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Posted by Lieutenant Duncan Rhodes (Chief Science Officer) in Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Observatory/Labs (Planet Side)

Posted by Gamemaster Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Observatory/Labs (Planet Side)

Posted by Lieutenant Duncan Rhodes (Chief Science Officer) in Main-Sim - ELE and the Arthropod, Observatory/Labs (Planet Side)
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Rhodes would get perhaps what he wasn’t looking for, an increase in temperature particularly at the back of the large cave was suggesting that they may not have much if anytime left at all. Still, around him, the crews worked quickly and the lighter less heavy equipment was quickly being mounted onto the boards. The scans would also show that below them the crust was not as thick as one would think to support so much weight.

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“Mr Lloyd,” Duncan called and walked to the man. “How did your previous scans look?” He turned the tricorder to face him. “To me it looks like we need to get a move on out of here, we have a heat build up at the back of the complex and the crust beneath us is dangerously thin. We need to cut and run, we have as much as we can take at this point.”

Rhodes, CSO

Heaving one of the last smaller boxers onto an already loaded hover sled “The heats always been there but the crust level is a concern, perhaps it is time to....” There was a shout and a cry as where Mr Lloyd once stood a hole had replaced him, the Hover sled was half cocked as it struggled to stay within the cave and not plunge down to the molten rivers below which was both visually and audibly obvious now.

“HELP!” Came a cry, it was clear Mr Lloyd was not dead yet, though his death was looming as his only support was the straps which were connected to the hover board, around the cavern more holes and rumbles began.

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“Plow Me!” Duncan muttered and grabbed the hover sleds rail, trying to pull it back from the edge. “I need people to get these boxes off the sled and start pulling him up, now!” Duncan yelled at two of the team, who began to make their way towards him.

At first everyone seem rooted to the ground but slowly as their fight or flight instincts kicked in people began throwing the boxes of the sled. The room increased in its vibrations causing a short pause in the work as other parts of the floor gave in and cracks began to appear around them.

“Watch your feet, and get those harnesses off the sled and goods, they just became dead weight. Hook each other up to everyone else, we get Lloyd out and we are leaving.”

Rhodes, CSO

The work was quick, life and death situations did that to people but soon the seld was empty and a very white and shaking Mr Lloyd was pulled free of the hole. “Thh, Thank you Lieutenant. I think it is time to leave” He said being helped up from the floor a little shakily but alive, The older man took one look down the hole and sucked in a deep breath, “Its beginning to rise, we should go.”

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“Don’t mention it, just make sure you do the same for me if I drop down one.” Duncan grinned for a second, then looked around him. “Everyone outside the building, now!”

-/- This is Rhodes to the Observatory team, you have that transport enhancer set up? We need out now! -/-

Lt Rhodes CSO

=^=Yes Lieutenant=^= Came a crackling female voice, =^=We’re having trouble latching onto your life signs my engineer says that if you proceed a few hundred feet down the tunnel we should have a lock strong enough to conduct a site to site transport, but hurry commander our estimates show we are running out of time! =^= The communication ceased as the whole cavern shook.

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