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Posted by Ensign Celador Theinna (Security Officer) in Transporter Room
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Alita could still smell the ash and flames as they materialized on the Wolverine. Glancing at her staff, she motioned them back to their stations.

“Anybody who needs to be seen by the medic, get at it. Cel, you’re with me.”

  • Alita, MO/COS

Before Cel would have the chance to respond we would feel excruciating pain radiating from his head, more specifically his brain as some unknown connection or attack had started, muffled words and phrases, fear, anger and death would cause an almost sickening feeling over his own body, those closest to him would also begin to feel the pain and sickening feelings. What Cel had felt before with his connection to the Anthropods was nowhere near as strong as this, it was as if they had all combined their power to connect with him and they were feeling betrayed.

  • GM

IC: Celador put his hands to his face and a muffled scream of pain and anger flowed through him.

Alita had taken a half step away from Cel but immediately turned and reached out for him.

“By the gods! What’s going on? Cel?”

She was looking into his eyes but uncertain what she might find there.

  • Alita, MO/COS

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IC: “AWWW....NO!” Celador’s scream came as he writhed around, stumbling down the transporter stairwell. “Betrayal!” He yelled in a deeper voice than normal, then another higher pitched voice came out of Cel. “No, He’s mine!”

Celador’s normal voice came back, grunting in pain. He reached a hand out, trying to find something, anything to support him.


As Cel reached out in pain he made contact with a young science officer, she let out a howling scream as her body tenses and her head was thrown back “DO NOT LEAVE!” She said in a voice far deeper and older than her own, as soon as Cel let go she dropped to the floor sweating and whimpering. Cel’s out reached hands would find another, this time an Andorian transporter operator, who’s body tensed and began turning white, “WE TRUSTED YOU!” As soon as the Starfleet officer let go he too dropped to the floor shivering and whimpering. As Cel stumbled in pain around the room he touched several crew members, another scientist “THE GODS WILL PUNISH YOU!” A security officer, “MERCY PLEASE!” and finally a Vulcan who seemed to be in pain the most “DEATH SO MUCH DE....!” and the Vulcan, convulsed once before dropping to the floor not finishing her sentence and scans would show she died as a result of the telepathic assault.

Alita wasn’t certain she understood everything that was going on but she knew there was some type of war going on inside Cel. Her own empathic senses were still wildly untamed but that much was obvious.

Running forward, she reached out and tried to get in front of Cel.

“No, he’s mine!” she said firmly, “Who are you and what do you want?”

  • Alita, MO/COS

Cel would notice that the connection had been severed, the only reason Alita was able to touch him without succumbing to the physic attack he would understand only two things the creatures as old as the planet itself were dyeing but there was still time if they acted quick enough.

  • GM

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