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Howling winds toyed with the schools roof, whistles indicating that somewhere the building wasn’t as windproof as they first through but at least the building was still standing. Groups of people huddled in the dim light that flickered, the back up generators trying to keep up with the demand for power none distinguishable to the other as those who had to make the walk from their homes to the evacuations sites were covered in ash, most still sporting rags tied around their mouths or necks, those who were not so lucky lay coughing on the floor.

Lily moved between the people feeling the stress and tension of not being able to help simply because of the circumstances. If there were ten people or even twenty, she would be able to handle each person and stop their suffering however there were hundreds of people milling about. Some were not injured but rescue workers or those manning the relief efforts. These people would need pulmonary infusions later even though they were mostly wearing rebreathers or masks. The particulates in the air were fine enough even changing out the masks caused one to cough and hack after a few minutes.

Lily resisted the urge to look at her communicator again. She knew as science chief Duncan would be in the middle of things and would take the proper precautions but that still didn’t help or make her worry less. Pushing a loose chunk of hair from her eyes, Lily glanced about the room at the tirage system of flags scattered about. She had marked the critical and they were the first ones being taken to shuttle however that left the problem of exposing ones hurt less to more ask and lung problems. Grabbing a passing nurse she asked the same question she had asked ten minutes ago, “do we have any more masks?” The shake of the nurses head felt like a gut punch.

Letting out a sigh, Lily hated telling the people that the flimsy rags and cloth coverings would be adequate until they were evacuated. The problem was saying they were next to worthless would only incite panic. In the midst of all the confusion, panic was the last thing they needed.

In the gymnasiums corner a tent had been erected sporting the sign of cross and snake, the triage area and transporter site. Here things were less crowded with people queuing to get of the self destructing planet in an orderly fashion. Medical staff tended to the injured some of whom were suffering with ash inhalation others with bumps and bruises from failing debris and the worst with burn marks from lightening strikes and fires. In all there was a low hum of noise as people talked quietly amongst themselves.

Outside was far worst, for the most part the colonies streets were empty with only but a few stragglers now arriving from their hunkered down locations, bright lights pierced the main school yard as it was used to direct the shuttles into land, here several Malaga crew wearing respirators carried torches and waved them around all in the bid to help civilians find their way and the shuttles to land as safely as possible. At one time three shuttles could land here.

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Moving outside the gym, Lily stepped into the open air. The sky from the ask seemed as dark as night or maybe it was her imagination. Lily wished she could close her eyes and reopen them to white flakes of snow instead of ash but that was not going to happen. Instantly however she saw something the made her jump back into the fray. Half walking, half running, Lily moved to the newest group of evacuees as she snapped her fingers signalling a security officer to help her. Kneeling down she took off her medical respirator and placed it over the nose of one of the kids. “Breathe deep,” she said letting out a small cough. The kid nodded coughing as she did so. Looking up at the woman escorting the group of twenty kids aged from about ten to seventeen. “Anyone hurt,” she asked the woman.

The coughing fit that let some red spittle dot the woman’s lips said more than any response.

Looking at the security officer, Lily brushed the kids hair with a gentle smile before standing up to face the man. “Okay we need to evacuate all of these people now,” she said in a low voice pulling him slightly to the side. Coughing she put a hand to her mouth feeling the burning sensation already starting to form without her mask.

“I don’t care how you do it but get it done. Right now,” she waved about, “the ash is slowly turning into concrete inside everyone’s lungs that is breathing it. Yes it can be treated but there is a point of no return for these people and we are reaching it.”

Lily Locksley CMO

OOC: Away teams can land here safety and this would likely be a location visited by medical and security staff.

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Looking around at the chaos she did her best to assist where she could. Upon the arrival of more children she searched for some more things to breathe through to reduce ash intake. finally tearing off a piece of her uniform skirt to hand to a small girl to cover her mouth and nose with.

Ensighn Mantis [Doctor]

The girl took the small face covering but didnt seem to move away, she tugged at the doctors shirt and pointed outside from where she had clearly come from. From her tattered clothes green liquid could be seen, similiar to Vulcan blood but thicker and darker. She pointed again and ran off in the direction without looking over her shoulder to see if the doctor was following.

