Main Bridge, Current time line, Attn GM

Posted Dec. 3, 2021, 12:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Mikel Petrov (Chief Engineer) (Sidney Parker)

The turbo lift doors opened and Mikel stepped onto the Bridge. He looked at the Lt. Jg who had the Bridge.

“Lt. You are relieved. Take Ops.” He ordered.

The young Lt. did as she was ordered.

“Prepare Lift off. Max altitude 1000 meters. Plot to the Captain’s last location.” He ordered.

“With the modifications I made to the transporters we can sweep them up much easier if we are above them.” He said out loud so the crew understood his intentions.

“Lift off.” He ordered as he settled into the Captain’s chair. A seat he did not remember ever sitting in before.

Petrov CE/aCO

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