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The navigators console beeped three single tones meaning that they were imminently about to drop out of warp at the designated co-ordinates. Whatever plans or strategies the crew of the Wolverine had made were soon to be put to the test. Once the ship would drop out of warp you wouldn’t need a view screen to see the extent of the volcanic activity undergoing on the planet below.

An enormousness grey cloud took front and centre engulfing most of the southern continent, a stain on what would otherwise be a beautiful planet much similar to Earths South American region with deep dense untamed jungle areas with long winding rivers into a sea that covered almost 80% of the planet, the unseen colony which laid below the ash cloud was situated in usually dry, humid spot much similar to Egypt. The contrast which showed this planet was indeed not Earth.

The only thing piercing the grey ash cloud was flashes of purple and yellows as volcanic storms raged, a sign of their power was a shuttle badly scorched and marked on an intercept course with the USS Malaga sitting proudly in orbit of the planet. The shuttle also showed signs of power loss if anyone cared to scan it, a new beep would sound as the Malaga attempted to make contact with the Wolverine.

  • Gm Narwhal

“Fils de pute,” was all Remy could say as he looked at the devastation below. He imagined that the scene was very reminiscent of Christianity’s version of Hell. The sound of the hail brought the Cajun back to reality.

To the Ops officer, he said, “Put the Malaga on screen.”

As the screen switched to the Bridge of the SS Malaga, he reported. “Capt. Townsend, de Wolverine ‘as jus’ dropped out of warp. My people ‘ave dere orders and are ready to go. De Wolverine is capable of surface landine and takeoff. Once we get below de ash cover, our sensors and transports should be able to work more effectively as dere will be less ash to go through. We ‘ave an evacua-SHON limit of 160, so dat should speed tines up considerably.”

Townsend who clearly had a change of clothes and a wash was looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. “Thankyou Captain, though I do think attempting to land on the surface is risky that is your risk to take, there is a large recently ploughed field to the south of the secondary evacuation point which should be large enough and puts you between the Public house and the science lab.” She offered.

He then went on to explain where his people were to be deployed . . . .

Boudreaux (CO)

As the Captain spoke to the Malaga, Reilly looked at the tactical station. “Get a tractor beam locked on that shuttle asap and get it inside.” and he jabbed a finger at the arm console on his chair. =/\= Bridge to Sickbay, we have possible wounded in a shuttle being brought on board. Medical teams to shuttle bay immediately. =/\=

Reilly, XO

As the message came through from thecaptain she looked up from what she was doing and gave Nobs that knowing look, as he responded she hit her combadge =^=”On our was Captain,Mantis out.: =^=

Ensign Lenore Mantis [Doctor]

Knowing that nurse Noboskie had acquired the necessary medical things she nodded at him as they both headed out of sickbay toward the shuttle bay. taking a finger she pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose as they walked hurriedly.

Ensign Lenore Mantis [Doctor]

“Captain we’ve been unable to locate one of our crew members, Michael Jacobs. He was last seen heading towards a farmhouse on the outskirts of town after hearing rumours that a group was waiting there, if you do send people that way please keep an eye out for him.” Townsend asked, “Godspeed Captain.” She added.

Any attempt to tractor the shuttle were not met with any resistance.

  • GM Narwhal

“We will take advantage of de secondary site, Captain. Merci. I will also ‘ave my teams look out for you crewman. Wolverine out.”

Boudreaux (CO)

[BUMP] - Someone mentioned there was no bridge post, this is a continued bridge post for the simm.

On board the ship a communication from the Malaga was being received on the bridge.

  • GM Narwhal

=^=This is NE Cellcom. Go ahead, Malaga.=^= came the reply from the officer currently in charge of the conn.