  • GM Narwhal

Lily saw the little girl and Mantis. She also saw her running. “You got her,” Lily yelled to Lenore. She nodded to Lilly and followed the girl, shouting back over her shoulder “I got her .”Clearly, the little girl wanted the doctor to follow her. Lenore was closer and made more sense to help the little girl out however if there was a problem, Lily would follow. Coughing she followed Lenore’s lead and pulled off her shirt grabbing a knife and cutting it into strips. Starfleet always had them dress in layers so the black t-shirt under her uniform shirt would have to do for now. Passing the strips out to the other people around her Lily knew it would at least filter out the largest pieces of debris floating in the area around them.

Lily Locksley CMO

The little girl continued to a window where with the outside of her sleeve she cleaned it in a circular motion, she pointed and outside a small heap could be seen being slowly covered in ashe, it looked like a large dog. The Ashe pile moved but only briefly indicating what ever it was was still alive, if only barely.

  • GM Narwhal

Looking out the window with the girl she reached down to pat her shoulder reassuringly, hopeing Lilly would let her run out to try and rescue whtever it was.

Ensighn mantis [Doctor]

The little girl who didn’t care to wait ducked behind Mantis and ran over towards a small side door, it was marked as a fire exit and it took the young girl all her might to push it, ash blasted in as the young girl gave Mantis one last look before disappearing into the storm. The hung open for a moment before slamming close.

  • GM Narwhal

Mantis covered her mouth and nose best she could and hurried after the girl, grabbing her and sending her back inside before retrieving what ever it was out there covered in ash the girl so desperately had to have.

Ensighn Mantis [Doctor]

The girl made it almost ten meters before she ran into something more resilient than the ash. Reilly looked down and scooped the girl up and began hurrying towards where the school should have been, only to run into Mantis. He gestured back to the building and directed her to take the lead.

Reilly, XO

She nodded to Reilly giving him a look of then please retrieve whatever the girl is after as she hurried her back inside knowing she might sprint out again.

Ensighn Mantis [Doctor]

The young girl attempted to follow back to where she’d been captured but soon gave in, “We gotta save ‘im!” She whined looking to Mantis hoping she would do what she was unable to. They didn’t understand the dangers, they didn’t know what was happening. She thought.

Elsewhere the final few stragglers were beginning to transport up to the Malaga leaving just the little girl, Starfleet officers and the unknown creature.

  • GM Narwhal

Reilly looked at her and said “Who? Who else needs saving? Where are they?” as he began to prep her for transport.

Reilly, XO

Mantis hurriedly grabbed whatever it was buried in the ash pile hoping not to lose any fingers as they all prepared for transport. She couldnt break the little girls heart and leave whatever it was there to die.

Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

The creature was unlike anything Mantis would have seen before, the closest resemblance would be of a crab or lobster except this was much more skinner and had a harder exoskeleton, the eyes of the creature watched Mantis its life clearly and very much in the hands of the Starfleet doctor. It made no attempt to hurt or flee from Mantis and remained still in her arms,

  • GM

Reilly eyed the creature and cursed… loudly. “Ensign, get that scanned and ready for transport. I met a fully grown one not too long ago. We have others to try and help here.” and he tapped his comm badge. =/\= XO to Wolverine. We have a problem. There is an indigenous species on the planet. This Search and Rescue just became First Contact as well. =/\=

Reilly, XO

=^= Understood commander, we have just been ordered to take off as new seismic activity has caused a lava pocket to form around the Wolverine. Malaga is also reporting crab like creature sightings, which I can assume is the first contact you’re referring too. Once the ship is airborne and safe we shall attempt to assist you sir.=^=

  • NE Bridge Officer

=/\= Understood.=/\= Reilly replied.

She nodded and obeyed rocking the creature comfortingly trying to reassure it anyway she could as she scanned and examined it before finding a box for it to rest in ready for transport.

Ensighn Mantis [Doctor]

“Wait you are saying they are sentient beings,” Lily felt the weight of her words and the implications of Reilly’s. “Can we do a scan for them,” she looked out at the storm. “How are we supposed to find them if we don’t know what we are looking for?”

Lily Locksley

“Yes sentient beings, that’s why the girl was so concerned and insistent.”Mantis answered still holding onto te being protectively.

