Mikel and the mysterious case of the missing ?

Posted May 19, 2022, 10:28 a.m. by Lieutenant Mikel Petrov (Chief Engineer) (Sidney Parker)

Posted by Captain Remy Boudreaux (Commanding Officer) in Mikel and the mysterious case of the missing ?

Posted by Lieutenant Mikel Petrov (Chief Engineer) in Mikel and the mysterious case of the missing ?

Posted by Captain Remy Boudreaux (Commanding Officer) in Mikel and the mysterious case of the missing ?
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I am going to start up a mystery here soon. This is just to hold it until I have time to start it and anyone is welcome.


Mikel liked mysteries and so he set up a holoprogram for one. It was a Russian setting in the 1900 century in a large dacha in the forest. A guest list included the usual nobles and landed gentry of the time. The setting was a ball, a masquerade ball to be exact, and the identity of those attending was basically unknown or guessed. The program started as the ball had just begun and the guest had arrived. Not a huge list of people which would be strange for a ball of this type. Mikel was attending as a cousin of the local count. A good enough role in order to go many ways with it depending on the situation.


Remy had noticed that Petrov had requested time in the holodeck. For what reason, he wasn’t sure, but, the captain HOPED that it wasn’t so the engineer could roleplay the destruction of various members of the Wolverine’s crew. Alita and the XO usually seemed to be at the top of Petrov’s list.

“Computer, release the holodeck locks. Command override beta omicron upsilon 081364,” Remy ordered. A moment later, the doors slid open to reveal a great ballroom and the inhabitants dressed in early 20th century costumes.

The captain didn’t recognize the man standing in front of him until the man turned around to see who had entered the deck.

“Lt. Petrov?? Dis is not what I was expectine to see when de doors opened.”

Boudreaux (CO)

“Perhaps you should not override a personal holodeck program then.” Petrov said back. ‘However since you are here why don’t you participate. You see Captain I am a secret mystery lover and this is a mystery program.”

“My apologies, Lt. You don’ often log time in de ‘olodeck. I was curious as to what you were experiencing,” Remy explained.

Coming from anyone else the comments welcoming the Captain to participate would seem easy and inviting. From Petrov they seemed to be threatening and suspicious. However his invite was sincere.

The captain grinned. “I enjoy a good mystery as much as de next person. I’d be ‘appy to join you. Merci, for de invita-SHON. Is’pose I should dress fo’ de occasion, no?”“

He looked around at the other occupants in the room as well as Petrov. “Computer, provide me wit de attire of a French nobleman, circa early 19th century.”

A moment later, his uniform was replaced with the dress of the period he requested.

As they spoke a very elegant, young and beautiful woman walked down a grand stair case and into the ball room. All the guest parted ways to allow her through. She was accompanied by a handsome man in is thirties waring a military style uniform.

“Ladies and Gentelmen. Prince Androv Popovitch and the princess Anatasia.” Announced a page loudly.

At her beautiful pale neck was very expensive looking necklace with diamonds and in the middle a gem of blue so striking it out shown even the princess.


Remy’s eyes went from Anastasia’s face to the necklace, completely ignoring the man at her side. “Dat must be wort’ a fortune,” he added.

Boudreaux (CO)

“I would keep my eyes on it. Btw you are the famous aristocrat who also doubles as a detective. I am a minor Russian noble who also has a knack for solving mysteries. If I was a betting man I would say we were going to have a necklace stole this evening.” He surmised because even he did not know the contents of the mystery. Just the setting. Which was a mix of Russian and other European nobility.

Petrov CE

Remy smirked as his memories took him back to his old days of thievery. “If I was de same person as I was 15 years ago, I’d be walkine out of ‘ere wit’ dat necklace in my posses-SHON, and maybe de princess, as well. Shall we make our introduc-SHONS, mon complice?”

Boudreaux (CO)

“Maybe you are the suspect. I don’t control the sim.” Petrov answered honestly.

Petrov CE

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