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Having arrived by shuttle in the middle of the night, Bryn decided to try and get a few hours sleep before reporting for her evaluations. The trip had taken a long time and she’d been stuck in the shuttle with her ‘husband’ the entire time. It was difficult to ignore someone when they were only a few feet away. Still, she’d managed it for the most part, spending time speaking with the pilot and listening to music through an earpiece.

That being said, she arrived in Sickbay for the obligatory physical with a strong cup of coffee in one hand. Her long hair was twisted into a braid that was wrapped at the base of her neck and her uniform was pristine.

Seeing a JO, Bryn approached. “Hello, I’m looking for the Chief. I need a boarding physical to be cleared for duty. Can you make that happen?”

—Shar, CNS

“Absolutely,” she said with a smile. “Take biobed number two over there and I will get Dr. Locksley.” Moving to an office in the back, a woman came out and followed the nurse over to where she had indicated the woman to sit.

“Hello,” she said. “I am Dr. Locksley. Welcome to the Wolverine. I heard you are here for your check in,” she replied opening up the PaDD.

Lily Locksley CMO

The faintest of accents graced Bryn’s words. “Thank you, Doctor. Lt Bryn Shar, ship’s counselor. I arrived last night so my records should be on file by now.” She nodded towards the PaDD. It was doubtful that many on the Wolverine had ever met a Ferlan before, much less one who had been ‘joined’ with another, so she was prepared to answer any questions the woman might have concerning the Morda that lived within her.

“My last physical was fine so I expect this one to be also.” She held up the cup of coffee. “Aside from being slightly weary from the trip here, I feel very well.”

—Shar, CNS

“Excellent,” Lily said with a smile. “That is exactly what we want to hear.” Opening up the PaDD with one hand, she began to look over the highlights of the woman’s chart. Lily could sit and review the chart but right now that seemed silly. She had Shar physically present to answer questions. Pulling out a tricorder, she began to scan the woman. “So you are a Ferlan,” she left the rest of the sentence open ended. “I will be honest you are the first Ferlan I have treated. I will of course brush up on your race but anything you feel important to share with me regarding you?”

Lily Locksley CMO

There was really only one important detail. “Not only am I Ferlan, I am personally bound to another…joined, if you will. My ‘husband’ is also on the Viking. We are connected by a creature called a Morda. Half lives in his body and half lives in mine, meaning we cannot be more than .621 kilometers distant from one another or we will become ill and eventually die.” It was a truth about her life now so her voice was rather matter of fact.

—Shar, CNS


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