NE Cellcom

=^= We’ve detected several new volcanic vents opening, we believe our timeline has been decreased significantly. We’ve also just received word from one of our search parties that our missing crewman has been found injured and unconscious with several lacerations and other injuries. He’d been dragged some distance away from where he’d gone missing and were receiving reports of crab like creatures. We don’t have proof if those are what caused the injures, communication is spotty. Townsend recommends that we increase our efforts in the evacuation, she’s sending two shuttles to the Observatory to finish their and the school reports the last few stragglers are departing soon=^=

  • USS Malaga


“Landing struts are starting to buckle” NE Cellcom was just about to respond to the Malaga and tell them that they had too pick up the shift in activity when the internal communication system rang their chief engineer’s voice.

=^= Bridge this is Lt. Petrov. Prepare to lift off=^=

=^=Understood Lieutenant, preparing lift of sequence=^= Cellcom the senior officer on the bridge began giving out orders when another message came across the external communications frequency leaving him to wonder if there would be any letter up today, this voice was their XOs.

=/\= XO to Wolverine. We have a problem. There is an indigenous species on the planet. This Search and Rescue just became First Contact as well. =/\=

Cellcom let out a long breath of air as he slowly came into realisation, =^= Understood commander, we have just been ordered to take off as new seismic activity has caused a lava pocket to form around the Wolverine. Malaga is also reporting crab like creature sightings, which I can assume is the first contact you’re referring too. Once the ship is airborne and safe we shall attempt to assist you sir.=^= After his message he looked to the panel, =^=Enginering, bridge all station reporting lift of preparations complete.=^= Celcom just needed the order.

  • NE Cellcomm

The turbo lift doors opened and Mikel stepped onto the Bridge. He looked at the Lt. Jg who had the Bridge.

“Lt. You are relieved. Take Ops.” He ordered.

The young Lt. did as she was ordered.

“Prepare Lift off. Max altitude 1000 meters. Plot to the Captain’s last location.” He ordered.

“Course laid in, the ash cloud means we will have to navigate on instruments alone with luck the ship won’t be affected by the electromagnetic energy it’s creating.” Replied the helmsman she double-checked her co-coordinates, it wouldn’t take long at all to have the ship airborne and over the Captains last known location, she hoped however the ship could make it airborne.

“With the modifications I made to the transporters we can sweep them up much easier if we are above them.” He said out loud so the crew understood his intentions.

Cellman was relieved to have been relived to his usual position at the operations, only just recently promoted he thought his first stint at being the on-duty officer would be a quiet one and allow him to get a feel for command but already in his tenure the ship was in danger.

“Lift off.” He ordered as he settled into the Captain’s chair. A seat he did not remember ever sitting in before.

Petrov CE/aCO

“Aye sir” replied the helmsman. The ship rumbled as its atmospheric thrusters strained at the pull from the Lava, though molten some of the upper layers that had hit the landing strut had started to harden. “Just a little resistance” She explained as she gave it a little more juice and slowly but surely the ship began to rise. “We’re free, though landing strut one isn’t retracting. If we’re to save it before going into orbit we’ll need to retract it.” From the outside molten rock fell from the ships first landing strut. “Course plotted for the captain’s last known location, sir.”

  • NE Bridge Crew.

“Leave off the strut. Its not a concern right now. As soon as we are overhead open a com to the Captain.” He ordered.

Petrov CE

The NE nodded, “Yes sir” and continued as ordered.

Before the call could be made, the comms console chirped and the CO’s voice came over the speakers. =^= Mr. Petrov, we are out of time and need an emergency transport on all life signs in my vicinity. De building is goine up in flames. Get a lock on Ens. Theinna and beam him up as well.=^=

Boudreaux (CO)

As the Wolverine like a salmon swimming upstream a heavy flowing river it moved its way through the ash until finally stopping above the public house. Around the buildings below molten lava could be seen weaving its way through the streets, some buildings ablaze already. “Sir with the modifications we can beam those in the public house as long as they are all together, we’re having problems trying to locate Ens Theinna though Sir.”

  • NE Bridge crew


Petrov was not a sentimentalist nor a Vulcan with cold hard logic. However it was clearly a straight forward decision.