Reilly pointed to the lobster-like being in the box. “We do. Run a DNA sequence and extrapolate based on similar life-form growth rate. Then send that to the ships and have them do coordinated scans.” and then he grinned.

“Never a dull moment, huh?”

Reilly, XO

Reilly, XO

She nodded “yes Sir”, quickly running the DNA sequence extrapolating and sending out the results over the computer.She gave a nervousee smie andnod back to the XO, never a dull moment indeed.

Ensighn Mantis [Doctor]

The results would show that the creature was very similar to arthropods on earth, except their brain chemistry had developed even beyond that of a human, it showed the capability of telepathy and heightened intelligence.

  • GM Data PaDd

As she swayed the creature comfortingly in the box she tried to reach her betazoid capability of telepathic communication to try and reassure the creature it would be safe in her care. Sadly She had not yet mastered that skill. But she did seem to be feeling something from the creature letting her know that it understood they were trying to help.

Ensighn Lenore Mantis [Doctor]

Suddenly She picked up the creature out of the box feeling it would feel more cared for in her hands against her skin, as they waited for transport.

Ensighn Lenore Mantis [Doctor]

As soon as their extremities made contact an almost jolt of electricity passed through them both as t a telepathic connection was made. The creature was young in their standards but still very old compared to the life cycle of any humanoid. Unlike their leader this creature was yet unable to comprehend the human language though feelings of being lost, scared and curious was now being shared to the Doctor. Other feelings were those felt towards the doctor herself, she wasn’t the scary all-devouring monster its father told it they were.

  • Youngling Anthropod

Lenore blinked as she suddenly felt the connection, shivering as she felt the creatures emotions cradling it all the more lovingly realizing its changed feelings toward her.

Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

“Lenore,” Lily said seeing her co worker blink and wearing an odd expression, “what’s wrong? Are you okay?” The doctor didn’t look injured or hurt but Lily knew she was Betaziod and that often gave Mantis insights Locksley had no access to.

OOC: Fixing a split ~ Kate

“I’m Fine its just that now i can FEEL the creature” she grabbed the nearest thing to steady them both as the ground rumbled beneath them.

Ensigns Lenore Mantis [Doctor]

Lily reached out to steady Lenore and herself as the ground shook beneath their feet. She didn’t need to ask how the creature felt looking at its surroundings. The image of the landscape would fit any definition of hell. The smoke, blackened sky, ash and destruction drove home the seriousness of the situation and the hopelessness.

From across the room one of the Malaga crew shouted, “There is Lava coming down the main high street. I think our time here is being cut short.” He moved over to the starfleet officer. “We’re the last ones in this area if there is anyone else left out there.” He looked back over his shoulder, “God rest their souls.” As if to reaffirm his beliefs the ground and school began to shake as a rumble deep within the earth’s crust told them what he said was true.

  • GM

=/\= Captain, Reilly here. I think we have the colonists accounted for, but we have a new species here that either no one knew about… or no one told us about. They are sentient, sir. And they are in trouble. =/\=

=^=Copy dat, Mr. Reilly. we’ll do what we can fro dem after gettine de civilians and crew back aboard. Dat is our first priority.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)

“Lenore, can you just feel the creature or others,” she asked her colleague. They had worked tirelessly to remove everyone they knew about but if they now had a way to remove those they didn’t know about it had to be explored.

She responded with a look of worry on her face as she responded, “Just this one here with us unfortunately.”

ensign Mantis [Doctor]

Lily knew was telepathy was but she also didn’t understand it always. “Can you feel if the creature is reaching out seeking something or someone else?” Lily had no idea if the connection would be clear enough for Mantis to know if the creature was looking for a parent or caregiver or if they were just scared and looking to Mantis to soothe their fears.

Lily Locksley CMO

Reilly cursed and then said “We’re done here. Further discussion is for on the ship.” and he tapped his comm badge. =/\= XO to Wolverine! Lock onto my signal and transport all life signs in my vicinity! Emergency evac protocols! Energize! =/\=

Reilly, XO

The blue beams of the Wolverines transporter wrapped their arms around each of the humanoids left in the Public house and lifted them to safety aboard the ship leaving the crew and their civilian counterparts but the smell of sulphur, molten rock, ash and smoke lingering on the clothes.

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