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After arriving the night before, Bryn hadn’t had a chance to see much of the ship, but today she was paying attention. Having never served on a Brazen class before, everything she saw interested her. She managed to find her way to deck 8 and the bridge, entering it to several looks of interest as she was a new face. Making a beeline for the door that she hoped led to the Ready Room, she smoothed her uniform front and took a deep breath before palming the chime for entrance.

—Shar, CNS


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IC: “Entre’,” came the Cajun accented voice from within the office.

The doors slid open to reveal Wolverine CO Capt. Remy Boudreaux. A mischievous sparkling in his eyes and charming grin was framed by his shaggy dark hair and neatly trimmed goatee. The man was obviously not one to follow all the rules and regulations documented in Starfleets Officers Manual.

He stood from behind his desk and welcomed the new counselor. “Lt. Shar, welcome to de Wolverine. Please, ‘ave a seat.”

Boudreaux (CO)

“Thank you, Sir.” She made her way across the room and sat across the desk from Boudreaux. “I arrived in the wee hours last night but didn’t wan to disturb you. I hope it’s alright that I waited until this morning to report in?” The first meeting with a new commanding officer was important. While he was assessing her, she was doing the same to him.

—Shar, CNS


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