‘Beam everyone out of the Public House. As soon as they are on beam the Ensign.” He ordered with a cool manner.

He knew there was a good chance the Ensign would not make it. He also knew what he had to do.

Petrov CE

A call came in from the Captain followed immediately by a second from the XO.

=^=Captain, to transporter room. Emergency transport, NOW!!!=^=

=/\= XO to Wolverine! Lock onto my signal and transport all life signs in my vicinity! Emergency evac protocols! Energize! =/\=

Boudreaux and Reilly

Petrov exited his chair and moved the science officer out of the way of the station,

“Ensign boost dish with aux power.” He called out to Engineering station.

=^=Transporter room this is Captain Petrov. I am taking control of the transport signal.=^=

He then played with the controls as he tried to balance the pattern to grab both groups at the same time. He would try and beam one and move them into the buffer as he was grabbing the other signal and moving them into a direct beam with out passing to the buffer. It was as risky as possible but it was the only way he could get both groups at the same time and beam them in. He risked losing the second group as there would be no back up to the buffer. It was success or failure. The other one holding in the buffer should be ok.

Petrov CE

The computer chirped happily, unaware of the human idea of an emergency as it itself was just a long string of zeros and ones. The message? Both transports were successful and the groups would appear momentarily in their respective transporter locations. Any later or second thought but the chief engineer would have spelt disaster, thankfully however this time it worked out.

  • GM

Less than a minute later the XO came onto the bridge, still covered in ash with the air tank on his hip. He looked around for the Captain, and not seeing him, said “Status report, please.” and then he fixed the CE with a solid look. “And Mr. Petrov… thank you. Transporter chief told me what you did… brilliant, to say the least.”

Reilly, XO

“Acting Captain Petrov stands relieved.” Mikel said remembering the protocol from the Academy. “You are welcome Sir.”

It may be the first time that Petrov had given the XO any due respect. He had actually been expecting to lose the ensign but was not completely surprised it had worked. After all it was his plan.

Petrov CE

“Commander we are being hailed by the Malaga.” A young Communications NE said over his shoulder towards where Reilly was standing.

  • Communication NE

Mikel almost replied back but caught himself. He was still standing next to the XO near the Captains chair. He nodded toward the XO and then went over to the Engineering station where he waved off the Ensign who was there.

Petrov CE

“On screen, Ensign.” Reilly said and then slumped in the CO’s chair. He was tired, but the mission wasn’t done yet.

Reilly, XO

The screen displayed the bridge of the Malaga and in it, its Captain. “Commander, we’re detecting that all humanoid life signs have been evacuated from two sites however we’re still waiting for the laboratory teams to report in. We fear the planet is imminently about to enter the final stage of the Extention level event, we also must ask about the creatures we have encountered. My crew have complained of headaches and voices.” She explained.

  • SS

Petrov was listening carefully. He wondered if they were same creatures he had blasted off the hull. Maybe that was the best solution afterall.

Petrov CE

=/\= We will make our way to the lab immediately and see if we can assist, Captain. As to the previously undocumented sentient species-” and Reilly obviously overstressed the term in reference to the use of ‘creatures’, “- we have preliminary evidence that they may be empathic at a young age. I might hypothesize that the species is telepathic in some way. =/\= Reilly turned from the screen and looked at the helm officer. “Get us as close to the lab as you can asap.” and then he looked at the comms station. “Any word on the other away team?”

Reilly, XO

On the view screen Townsend could be seen talking to several other people before she finally nodded, =^= Commander, do you have any proof or data that the species is sentient and telepathic. My main concern is the safety of the crew and the Colonist which we were hired to save, however with proof the risk of saving such a species would be mitigated. Though we don’t have much time.=^= Unlike starfleet the SS Malaga wasn’t so readily willing to help others, they worked for a different reason but Townsend couldn’t deny the ramifications if they didn’t help in this case, but needed more than the word of the Commander.

  • SS Malaga

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