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The Wolverine was docked at Starbase 439. It had been a while since the ship had received a full once-over, and there were lots of new faces on board the smaller vessel. One such face was sitting in the Conference Room at the head of the table. Fleet Captain Miriam Snythe looked at the assembled officers.

“So thats what we have been able to piece together since the incident eleven days ago. No one knows what happened, no one is taking responsibility, and the survey team is still on the planet and everything seems normal. We have an investigation team assembling and they will be en route in the next few days. What Command wants is the Wolverine to take point before the team arrives. Try and figure out what you can. This is a real blow to colonial services, people. And we need to know what, how, and why it happened. Questions.” The last word was definitely a command, not a request.


Remy had a concerned look on his face. “40 minutes? An’ den ‘boom’? No warning no message? Any clue as to what caused de explo-SHOn, Admiral? De Montoya’s sensors picked up no notice of an attack? Could it ‘ave been an internal explo-SHON?”

Remy didn’t like going into a situation this blind, but it seemed that was what he and his crew were about to do.

Boudreaux (CO)

“Captain, you now know exactly everything we do.” the Fleet Captain replied.

“The sensor relay may have picked up some kind of reading or emission,” Duncan piped up. “Once we can examine the logs we may be able to get a clearer picture on whether there was any external influence, or it was an internal reading. Whatever it was, it seems sudden enough that they didn’t have time for any kind of mayday. It’s too early to say, but that alone isn’t a good indicator of a system failure. Those ships are built with enough redundant systems that they are hard to put down.”

Lt Rhodes, CSO

“And the ship had been given a thorough check less than six months ago. Lieutenant. Everything was perfect from a system stand-point.” Snythe added.

At this point, all we can do is form a hypothesis.” Commander Erin said at last, “Though we may want to start by examining the debris, or at least see if any part of the ship’s computer system is salvageable.” The XO knew the Wolverine’s capabilities were limited compared to a Mythology or Pendragon Class, but he knew the Engineering and Science crew were on top of their game and could produce some results.

Erin (XO)

The Fleet Captain nodded and then took a deep breath. “Listen… I don’t know what is going on with this, but keep on your toes, people. And as soon as you find out anything… and I mean anything… you relay that information back here. I don’t want the rest of the investigation team walking into something nasty completely blind.” and she shrugged slightly and added “That’s why we have you all, right?”


Lily sat at the table listening to the briefing. As senior staff she was required to be here but sudden booms were not something her department typically handled. There was not much left when a body went boom, however that did not mean things didn’t surprise one in the end. It also kept her in the loop.

Lily Locksley CMO

Bryn had found a seat next to the doctor and was listening with great concentration. Ships did not just go boom. It didn’t sound like there would be much for her to do once they got there unless they actually went down to the planet and interviewed anyone who knew about the Montoya’s presence. Her training might be useful there. But she did have a question. “You said the Montoya had been traveling for two years to reach the planet. How long will it take the Wolverine to get there?”

—Shar, CNS

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