhodes of the Wolverine, we are on approach and request landing clearance, do you read me? =/\=

Lt Rhodes, CSO

There was no audio response from the observatory, unknown to the shuttle crew the science observatory officer were still trying to regain communication, that said they were able to receive hails even if they couldn’t respond. In front of the shuttle a ring of lights suddenly burst through the ash and two strips of green and red showing the shuttle the approach to take and where to land. Every so often a thick cloud of ash would blur the image but with some difficulty and some fine flying skills the shuttle could land.

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Duncan grinned as the lights flared into existence, a rush of memory as an image of his antique Bristol Fighter two seater back home in England on his families estate, wind in his face and the sound of his friend Jessica in the seat behind him telling him he had better know how to land the old stringbag passed his thoughts. Compared to real flying, this was elementary really.

Fixing the landing point in his mind he turned his attention to his flight sensors, hands running easily over the controls. “Lovely weather today, pity I forgot my hat,” he quipped.

Science NE Honeydew grinned at Duncan as he looked through the ash. “I think you’re going to need more than a hat, Lt.”

As the landing ground approached, Duncan eased back on the thrusters and began to survey the landing area as he brought the shuttle to a hover.

Lt Rhodes, CSO

NE Honeydew tried the comms again. =^=This is Shuttle Howlett, from the USS Wolverine. We’re here to help with the data and equipment extraction. You wouldn’t happen to have a hangar bay on this rock, would you? It make that transfer a lot easier.=^=

Science NE Honeydew

There was only static coming through on the Comms as though someone was trying to make contact, a few minutes later the doors to the facility opened and a figure ran out holding what appeared to be a light of some kind. Rotating it in a clockwise motion to symbol to their left his right he then cracked a flare and threw it towards the large sheltered space being used as a storage facility, it was large enough to house a shuttle and still have enough room to move about.

  • GM Narwhal

Honeydew pointed in the direction the man had indicated, even though Rhodes saw the scene as well.

“I guess that’s a yes. . . .”

NE Honeydew

By the time the shuttle would land, some of the observation labs entourage were waiting to greet them. One a tall lanky character Lt Cmdr Michael Francis, he had brown mousy hair, clear circular framed glasses and was wearing the apparel befitting a Science Officer, another was a shorter woman who bore no insignia but looked scientific in nature, Doctor Rachael Sommes one of the few civilians working at the facility. She had obsidian black hair and clearly liked the eye shadow as her blue eyes were surrounded by emerald shadow, he bright red lips made up the remainder of her oval face. Both of them waited patiently to greet the shuttle crew.

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Strapping on his kit, Duncan nodded to Honeydew and opened the hatch to the shuttle, dropping the steps as he did so. He took a few steps down and away from the shuttle, then paused to take stock of the area.

Noting the reception party he raised a hand in greeting and approached. “Lieutenant Duncan Rhodes,” he introduced himself, “Chief Science Officer of the Wolverine, and NE Honeydew,” he introduced the man with him. “I hear you folks need some assistance.”

Rhodes, CSO

Sommes smiled, “Its good to meet you, its such a shame its due to unfortunate circumstances.” She explained before introducing herself, “I am Doctor Rachael Sommes and this is Mr Lloyd.” Lloyd wave and smiled but didnt say anything. Looking around their surroundings her expression turned to sadness, “Lets get inside the main building, its upsetting to see what has and what will become of this planet.” She stepped aside and put out an arm in the direction of the door. Mr Lloyd led them in.

“Thank you,” Duncan acknowledged, raising a hand to his head as if tipping an imaginary hat. “I can only imagine what this planet looked like before this happened. What is the current situation?”

“We have evacuated most of the site but there is some specialist equipment that Starfleet loaned us and I suspect with the Volcano soon to erupt our mission here is over and thus the loan term.” She continued to explain as they entered the main facility. It was like any normal science station with its white walls and clean surfaces, covers had been placed over the terminals and whatever else couldn’t be moved.

“The equipment is on the lower floor closest to the Volcano itself, Mr Lloyd will be joining you as the tunnel system as become dangerous and he knows his way around. I hope that is acceptable.” She looked expectedly at Rhodes.

  • Dr Sommes

“Perfectly,” he smiled easily. If the danger of the situation concerned him he didn’t show it, yet he also didn’t seem overconfident arrogant. “What is the evacuation plan for the rest of the people here, and do we have an estimated time that we need to be out of those tunnels?”

Rhodes, CSO

“We was hoping you’d have an answer for that one, it is to late for us now to make the journey to one of the two evacuation points.” She said trying not to sound disappointed, “In all there’s ten of us left here.” Somme’s went quiet thinking, “The last we looked several lava flows were nearing the surface, but we’ve since powered down our monitoring equipment. We were relying on the Malaga but our communications tower took some damage in the last set of tremors and we haven’t heard from them since. It would be unfair for me to give you a guess, if you get trapped down the tunnel.” Her face turned grim. “Well that wont happen, I still think we have enough time to get there and get back, but you should leave soon.”

  • Dr Sommes

“We still have the communications in the shuttle, they will reach the Wolverine,” Duncan looked back at the Shuttle on the tarmac. “If we need to, I have Transporter Enhancers in the cargo bay and we can set up an emergency transport site, that will allow the Wolverine to lock on a beam us back if they need to. In fact, I’d advise you have someone set that up while we head down, we could potentially use the strengthened signal to get the equipment out if we need to.”

Somme’s nodded in agreement, “That’s a good idea. I will have my people gather here once we are ready to extract and assist you with any of the equipment once its been collected.” She smiled, “Good Luck Lieutenant and I will see you soon.” She said leaving the Starfleet officer in the capable hands of Mr Lloyd. Who looked ready to leave himself.

“How far is that tunnel? You had better show me where we go in,” Duncan picked up the kit and adjusted his belt, taking one last look at the facility and wondering how Lily was getting on amid all of this.

Duncan, CSO

“It is just at the other end of the complex, not far at all but the tunnel itself is about a kilometre long. We should collect some hover cargo transporters which are located in a storage unit next to the entrance,” he explained waiting for the Starfleet officer to be ready before leading them in the direction of the tunnel entrance. “The tunnel’s protective mesh has deteriorated in some parts and so we must tread carefully, the danger however is from below. We have had several floors collapse, we have yet managed to determine how deep the depth is.”

They walked for a few minutes, LLoyd remaining mostly quiet and allowed the Starfleet officers to talk amongst themselves, finally, however, they came to a large cargo like door which seemed big enough to fit a small shuttle through. “The rovers we usually used have already been take aboard the Malaga, so we must walk.” He pointed over to the line of Hovering Cargo pods. “We’ll use these, you can strap the cable around your waist so your hands are free whilst you walk.” He walked over and demonstrated, he began walking with the pod behind him, stopping just inside the tunnel for the officers to attach themselves.

“It’ll take about 10 minutes or so.” He explained stepping off, as he walked motion sensor lights turned on and illuminated a section of the tunnel at a time, otherwise, the tunnel seemed to go on endlessly into the darkness.

  • Mr Lloyd

Looking behind him Mr Lloyd frowned, “Well are you coming or not? We don’t have all day you know.” He shook his head and again began walking as if to reverberate his words the tunnel shook as loose dust and small rocks clattered to the floor.

  • Mr Lloyd


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