Going to sickbay -ATTN CMO-

Posted May 11, 2022, 10:03 p.m. by Ensign Adrean Szandor (Security Officer) (ALEXANDER HAMPSHIRE)

Posted by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) in Going to sickbay -ATTN CMO-

Posted by Ensign Adrean Szandor (Security Officer) in Going to sickbay -ATTN CMO-

Posted by Ensign Lenore Mantis (Doctor) in Going to sickbay -ATTN CMO-
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As Rabb just gets onto the ship she goes to sickbay and says “Is there a doctor in here. I’m here for my physical.” She said.

Petty Officer Rabb
“Greetings yes I’m a doctor any doctor will do. ” Lenorechuckled softly at her own non joke and patted the nearest bio bed, “Hop on up please and we shall get this taken care of.”

Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

“Of course Ensign.” As she sat on the bio bed. She smiles at the ensign and sat down.

Petty Officer Rabb

Glancing over the bed readings as she goes over the petty officer’s file. “Welcome abord and nice to meet you.”
Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

Adrean made his way from the transporter room over to the sick bay in order to check in for his physical. When he came in, he saw one of the medical staff sitting with another crew member and decided it was best to wait until they were finished. Definitely a lot better than what we had on the M’Tai he thought, thinking of the ship he had served on briefly back on his homeworld. He was still wondering just what was in store for him on this ship.

opens her ppad looking over the mans file as she examines the bio bed readings. “Well everything here is looking just wonderful, how do you feel? Also might there be anything not included on your chart I might need to know?”

Ensign Mantis [Doctor]

Adrean shrugged, “Healthy as an ox as they say.” He sat up on the bed and looked at the doctor, “If I’m clear, can you let me know where to head next? Wanted to know if I shouled see the captain first or my Dept. Head.”

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